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We need to broaden the definiton of gay

Question: We need to get a broader definition of what the term gay is. Imo the term gay means you deviate from the norm. For gender issues, it means you take on the opposite genders characteristics --mainly size and strength. As well as other characteristics, such as tasks and lifestyle . And yes, it could mean you have a desire for the same sex. Now, I am a very small man with a delicate bone structure.I am the size and strength of an american female, who is petite. Its the way God created me. So yes, I am a gay, but not homosexual. Same holds true for a 6ft 200 lbs woman. She is also gay, but not homosexual. A gay marriage could be the same sex, however most often it is a relatively large woman with a much smaller man. Now that hypothetical 6ft 200lb woman wouldnt neccessarily enter a gay relationship if she the guy was 6`4 and 250 lbs. however, if he were 5`3 and 110 lbs, it would be considered gay. Also a gay marriage might be a woman who works fulltime and the male is the housekeeper. I see a lot of gay people out there, but 99 percent of them have no desire for the same sex. So, yes. I am very small weak guy, who is a complete heterosxual GAY guy.But gay could mean anyone who deviates from societal norms and expectations. More importantly, nothing is set stone though. Taht label constantly evolves. During americas fight for civil rights, blacks were gay, but not now. Just as the idea of equal rights for women was at one time very gay. I didnt vote for him,but the idea that we have a black president is somewhat gay. However, Sarah Palin or Michelle Bachman succeeding him would be very gay. Ronald Reagan was gay, as was Lincoln. There is nothing wrong with being gay. So what are your thoughts on this topic?
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