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Is this good, or poor behavior or no big deal

Question: So my ex boy friend shows up at my gym. I started working out again after a year away. I was on the bench press and noticed my ex starts benching on the rack next to me. He is pretty muscular up top and it seemed like he was showing off a bit benching 225 for reps while I was struggling with 65 pounds. He came over to help spot me but I did not want his help. My legs were getting really strong over the past two months of training and I am always motivated to do legs. I went to the leg press machine and he move to the shoulder press machine close to me. I had never seen him train legs so I thought would see if I could leg press as much as him. I asked him to help show me the proper way to use the machine and I add 450 pounds on it. He said I should start with less weight. I said I think I can press it and sat down and pressed it 10 times very deep so my thighs almost touched my rib cage. It was tough but felt good. I got up and said that was good and felt just try it. He was top heavy, big arms etc but I knew he had skinnier legs than me. He sat down and did a half press when I piped up with a smile and told him \
Created by: Great legs Cindy at 08:33:28 AM, Thursday, September 29, 2011 EDT


I is all cool what i did. He should be able to take it.
I should not have embarrassed his legs by flexing mine next to his
I should of let him keep his male ego in tact
It was fine to gloat and trick him into showing him my legs were stronger
It was not nice to embarrassed him even if he has weak legs for a guy strutting his upper body muscles
No, he needed to be shown he needs to work more on legs and not strut his upper body so much
You are a sneaky vendictive woman
You embarrassed him but he deserves it

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