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Is this good, or poor behavior or no big deal

Question: So my ex boy friend shows up at my gym. I started working out again after a year away. I was on the bench press and noticed my ex starts benching on the rack next to me. He is pretty muscular up top and it seemed like he was showing off a bit benching 225 for reps while I was struggling with 65 pounds. He came over to help spot me but I did not want his help. My legs were getting really strong over the past two months of training and I am always motivated to do legs. I went to the leg press machine and he move to the shoulder press machine close to me. I had never seen him train legs so I thought would see if I could leg press as much as him. I asked him to help show me the proper way to use the machine and I add 450 pounds on it. He said I should start with less weight. I said I think I can press it and sat down and pressed it 10 times very deep so my thighs almost touched my rib cage. It was tough but felt good. I got up and said that was good and felt just try it. He was top heavy, big arms etc but I knew he had skinnier legs than me. He sat down and did a half press when I piped up with a smile and told him \
Created by: Great legs Cindy at 05:33:28 AM, Thursday, September 29, 2011 PDT


I meant my legs had more muscle and size.

CindySep 29 2011 12:34pm

I meant my legs had more muscle and size.

CindySep 29 2011 12:35pm
Great Legs Cindy,all the gyms i have worked out in and the males almost never work out their legs! so it does not surprise me that your legs are greatly stronger than your ex-boyfriend"s and i bet if you worked your upper body very hard in no time you will be stronger than your ex-boyfriend! what are the size of your thighs?

jonathanSep 29 2011 2:06pm
Hey Cindy, have you ever put your ex boyfriend in a scissor hold before? If you have, did he seem to like it?

AnonymousSep 29 2011 2:11pm
Great Legs Cindy, if don't want to tell us we will understand or i would! why is your ex-boyfriend your ex-boyfriend? if he is willing to help you with benching and other lifting it sounds like he still is interested in you and my guessing him seeing you lifting weights and building muscle has him very turned on to you!

jonathanSep 29 2011 2:23pm
Girls,have you ever accidentally cracked a guys ribs with a body scissors?

jonathanSep 29 2011 4:02pm
This part got cut off. I told him to go as low as I did. He got all red in the face and struggled to get one deep rep in. He tried another then gave up. When he got up I stood beside him and compared legs. He admitted I had more leg muscle and my legs were stronger, then he went back to the shoulder press. I caught him starring at his upper body muscles over and over again. He never did touch a legs exercise again that day.

CindyOct 01 2011 1:42pm
Cindy,so how did it make you feel that your legs are more powerful than his! and are you planning to build up your upper body?

jonathanOct 01 2011 2:01pm
Cindy, i would like to hear more about whether you are going to work your upper body and try to get as strong as you ex-boyfriend!and what sounds like you legs were always stronger then your ex!

jonathanOct 01 2011 3:48pm
What are your respective heights and weights, Cindy?

AnonymousOct 01 2011 7:14pm
No I have small shoulders and slim arms. He can bench almost 300. No way will I ever get there. I would be happy if I could get to a 100 pound bench. I think my legs would have been just as strong as his before I started to work out again.

CindyOct 02 2011 12:30am
Cindy, maybe if you looked into taking Brazzillian Ju-jus i bet you could learn to use your legs and thighs as a devastating weapon!

jonathanOct 02 2011 8:44am
Girls,how strong are your thighs? and whats you favorite scissors hold? and does it get you turn-on to hear the male you are squeezing begging and crying to be released?

jonathanOct 02 2011 5:19pm
Cindy you are awesome! Don't be afraid to show up a macho male in the gym, especially if he is your ex :P

ChloeOct 04 2011 2:54am
Cindy,are you embarrassed that your leg strength is stronger than your ex-boyfriend's? are you proud of it?

jonathanOct 05 2011 9:20am
Cindy,would you like bigger biceps or you happy with what you got?

jonathanOct 06 2011 11:23am
There seems to be a tendancy for males to train their upper bodies, yet neglect their legs, whereas the reverse seems to be prevalent among females. It's your body, Cindy, but perhaps it may be wise to at least consider training your upper parts in order to balance out your overall bodily strength.

an intelligent life formOct 06 2011 4:57pm
an intelligent life form, the real sad part of girls lifting weights and i hear it all the time is that there are girls out there to scared to lift weights because they think they will look like men! and are not interested in getting muscles!

jonathanOct 07 2011 9:45am
I do train by upper body but it is hard to put on Muscle there. I like my upper body the way it is thank you. My legs have always been on the strong side but I love too work out legs too

CindyOct 09 2011 9:10pm
Cindy, i bet if i trained you i could get your upper body to build muscle! but, thats if you want to? and if you are happy about your upper body thats great! ever use your legs in scissor holds on guys? it seems if your legs are very strong with muscle i bet you would be very good at it!

jonathanOct 10 2011 5:13am
No I have not scissor squeeze anyone before but I have leg wrestled and beat guys. I like squats because they keep my ass tight and round. Sorry for being so blunt.

CindyOct 10 2011 11:52pm
Cindy,no offense! you can be as blunt as you want! its too bad you haven't tried scissor holds yet! i have a feeling once you try a scissors hold you find it a real sexual turn-on for you! you will enjoy the power you have over the male you are scissoring!

jonathanOct 11 2011 6:36am
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