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Are there girls who beated up their teacher or another adult male?

Question: I was wondering if there are girls who got in a fight with a teacher or another adult male and beated him up badly.In the country were I live there was an article in the newspaper about a 14 year old girl who got in a fight with a male cop and beated him up badly.The result was that the cop had a broken leg,a severe concussion,his eyes were closed by her fists and he missd a few teeth.There were no details about how big she was or how big/small he was. Are ther girls who have done the same to an adult male?
Created by: Anonymonous2 at 04:02:43 PM, Sunday, October 16, 2011 PDT


age 18-21
older then 21
yes, I did win easely
yes,but I lost
yes,I did win but it was close
younger then 14

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