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Are there girls who beated up their teacher or another adult male?

Question: I was wondering if there are girls who got in a fight with a teacher or another adult male and beated him up badly.In the country were I live there was an article in the newspaper about a 14 year old girl who got in a fight with a male cop and beated him up badly.The result was that the cop had a broken leg,a severe concussion,his eyes were closed by her fists and he missd a few teeth.There were no details about how big she was or how big/small he was. Are ther girls who have done the same to an adult male?
Created by: Anonymonous2 at 04:02:43 PM, Sunday, October 16, 2011 PDT


when i was sixteen on the college campus-i have defeated against three guys who tried to rape me,all of them were adults.i end up badly bruised,but so all three of them.i put up terrific fight thanks to that they didn't manage to overpower me,and wrestle got so rough that it get noticed by neighbourhood apartments.

brookeOct 18 2011 2:23am

How did you hurt them brooke?And how can you be at college with 16 years of age?

gethewilOct 18 2011 6:25am
Chloe and Zanders, i am back!

jonathanOct 18 2011 11:01am
i used to go there to visit and party with my friends occasionaly.not anymore after that happen to did i hurt them?thats silly question,im no martial artist but i do have very strong legs and arms too,they got bruising and so,-by me tossing with them arround the room and kicking.lot of damage to them happen as they kept hitting against furniture,wardrobes,bed edges and so.numerous times i manage to stand up but they draged and wrestled me down again and again.i got hurt very much the same way as was very rough fight and the room end up in bits.

brookeOct 20 2011 10:32am
brooke,after you ordeal with three guys that tried to rape you did it make so angry that you decided to join a gym or health club to get stronger? and how do you describe your body in a physical fitness way?

jonathanOct 20 2011 11:17am
that experience didn't make me angry,but rather i never have to join the gym as im very muscular for a girl,i inhabit very muscular legs after my mom and i guess im very-very biceps muscles are amazing too.the fact that i have overpowered three adult men when i was 16,speak for itsself.

brookeOct 29 2011 4:21pm
How old are you now Brooke? And jhave you ever had to overpower anymore guys after that horrific experience

AnonymousOct 30 2011 1:47am
It's great that a young girl can defend herself against 3 adults.If there was only one I think you would have destroyed him.

gethewilNov 27 2011 3:41am
Brooke I assume you are an adult now. Your experience hopefully built confidence in you, most people would be scared of fighting three mem. You really must be very powerful, not only as a woman, but compared to most men.

Chris PMay 08 2012 9:55am
don't underestimate the power of girls. i was knocked out cold for several minutes by a young black female, 14-15 years old. i was 23 at the time. very embarrising.

jayAug 06 2012 8:22am
ssZirF Major thankies for the post.Thanks Again. Keep writing.

YrsGstjkFEjAtIVMOJul 18 2014 3:21am
I would loved t be lifted over the head by a young girl.

gethewilNov 18 2014 5:00am
Imagine Brooke would train in a gym since she was 16. Today, 7 years later she should be stronger than 8 or more men!

HenniDec 07 2018 7:56am
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