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(Women) lifting more in the gym

Question: I hear some women enjoying outlifting the man next to them in the gym. There is more opportunity now for women to develop their physical strength. Let's have women vote and men and women comment.
Created by: cocolossal at 04:33:38 PM, Friday, April 06, 2012 EDT


I am fitter and stronger than quite a few men but that doesn't interest me.
I am stronger than most men, even those bigger than me.
I am totally competitive in lifting weights or chin-ups and enjoy kicking about any man's behind.
I can't match any man lifting in the gym.
I enjoy having better biceps than the men in the gym.
I get a secret thrill seeing a man struggling with the same weight I do more easily.
I probably could outift a few men but I think it is not proper to do so.

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