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(Women) lifting more in the gym

Question: I hear some women enjoying outlifting the man next to them in the gym. There is more opportunity now for women to develop their physical strength. Let's have women vote and men and women comment.
Created by: cocolossal at 04:33:38 PM, Friday, April 06, 2012 EDT


I love having bigger stronger muscles than half the guys at my gym lol! I'm currently benching 90kg and I'm only 19. So far I've had 3 random guys compliment me on my muscles and what I'm lifting and I've become way more confident at the gym as a result

CrystelleApr 07 2012 5:14am

most women could outlift me, but it's a real turn on that a teenager can. Are there any other girls out there that can lift that much or more; tell me how old you are and how much you can lift (especially if you live in London).

HolepuncherApr 07 2012 7:16am
I am stronger than my friends (girls and guys). I lift pretty heavy at the gym. I know I can out lift many guys.

JenCApr 07 2012 9:57am
How old are you holepuncher? Have you ever actually been outmuscled in person by a girl? If you have, what happens after?

CrystelleApr 07 2012 12:34pm
Crystelle your so fake, no way a 19 year old girl can bench close to 200lbs (90kg). The most I have ever seen a teenage girl bench is in the 130s range. 99% of these claims by girls are fake posts by guys looking for attention. Im a 24 year old guy and I can only bench 210.

ChrisApr 07 2012 12:55pm
Chris,i think you are wrong on Crystelle about her not being able to be benching close to 200 lbs! and i do believe that she is a girl not a guy!guys like you don't want to give females credit!

anonymousApr 07 2012 5:54pm
It's really a turn on to see powerful Women working out and showing the boys who the stronger sex really is! A recent study found that some Women actually experience orgasms from strenuous exercise! This is amazing because the Female orgasm actually makes Women more powerful and they can have multiple orgasms - but males can only have one puny orgasm and they are exhausted - and the male orgasm isn't even a fraction of the intensity of the FEmale orgasm.

AnonymousApr 07 2012 6:03pm
But are women that lift weights in gyms that much stronger than the males at the gyms they work out in?and are women's muscles that much powerful then males?

Mr SpockApr 07 2012 8:02pm
Anon, bro you are so gullible it's not even funny. All of these 'stories' are made up by creepy pervert guys looking for a hard on. Let's wait and see what "Crystelle" has to say.

ChrisApr 08 2012 8:19am
Chris,so you are telling me all these comments on these polls are from men not women? sorry,i think you are out of your mind! todays females are just as strong and powerfully muscular as the men these days and there are females out there that past us males by in strength and muscle! see, male and females muscles are pound for pound different when it comes to muscle and strength.and women have the superior ones compare to us males! i guess guys like you will never accept that?

anonymousApr 08 2012 9:12am
How do you know they are women? Just because they say so? LOL

ChrisApr 08 2012 10:37am
Chris,true! and you do have a point! nobody really knows whom is behind their computer and it could be anyone!

anonymousApr 08 2012 10:53am
Thats a good point. How do we know Chris is Chris just because he says so? But heres my point: why is it so hard to believe a 19 yearold gymnast can bench 90 kg when shes lifting her own body weight - 75kg off the ground for 50 chin ups or pull ups?

CrystelleApr 08 2012 12:01pm
Crystelle,thats because there are some men that still live in caves with their heads buried in the sand! they never want to give girls credit!

anonymousApr 08 2012 12:20pm
Ok Crystelle show us a picture of you ... and NOT from Girlswithmuscle or Herbiceps! Post the link to your Facebook profile.

ChrisApr 08 2012 2:08pm
There are so many youtube videos of girls/women working out and you can see they have bigger muscles than the men in the gym because the men are right next to them often enough to see this! Also male bodybuilders either working out with or helping the woman and you see her muscles get bigger and bigger as she works out and you see she is bigger than the men or at least her muscles are! So it doesn't matter what anyone says or believes, you can see the truth with your own eyes. Also you guys must be kidding doubting the strength! A 10 year lod girl at 92 lbs. has squated way over 200 lbs now! I have personally seen a teen girl at 19 bench press 185 for a several reps and sets at the gym I go to. I have watch a small teen girl leg pressing 1,000 lbs over and over! Just LOOK on the internet at the videos of the strength!

Men are afriadApr 08 2012 6:14pm
I have a friend who is 6-7 and fills a doorway when he walks thru it. He used to lift weights at a gym. i asked if he was still doing that and he told me he had quit. he said it was too embarrassing to be lift and see girls next to him half his size outlifting him. Some of those girls and women were outlifting him by a whole lot. I keep seeing that more and more women are lifting heavy weights while fewer men are going to the gyms. could it be that women are taking over by default just because us men are too embarrassed to even show up? I am sure if i went to a gym to lift weights, i would soon leave from the embarrassment of a huge boner from just watching those powerful women.

ObservingApr 09 2012 12:47am
Bahahahaha Chris! Nice try :P 1.Like you'd know sh*t anyway. 2.I could question you the same way you are me - you're probably an angry fat sh*t who wanks the hours away over fitness girls. 3.No I'm not posting pics for some arrogant random know it all geek who could be a pedo or god knows what to pleasure himself over. I'm sorry, but I'm not gonna do what you say just cos you think you're right. Got a problem with that, then piss off loser!

CrystelleApr 09 2012 3:45am
It's better here not to use anonymous as a name as we can't tell who is talking to whom. Use your real name or common nickname you go by. As to anon saying that women can orgasm when exercising I have actually had a woman (naturally muscular) say that she could climax from chin-ups so there is some truth in that.

DeanApr 09 2012 6:43am
When I was around 30 I trained with a woman training for a natural bodybuilding comp and her client. We were around the same height (5'10"). To give an idea where I was at I could bench 185lbs though benching was not a good exercise for me. I remember on the curl machine we warmed up then she loaded it for the main set. I got to 2 1/2 when she realised I was struggling. She adjusted it lower for me then put it back up. Then she knocked out 10 easy reps. Her biceps (14.5") were bigger than mine but it shocked me how clearly stronger her arms were. I did armwrestle her once too.

DeanApr 09 2012 7:02am
Crystelle,don't let some jerk out there scare you off! There are the rest of us males that want to comment!

We want to knowApr 09 2012 11:05am
Crystelle, I have no problem with girls working out. In fact I like muscular girls who work out alot ... I just have never seen a girl bench press more than 140lbs and naturally I am going to be suspicious about a 19 year old girl claiming to bench 198lbs when the strongest and most muscular of my 23/24/25 year old female friends can only do 140 tops... you must be very muscular.

ChrisApr 09 2012 11:27am
Chris I'm sorry for nutting out at you, I had a slack day and the stuff you said really pissed me off cos its not the first time someones done that to me.

CrystelleApr 09 2012 12:19pm
Crystelle, you should not take the comments up here to serious because they are not worth being upset about it!

anonymousApr 09 2012 12:50pm
I can imagine, there are still many guys out there who still don't like the idea of girls lifting. Keep lifting! You can almost bench as much as me.

ChrisApr 09 2012 1:57pm
Chris,i don't know where you work out at but there are plenty of gyms or health clubs where females are lifting just much as the males and in some the females are lifting more than the males.i know it does make males out there nervous and uncomfortable about it! and what i have seen younger females are putting on incredible powerful muscles!

anonymousApr 09 2012 2:12pm
Girls,do you think that guys are scared of you for lifting weights in the gym or where ever you work out in? especially when you are lifting more the males around you and developing bigger muscles and more powerful ones?

i want to knowApr 09 2012 2:30pm
I was a few weeks ago watching middleschool wrestling tournament. there was one girl about 120# weight class who was winning all of her matches. She finally had a match with a guy who got a quick 2 points on her. from that point on, he kept going out of bounds so she could not score any points. He won the match, but she won all her other matches.She won four by pins and one by teck points. all against boys. She was very strong and skilled. I have seen many girls winning against guys over the past couple of years. They seem to be getting better and better each year.

ObservingApr 10 2012 1:26am
I wonder what happens when a girl and a boy starting at the same time to train and after some period, they will armwrestle each other and doing weight exercises against each other? Who will win, do you thinjk?

MrJeanApr 10 2012 11:27am
the girl! a females muscles are superior to a males if they train at the same time and doing the same weight training!

goldfingerApr 10 2012 12:09pm
Are you a male or female, goldfinger? Either way I like you! Lol

CrystelleApr 10 2012 6:16pm
Hey Crystelle how much do you lift for each exercise?

ChrisApr 10 2012 7:27pm
That's how I met my boyfriend and we've been together for 3 years. I noticed him because he was cute and he noticed me because I was deadlifting like twice his body weight. He's a good looking asian guy with a trim build, 5'8", 140 lbs. I'm 5'7", 160 lbs with a very athletic body. We still workout together and as long as I don't rub it in too much, he's cool with me being stronger than him.

AnonymousApr 10 2012 11:14pm
Yes, but maybe Asian men and alo Asian women are not always as strong as white and black men and women. Crystelle, tell us how are you looking? Are you a sexy fitness/figure girl? What's the circumference of your biceps?

MrJeanApr 11 2012 1:35am
Black women in particular are known to be stronger than average.

ChrisApr 11 2012 5:18am
Yes, but I really want to know why, cos I had that feeling sometimes too, when you see them both (arm)wrestling.

MrJeanApr 11 2012 6:29am
Mr.Jean,you are wrong about Asian women not being strong as white women! you just have to look at the last Olympics to see the Chinese and Koran women in the weight lifting events to see they are just as strong as white women! and the reason women's muscles are superior to men has to do with muscle endurance and estrogen in women!

GoldfingerApr 11 2012 9:40am
Crystelle,i am male!

GoldfingerApr 11 2012 9:43am
Mr.Jean, i don't know if you been to any high schools lately but a lot of the schools have these tremendous large weight rooms where boys and girls are training! and the girls are training just as hard as the boys are or even more! and its my belief when the girls start training and are beginning to enjoy being strong and having muscles! and they really get a kick out when they realize there are stronger than the boys and have bigger muscles!

GoldfingerApr 11 2012 9:50am
I used to coach both boys and girls from 7&8 yr olds all the way to HighSchool levels. The girls were definitely as competitive as the boys; but in those days the girls were not into lifting weights. They were afraid of building too much muscle and scaring away boyfriends. That was 25 to 30 years ago. how times and attitudes have changed. I used to try to encourage the girls to hit the weight room and work on their strength. Even tho I was working at a trade that required very heavy lifting, i was ure hat some of those HS girls were stronger than i, but they just tried so much to hide their strength. I was a very fast runner, having been sprinter in my own HS days. One day, a bunch of the girls strated fooling around and racing against each other. I joined in on the fun and started sprinting ahead of them. Two of those girls (one, the fastest, was shorter than me) went into "overdrive" and went past me like I was standing still. She had tremendous thighs and I think she was the quickest person, male or female, to go from standing still to full speed. It looked like it took her only about two or three steps to hit full stride from a standstill. I encouraged her to get into weight lifting to increase her strength and speed. Like the other girls, she would not train for strength. I never saw her after she left (graduated) high school, but I did hear she was a student coach at her university. Today, i look at how far girls have progressed since my HS days. Their sprint times would leave all but the very fastest guys of my day flat out gasping in their dust.

ObservingApr 12 2012 12:52am
Female muscles are proven to be more efective and stronger,time curve between sets,regeneration is way faster,therefore take girl and boy-legpressing 400pounds,after few reps boy wouldnt budge the weight,while girl would keep pushing again and again over and over.I have seen that in gym many times,even smaller girls puts up tremendous fight with legpress,turning red,groaning,grunting-veins poped out all over her face and neck,but keep going forewer compared to guy next to her,who is even bigger.

AnonymousApr 12 2012 8:47am
Hi Glenn. I do find it very motivating when I see that I am lifting more than the guys. Especially guys bigger than me. I do feel that I have got much stronger through lifting. I have friends that used to be stronger than me, but not any more!

JenCApr 12 2012 6:48pm
Hey Jen - good on you. Thanks for sharing. After all that hard work and training you must be full of confidence now. Do you like showing off a bit in the gym? eg. if there is a guy near you, do you like to catch his eye while you are putting up more weight than he can manage? That must be incredibly fun, ego crushing lol Any memorable 'victims'? ie. who's the biggest/most impressive guy you can remember outlifting? And did he realise? It must also be very gratifying to be stronger than all your friends, be they male or female. Do you have the muscles to show for your gym time, or are you one of those 'stronger than you look' types? Anyone else feel free to answer too if you like :)

Glenn StormApr 13 2012 1:54pm
Thanks Glenn. I do have much more confidence and I'm much bolder about showing off now. I am pretty muscular, especially in the arms and legs.

JenCApr 13 2012 2:34pm
Thanks Glenn. I do have much more confidence and I'm much bolder about showing off now. I am pretty muscular, especially in the arms and legs.

JenCApr 13 2012 2:40pm
No problem, easy to appreciate those who work hard at something :) Do you see plenty of women in your gym doing the same as you and lifting heavy? Or are you still a bit unique? Take a guess: What percentage of women in your gym could outlift an average male? Or perhaps more impressively - the average GYM GOING male?

Glenn StormApr 13 2012 6:34pm
Women/girls are so much stronger than men/boys give them credit for. Many girls can develop stronger, harder muscles than boys with an equal amount of training - it's a fact. And a sexy one too :-)

DJApr 14 2012 11:43am
I am a man,but i think women are smaller in size,but physicaly they are in lead and are actualy fitter and way stronger than us-men.Doesnt matter if they work out or not,i think they are born stronger allready and their muscles withstand way more pressure,however they are usually not that big as men's (i mean upper body).When it comes to lwr body its clear that females have obviously advantage,as their hips grove much wider,therefore their legs (thighs) are way thicker,stronger and its only a rumour that its just fat.Yes female hips are covered with thin layer of fat,but if any guys here ever touched female hips and thighs,they must know its mostly filled with rock hard,very large hidden muscles underneath of this layer,once female contract/flex her lwr body.

AnonymousApr 15 2012 8:30am
I see women outwork men in the gym alot. I think it is better endurance, even better muscle endurance, it doesn't bother them or hurt as much so the work more. As a result the women seem to become more muscular than the men. Maybe stronger for their size. I've noticed men reach muscle failure sooner than women and a few slower and slower reps and the man is done while the woman also gets slower, you can see her pump out more reps even if they are slow, her muscles keep on working and contracting long after the guy has given out! Sometimes the girls muscles get pumped bigger and bigger until she is actually bigger than the guys near her! I see women stat workouts with men and then man is bigger! When the workout ends, she's bigger! Go figure? But I see it! I watched a woman get pumped bigger than her male partner the other day and just wondered what? I can see it but can't explain it!

AnonymousApr 15 2012 1:04pm
Her biceps are about twice as strong as mine as 60 lb barbell is about max one rep curl for me but she does reps at twice my strength! She has big muscles!

BrentApr 15 2012 1:54pm
That's real strength, I see that in the gym and it just blows you away when some girl has supper human strength compared to you! I saw a young girl leg pressing sets that I could not do one rep! Her thighs got so pumped! I wonder if women will someday be the stronger sex? You know, if you see enough of that you start to think are they getting stronger than boys or men now?

manly manApr 15 2012 4:59pm
Bravo, Crystelle!

AnonymousApr 15 2012 5:09pm
Glenn Storm, can you give the title of that video on Youtube? Like Observing I have been to a highschool (at least you can compare it with a USA highschool) called MAVO here in the Netherlands, where I live and it was in the late 70's and early 80's and that was the time girls/women especially didn't lift weights, only some female bodybuilders, cos the fitness and training rage started here much later than in the USA. It came over from the USA. Like all the second education level schools we had only a normal gym and there were no fitness devices.

MrJeanApr 16 2012 5:22am
I have been to a fitness-school twice and I never noticed girls/women who outlifted boys/men, only maybe some women, who trained for a long time. You could see it at their appearance.

MrJeanApr 16 2012 5:26am
Who witnessed a mixed armwrestling match between a male and female bodybuilder, with the same size of muscles?

MrJeanApr 16 2012 5:39am
Mr Jean, it's common knowledge that girls lift weights in school for sports and the workouts are quite grueling. In the past, girls didn't do that, now they do and the results are starting to show! One reason people use "" as an example is because there is little copyright problems and the pics have plenty of examples of girls that are better developed than most boys or men and even many male bodybuilders. The girls ARE REAL! You can explore the thousands of videos on youtube that show you real strong girls and in the gym often more muscular than the men in the gym in the video also working out. Now a little girl age 10 has squated well over 200 lbs setting a world record. I think it's 219 lbs. at a bodyweight of 92 lbs. Now everyone knows most men can't do that! It is almost twice the strength of the average man! What it tells us is that women as the "weaker sex" is more cultural than biological. Depending on who's info you use, men are on average 25-50% stronger than women but it's also the same with size. Endless research proves women increase strength 50-100% in 2-6 months strength training. So she could become stronger than the average man in a matter of months... fact. Because girls and women now workout, we see polls, forums, and bloggs all about this subjuect because it is real. True all kinds of fantacy goes on but based on reality that girls are getting stronger and often stronger than many men. It's genetic, they are stronger, and that is what we see. Most men do not realize female strength potential and it surprises them when the men find they are not guaranteed stronger sex statis just because they are male!

AnonymousApr 16 2012 2:37pm
Oops that was me...and yeah Anonymous before me was dead on. If women can get 50-100% stronger in a short time they by definition HAVE to match/pass the average man in strength. Because apparently the average man is 50% stronger in legs and up to 100% stronger in upper body. So in 2-6mths a woman could be as strong as the average man, and we've already heard how if the man and woman are evenly matched, the estrogen would allow a woman to survive longer in a tussle of muscle. So it shouldn't surprise anyone to hear stories of girls hitting the gym, then beating their friends, husbands, boyfriends etc. in a test of strength.

Glenn StormApr 16 2012 2:55pm
Thanks Gleen, I've watched the video and I saw the girl naughty laughing and 'ts great to see those two strong girls, although their legs don't look like very muscular, but that one girl is stronger than that black man of the team. I short copied that video to my own e-mail address. I found also other videos of very sexy women doing exercises like Kimiko Tanka, Carla Dunlap and Keelin Curnuck. It's indeed very strange and typical most men and women don't know about the female mucles strength. Once I talked to a girl, who did an education to become a gym teacher and she didn't know about that and said she never heard about it. anothe female amateur bodybuilder on the site of topix said, she and her amateur bodybuilder boyfriend had to laugh about the stories they read here, and she said a woman could never beat a man in an armwrestling contest, even when they had the same muscle mass because of the testosterone of the man. By the way I found one video where a woman wins a chin up contest. Then you come on a site of EvolutionTucson's where you find a lot of videos of strong women!!!!! The title is chin up hold contest at Evolution fitness Tucson.

Mr JeanApr 17 2012 11:44am
That was just one of the studies (Westcott 1985). Males remain stronger than females, when adjusting for differences in total body mass. This is due to the higher male muscle-mass to body-mass ratio.[6] As a result, gross measures of body strength suggest an average 40-50% difference in upper body strength between the sexes as a result of this difference, and a 20-30% difference in lower body strength.[7] This is supported by another study that found females are about 52-66 percent as strong as males in the upper body, and about 70-80 percent as strong in the lower body.[8] One study of muscle strength in the elbows and knees?in 45 and older males and females?found the strength of females to range from 42 to 63% of male strength.[9] - Wikipedia. So you can see how the tables can be turned very easy... well not easy it requires hard work of course but the girl may overlap average male strength in a matter of months for sure.

overlaping male strength statsApr 18 2012 12:09pm
Yes! So obviously if you are an average male and your woman is average but she starts strength training and you sit around beer drinking, you might wake up under her stronger body wrestling you down and pinning you because she is now 50% stronger than you! LOL! Than you ask yourself why? How could this be true? I'm the man, the stronger sex! What's happening? That hurts! You're to strong! What happened? LOL!

DebraApr 18 2012 12:16pm
I just think there to many clueless idiot males out there that have no idea that whether the people whom post here are the same person that try belittle females that post to give their comments here!

One whom knowsApr 20 2012 12:37pm
Sometimes I also have those presumptions and those who do that, are cheating on the readers and posters here.

MrJeanApr 23 2012 5:08am
Check out this:

JohnSep 04 2012 5:03am
crystelle,i thnk u can easily lift more weight than u r lifting now....i'm a boy last year when. i was jyming the highest weight i lifted in bench was 90kg at that tym i was 17 nw i'm 18 ....n i have sen datgirls lift more weight than a guy that to so easily...

PrinceOct 17 2012 9:24am
this is actually how I met my husband. I have been working out for years at the same gym, where women outnumber the men 75-25%. Many of the men that work out here are not the really big, burly types rather office guys that like to stay in shape, just like most of us women. It is not uncommon that some of the women are lifting heavier than the men. About three years ago this new man came to the gym. He was very attractive but perhaps a bit to thin and short to be the dream man. But many of us "girls" liked what we saw. The thing is that this man had never lifted a weight in his life so he did everything really wrong. I started to help him and show him how he should use the machines and free weights. He was quite weak to be honest but also wanted to learn and to become stronger. And he was totally cool that a majority of the women were stronger than him. After about three months he asked me out. We hade met twice a week and gotten to know each outher. He had become stronger, not by a lot but stronger and lost the little body fat he had. I am the same height as him at 5'9 but many lbs heavier, mainly muscle but I have to admit some body fat as well. I can outlift him about 50% more weights with my upper body and probably 75% more with my lower. I have been working out since I was young and have for many years been working out for max strength. Can bench 180 lbs in the machine for some reps. My husband can now bench 120 lbs in the same machine. The night he asked me out we ended up in his apartment, I showed him how strong I was and totally dominated him in a playwrestling match. He was totally helpless in my arms and that did it for me, I was totally inloved in this slim and weaker man. I have never looked at the big guys so he was my dream man. And still is. We are in our 50's, no kids so we fool around a lot wrestling for fun. He ends up under me every time.

SarahDec 19 2012 2:08am
Are there girls out there that like to work out and flex!

GuyDec 22 2012 11:38am
I love tall girls and strong! unfortunately in my small town there are these girls! I am very small and weak .... I'm 166 cm (5.5) and weight only 55 kg (121 pounds)! I would love to be carried and lifted by a big strong girl! my mail is

mick73Feb 08 2013 5:27pm

GETHEWILMar 08 2013 12:42pm
i am a female muscle lover! any muscular who would like to have some chat can inbox me at

female muscle loverMay 21 2013 1:08am
bench press 250, sqatted 340 for 9 today, deadlift over 300..26 yo female. i wasnt raised to be weak

TAug 20 2013 10:01pm
My wife has always been in good shape, swam in high school, has done triathlons - naturally strong - very competitive/dedicated. But I could always bench more, etc. A few years ago she started going to the same trainer I use. She did not like to talk about how much she could lift, but after many times of asking she surprised me and said "are you sure you want to know?" I said yes, but had an idea where this was headed. She could now deadlift and squat more than I could - she told me she knew that as the trainer had told her she was stronger than me in several areas. She lives at the gym, and lovers lifting. We are both ok with it, she looks great too, just a strong athletic woman.

newguyAug 21 2013 8:49pm
OMG! What fairy tales we have here! All Of you go get a life, and stop wacking off to some make believe wonder woman!

AnonymousOct 23 2013 12:17pm
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BNMoDfASktDDec 14 2013 3:30pm
You stupid ass holes any of U that think a female can outlift a male is living in FANTASY LAND!!! Power Lifter Ryan Connely has set a bench press record of 1085 pound bench. Now anybody on here tells me any female can out bench that is f*cked In The Head!!!!!!

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qprSzSCCByRrMar 22 2014 9:25am
I was lifting in the gym once doing squats. I go about 6 ft 250. I had about 315 up there and some girl asks if she can work in. I say, sure why not. She was about 5'2 maybe 145, looked fit. I finish my set and go to take the plates off and she says "no. add more." so I put on two more plates and she does a full 10 reps ass to ground squats. I was shocked because I couldn't believe she could do 405 like that. I definitely felt weaker there.

GuywhogetsoffwritingaboutwomenliftingMar 26 2014 7:51am
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HgPKSoejxxoBolqrJgApr 19 2014 11:26am
All women should have obligatory heavy weighlifting from an early age, while men should be banned from all gyms by law. That would be a nice way to really turn this around, avoid rape for instance. Physical activity involving strength, should be discouraged to boys. When turning 18 years old, all girls should perform an obligatory strengthtest, showing that they could lift at least three times as much on all machines in the gym, compared to an average guy (randomly selected).

Claire, a fanatic femininstMay 04 2014 2:57pm
Cool idea Claire. A sort of "cultural reversal". I would vote for it :) Women who work out are obviously stronger than men who don't, so such a feminist regime would create a new generation of very powerful girls, girls that be MUCH stronger than their male counterparts. Maybe girls also should start taking obligatory growth hormones at early age, so as to compensate for height-differences and make women as tall as men?

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tEkVoniNwGxRKGTxRNxJun 17 2014 8:14am
After few years of being married me and my wife started to go to the gym to stay fit I was spending my time in the weight room and she was doing aerobics, at that time I was much syronger than day she got a car accident and get injured , she stayed home 2 months to recover and I pretty much quit any activity to take care of her needs. When she started the rehab after some month she fell in love for weight lifting and for how nice she fell her toned body, and I was very supportive. In three years time I've never bern again in the gym , maybe I was too lazy to start again but my wife keep growing and getting stronger till nowadays whete she is cleatly stronger and more muscular than me and study all ways to tease me and show me how bigger and stronger she is...I wonder If someone else ever had similar experience or I'm the only one in the world

regretJun 30 2014 1:17am
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jNFxZaLrJul 04 2014 5:52am
To "regret": I think girls and women are stronger than before. Many more girls are lifting heavy in the gym these days, really making an effort. Obviously they will be much stronger than an untrained man, and also stronger than a lot of men who don't work out as much. Actually my boyfriend is slim and don't lift weights, and I can benchpress him for reps and do push-ups with him on my back , lol :)

gymgirl1986Jul 10 2014 7:16am
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regretJul 17 2014 11:49pm
Gymgirl can you overhead lift him?

regretJul 18 2014 4:04am
sure, no problem :) haven't done that in a while though. I weight 72kg. I've been working out for 10 years. I'm so much stronger than my boyfriend that I could probably pin him down with only one hand. He doesn't mind at all, it's almost a turn-on for him :)

gymgirl1986Jul 18 2014 9:07am
Wow how big are your thighs calves and biceps? ?

regretJul 18 2014 10:23am
Wpy6g8 Thanks so much for the post.Thanks Again. Will read on...

pnefydxcUJjbTGtRJul 18 2014 2:02pm
How much do you lift on bicep curls?

regretJul 20 2014 5:24am
I'm going to a little big gym in the city and there are many members. I have seen many women out lift my weights. Some of them have even become friends. I'm totally cool with it and I see no reason guy to be upset about it because if you do you have to be upset all your life as you can't control it. Not only over lifting but also women can and are beating men in wrestling most and fighting too and it has become common thing now. Women also must not be bitch about it and most of women specially those who became my friends are not. As men we also give those women the respect they deserves and that's how both genders can live in harmony.

fitguyJul 28 2014 9:37pm
kLWk3W Really enjoyed this blog.Thanks Again. Awesome.

qNvHTdUVAug 05 2014 11:02am
y8PquJ Im obliged for the blog post. Really Cool.

XvsLxEhSXgNQmAug 05 2014 11:51pm
I curl about 20kg (each arm). I haven't measured, but when i flex my biceps they are about the size of a tennis ball.

gymgirl1986Aug 09 2014 1:43am
Men need a break from the "stronger sex" stereotype. There's a new generation of very strong women out there.

Kathy, 27Aug 09 2014 2:07am
it's fun to break down the male ego :) they are often quite shocked when they discover how much me and my girl pals can lift.

tessAug 27 2014 2:21pm
i outlift my boyfriend. e.g. he benchpresses 55kg, while I benchpress 80kg by now. i have powerful pecs underneath my breats - visible when I flex :)

Shirley, 28Sep 03 2014 12:04pm
that's great Shirley. I can bench 110kg, but then i have been working out heavily for a year. I don't see any men in my gym benching over 100kg, but there are mostly teenage boys there...

kate, 25Sep 06 2014 9:11am
any girl working out hard can be stronger than the average, untrained man. i love the cultural change that we wee now, where most of the people are the gym are women, and most of them putting real effort into their workouts :)

Kathy, 27Sep 06 2014 9:14am
i see girls lifting more in the gym all the time. even in upper body exercises. before i didn't see many girls breaking the 100kg barrier in benchpress, now i see it quite frequently. Lower body strength is much more impressive, though. My girlfriend dealifts 220kg and squats 140kg.

student from swedenSep 08 2014 11:49am
don't get fooled by soft looking breasts, because a girl can have quite strong pecs underneath, as I have. most guys are shocked when i bench 80kg for reps. my aim is 100kg before Christmas :)

Shirley, 28 Sep 08 2014 11:52am
Me too. I have soft thighs when i'm relaxed. My current boyfriend was quite shocked when i did leg-extensions, because my upper thighs looked so big and powerful.

college girlSep 09 2014 9:01am
my girlfriend looks like an average girl, yet she can squat 120kg and bench 85 kg.

BrandonSep 13 2014 8:50am
Kathy and Shirley, I am a guy who is a little bit older than you, but you totally outlift me. My maximum bench press is 56 kg. I wonder what would happen, if we attempted to wrestle... :P

MichaelOct 09 2014 2:17am
A lot of you girls can lift more than me. I would not want to try to arm wrestle you.

NickNov 15 2014 4:52pm
A lot of women are more dedicated and have better endurance than men, or at least me. I had a girlfriend who could do 3 times as many push ups as I could.

NickNov 15 2014 4:54pm
c3aHOs Whats up! I simply would like to give a huge thumbs up for the great data you might have here on this post. I will probably be coming back to your blog for extra soon.

LiJioPBNTXKuYACDec 20 2014 5:57pm
hLI4I0 Everyone loves what you guys are usually up too. This sort of clever work and reporting! Keep up the excellent works guys I've added you guys to my personal blogroll.

ETHMObAFtNBNxcDec 20 2014 6:18pm
You guys should not be too surprised to see more and more girls outlift you at the gym. The gender difference in strength is much less than it used to be, and a lot of women work hard to put on some muscles and get strong.

JenniferDec 26 2014 6:28am
Jennifer, I am not surprised that a lot of women at the gym can outlift me. I see so many of them with so much more dedication than I do to healthy diet and working out regularly. I am doing better now than I was but I don't think I will catch up with many of the women. Right now I can't even do one pull up so I got a long ways to go.

NickDec 26 2014 4:38pm
I can do 13-15 pull-ups, sometimes with added weights. Push-ups are so easy I could go on almost endlessly, so I have to put a couple of plates on top of my back. I can bench more than many of the guys at my gym.

Yancy, 19Dec 26 2014 5:39pm
Actually, I can do push-ups with my boyfriend on my back. He thinks it is kind of funny. He is of average built. I'm much stronger overall than he is. I can bench approx the same as him (170-180 lbs)), and outlift him by far on lower body exercises.

JenniferDec 26 2014 5:59pm
You are both much stronger than I am. I can only dream of doing push ups with someone on my back or weighted pull ups. I can do a few standard push ups, maybe 25 max for a set. Jennifer you could probably lift twice as much as me in most exercises.

NickDec 26 2014 6:12pm
What are your lifts Nick? I'm a 27 year old woman who have been lifting weights for approx three and a half years. Recently I have been working out with several other women, because it adds motivation, and we can push each other. If you tell me your lifts I can compare them with ours (if you wish). I don't have any statistics or anything, but I think we are pretty much average looking women. Our age range from 20-30 years old.

Kathy, 27Dec 27 2014 7:01am
I can bench my boyfriend for reps. I could do military presses with my previous boyfriend, who was somewhat smaller. I can squat 130kg. So I'm stronger than most guys. I think many guys enjoy a little role reversal :)

gymgirl1986Dec 27 2014 1:51pm
Squatting 130kg? Wow, that's just amazing! I don't know of any guy who can squat that much. I would have loved to see you in action gymgirl1986, even though I seriously doubt you are representative of girls in general.

fit guy, 19Dec 27 2014 4:59pm
Hi fit guy. It takes no more than a quick search on youtube to find an example of a woman who can squat similar amounts (or maybe even more). Most of the girls I know are very fit. Squatting 130kg is not uncommon.

gymgirl1986Dec 27 2014 5:25pm
Hi Kathy, I would not mind lifting with you all for motivation too. My bench press is at about 130 pounds, squat 200, dead lift 140, curls 35 per arm.

NickDec 27 2014 8:10pm
I like your post gymgirl. Really demonstrates the superior lower body strength of women. I'd love to see a guy trying to squat the same amount of weights as she is doing in that video, lol :)

Kathy 27Dec 28 2014 7:29am
That's not too bad Nick. The average squat among us i'd say is about 245 pounds, average bench is about 190, average deadlift is about 300. I'm not sure about biceps curls, but I myself use 40 pound dumbbells for reps. By the way, By the way I'm one of the strongest of the girls, especially in the lower body. I can squat 320 pounds and deadlift 400 pounds. Now keep in mind that we have been working out really hard for a couple of years, so you should not feel intimidated that we outlift you. I wish you good luck with your progress.

Kathy, 27Dec 28 2014 7:43am
Thanks Kathy, that is some superior lower body strength for sure. I don't feel intimidated, rather it is good to accept it and to do my best.

NickDec 28 2014 11:31am
Wow gymgirl1986, I can't even imagine me or any other man I know coming even close to her. She is so strong! Especially her legs. She was doing sets on leg press at 875 pounds, and squats at 700.

NickDec 28 2014 1:22pm
Nice to see some guys inside this forum :) Yes Nick, judging from your lifts, I'm a lot stronger than you. So are most of the girls I know. Which is kind of fun, because girls are still usually considered to be "the weaker sex". Maybe there's a change in the culture?

JenniferDec 28 2014 4:47pm
Hi fit guy, nice to meet you :) I'd say gymgirl is very representative of the average girl. Squatting 130kg is good, but not great. You should join the girls at my gym sometimes, and we could show you true "girlpower". Some guys have noe idea, and are really shocked when they discover our strength. Especially because we don't look that big.

JenniferDec 28 2014 5:11pm
An ex-girlfriend of mine, nailing the leg extensions machine in the gym. Really cool. She's incredibly strong.

jeffDec 28 2014 6:48pm
Yes Jennifer most girls that work out regularly are stronger than I am. You, Kathy, Gymgirl, and a few other girls on here are a LOT stronger than I am. Doing push ups with guys on your back, 400 pound dead lifts, 320 pound squats all I can only dream of. It is also kind of a fun change as you mention that we can be with girls that are stronger and not have to feel bad about it, but have fun with it.

NickDec 28 2014 6:52pm
I can nail the leg extensions machine too. It is not that hard. I also lift the whole stack on leg curl machine for reps. It is a really great exercise for building a strong an sexy butt. Guys usually are not stong in this exercise because they have flat butts and small glute muscles, which are usually much more developed in females.

Yancy, 19Dec 29 2014 1:04am
On lower body exercises girls sure are stronger, no doubt about it. I have been working part time as an instructor at a gym, and i encouraged all my previous girlfriends (and my current one) to start lifting heavy. My experience is that when they started to change their mentality about this (and hit the weights hard) they outlifted me by far on lower body exercises. They surpassed me rather quickly too, even though i have been a gym rat for several years prior to meeting them. My current girlfriend teases me about this all the time. I'm truly 100% convinced that girls legs are much stronger than male legs.

jeffDec 29 2014 3:46am
Hi nick and fit guy. How old are you guys? I'm 22. How long have you been working out?

jeffDec 29 2014 3:53am
hi jennifer, would love to see your girlpower :) nothing better than a super-strong girl who could scare me with some heavy lifting :) the amount of weights i see mentioned here, also on upper body exercises, is quite astonishing!

jeffDec 29 2014 3:55am
That's right Yancy. I am most impressed with your leg extensions, leg curls, and leg press. I would struggle to lift half what you can lift easily. The same goes for Jeff's ex gf in his video. She was racking that machine on ful reps easily too.

NickDec 29 2014 5:29am
Jeff I am 35. I have been working out again for about 1 year. I worked out in high school in and college too, however not much in between. Back in college I was in better shape and my goal is to get close to what I could do back then. 3 pull ups, 50 push ups, 160 bench, 250 squat. That is still less than most women that workout but that is realistic goals for me.

Nick 35Dec 29 2014 5:37am
Thx Jeff, many guys are scared, but some are also aroused :) My previous boyfriend used to watch me and my friends workout, because it excited him. He didn't lift weights at all, only liked to run. My guess is that my legs were probably 4-5 times stronger than his.

gymgirl1986Dec 29 2014 4:40pm
I was reading your posts Gymgirl. You are stronger than me in both upper and lower body strength by far. Your squat is 100 pounds more than mine, and your curls are 10 pounds more per arm roughly. Sometimes it is fun to reverse roles.

Nick 35Dec 29 2014 5:30pm
Hi Nick, nice to see that you aknowledge that women are no more the "weaker sex". Because most guys don't. Therefore I've made it somewhat of my feminist mission to demonstrate my physical superiority over guys. Especially to young guys just starting out. Their jaws really drop when they see me lift four times as much as they are capable of (at leg machines).

gymgirl1986Dec 29 2014 5:38pm
Good for you gymgirl, how much do you leg press anyways? You are definitely not weaker!

Nick 35Dec 29 2014 5:44pm
I can legpres 1100 pounds, (approx 500 kg).

gymgirl1986Dec 29 2014 6:00pm
Very nice lift gymgirl, i love that you put those young guys in their place, showing them true girlpower. How did they react?

JenniferDec 29 2014 6:04pm
Very nice Gyngirl, that is 4 times what I can do. I can leg press 275 max. That is true girlpower!

Nick 35Dec 29 2014 6:17pm
Thx jennifer. Most of the guys though react by becoming shy or intimidated, at least at first. Some get competetitive and tries to challenge me, or jokes about it. Some get turned on and hit on me afterwards, and ocassionaly i have a sexual encounter. No matter how they react, I think it is a healthy experience for them.

gymgirl1986Dec 29 2014 6:33pm
thx Nick, i can actually do 2-3 reps with 1100 ibs, so maybe it's close to 5 times stronger, lol. Most guys find my legstrength rather brutal, but i'm glad you like it. 275 ibs is like feather :)

gymgirl1986Dec 29 2014 6:47pm
some women can be scary, like gymgirl. i wouldn't want to fight you gymgirl. i used to fight a couple of my previous girlfriends, both for real and as foreplay, and usually got punishment in one way or another.

jeffDec 29 2014 7:59pm
It so fun to outlift guys at the gym. I do it all the time. I've been involed in powerlifting for two years. The great thing is that i look like an ordinary girl with curves, but actually i have quite powerful pecs underneath my breasts, pecs that are at least as big as most guys. It's only noticeable when i flex or lift. I currently bench 100kg. My boyfriend is thin and can only bench 50kg. I can hold him down in bed with one hand. I often fight him and he really enjoys to be dominated, also during sex. Our relatinship is truly a role-reversal kind of relationship.

girl powerlifterDec 29 2014 8:17pm
By the way, here's a clip which shows what i mean by muscles being hidden on a girl. This girl looks fit to begin with, but when she starts flexing she turns into a she-hulk. Her upper body muscles are a lot bigger than most guys. This is not an uncommon women phenomena. For instance, I often see girls with average looking legs, which mighy expand into enormous proportions when they do, say , leg extensions. It is often very difficult to know the strength of a girl just by her appearance, that's my point.

girl powerlifterDec 30 2014 2:29am
here's the link:

girl powerlifterDec 30 2014 2:31am
that is just indredibly hot. an average guy wouldn't stand a chance against her.

jeffDec 30 2014 3:35am
That's very true jeff. Don't underestimate a girl by her looks. I'll add a video too, of a girl I know from my gym. I found this video of her flexing and showing off her upper body. Watch how her size changes as she starts to flex. (her size is maybe doubled?) She has done good work on her triceps i think, what do you gyus think?

gymgirl1986Dec 30 2014 4:28am
Yes Gymgirl, my 275 rep is just one rep and I struggle to do it. With your reps at 1100 you would be 5 times stronger. If I were lifting with you I would be so impressed and proud of you. I would not be offended either if you got a little laugh at me struggling with weights that would feel like a feather to you. I would like to see the woman in the video you posted lifting too. What amazing muscles she has. I would not be surprised if her upper body is 3 times as strong as mine. So women can be stronger in both the upper and lower body.

Nick 35Dec 30 2014 5:46am
Girl Powerlifter, I am a lot like your BF. I can only bench press about 60 kilos. I am also impressed with how women like you don't look overly muscular until I see you workout and I then notice your powerful muscles. That woman in your video, wow it looks like she could pick me up over her head and throw me around!

Nick 35Dec 30 2014 6:03am
I'm an athletic boy, involved in several sports, and i work out approx four times a week, yet the girls in those videos have much more muscles than me. I will never be able to reach that level, i'm sure of it. I don't have the willpower. I'm aroused by these girls I admit it, it is sexy as hell. They are both beautiful and strong and all natural. I wonder if it's a lot of girls like this, with "hidden muscles". Maybe 80 % of the people I see on my gym are girls, so at least they have the guys outnumbered.

fitguy 19Dec 30 2014 7:23am
My guess is that most of the girls in your gym are a lot stronger and more muscular than they look at first glance. When I stand relaxed in front of the mirror together with my boyfriend, he looks more muscular than me, but when we both flex you can see that i'm actually bigger than he is. He actually told me to slow down on my weighlifting, because he thought i was getting too big. Soon he is going away for military service (6 moths), I'm not sure what to do.

LisaDec 30 2014 7:48am
My advice to you is: work out as hard as you can for 6 months. He himself will have limited time to work out for this period. So when he gets back you will be stronger and more muscular than ever. Arrange a situation where you (in a playful way) can demonstrate your total physical domination over him (e.g. wrestling on the bed). if he doesn't like it, too bad for him.

gymgirl1986Dec 30 2014 7:55am
Fitguy19, you should check out some of the girls in your gym, let me know afterwards. my guess is that you are in for a surprise. girls are lifting more heavy than ever before, and are trying to become as strong as possible.

gymgirl1986Dec 30 2014 8:02am
Lisa I would sure appreciate your muscles. I think we will come to like them too. What I would want after 6 months away would be for you to carry me to the bedroom in your powerful arms.

Nick 35Dec 30 2014 8:04am
i truly love the feeling of power. and i truly think guys need a break from the "strong sex stereotype", which is collapsing. Yes Nick, that girlfrom my gym could lift you overhead and bench your body for reps,no question about it.

gymgirl1986Dec 30 2014 8:13am
Got to love it now that a lot of women are now stronger than the average man. I would like to see a video of her lifting far more than I ever could.

Nick 35Dec 30 2014 9:17am
I just did some looking around on YouTube. Girls are definitely getting stronger. This 10 year old girl can deadlift and squat more than I can. Talk about girlpower!

Nick 35Dec 30 2014 1:22pm
Actually i myself prefer skinny guys, because then there's never any doubt in my mind that i'm much stronger then them( though they might not realize it themselves). I guess i have a dominmant nature. It's so much fun to see the look of fear and confusion in a guy's eyes the first time i grab his throat in bed and hold him down with one hand, while he struggles to break the hold.

girl powerlifterDec 31 2014 7:02am
I am pretty much the opposite. I am submissive so I like women that are stronger than I am. I see you beat me by a lot at the bench press, what are some of your other lifts girl powerlifter?

Nick 35Dec 31 2014 7:43am
More and more guys i think are attracted to strong girls that are tough, like this one. I sure am. I really like it when the girl is taking the initiative, being a female predator. Maybe she has the night off and wants to go out and find some male prey?

jeffDec 31 2014 7:52am
I can deadlift 220kg. It's my favourite exercise, and it strengthens the whole body. My impression is that this is a great exercise for girls to perform, and that we get big progress rather quickly. Look at cute Heidi here, for instance. She is so far "only" deadlifting 150kg, but that's still more than most guys can do , and performed with much better technique then i see used by most guys. So way to go girl!

girl powerlifterDec 31 2014 8:11am
You are right, I can only deadlift about 65kg so she can lift more than twice what I can, and you can deadlift more than 3 times what I can! From what I see strong female weightlifters tend to be twice as strong as me in the upper body, and at least 3 or 4 times as strong in the lower body. Girl powerlifter you would have no problem dominating me.

Nick 35Dec 31 2014 8:53am
yes jeff, you guys should watch out. there are more female sexual predators out than ever before. be careful what you wish for. some girls are not very nice.

girl powerlifterJan 01 2015 1:08pm
any girl could dominate you Nick. you'd better watch out.

girl powerlifterJan 01 2015 1:10pm
yesterday a guy wanted to armwrestle me at a party. i have a very strong hand grip, and i squeezed so hardd that i (accidently) broke a couple of his fingers. he had to go the hospital.

girl powerlifterJan 01 2015 1:14pm
You got to be more careful since you are so much stronger than us.

Nick 35Jan 01 2015 2:08pm
Today i saw a petite, cute girl at the gym. Of course I outlifted her on the benchpress, because i'm bigger/taller than her, but to my surprise, her thighs were huge. She did reps with the whole stack on the "adductors machine" (the one that works the inner thighs). This really got me turned on, so i went over to talk to her, actually asked her out on a date, and she said yes! She told me she had only been working out for six months, but was involved in ballett and horsebackriding for several years. Afterwards (after she had left) i tried to lift the same weights on the adductor machine and it was impossible. I tried to lift half the weight, and it still wouldn't budge (even with all my might, making grimaces and all). I look forward to our date! Maybe I get to worhip her thighs some, which were scary looking :)

fitguy 19Jan 02 2015 9:27am
Grats! Got to love a girl with muscular thighs. Those inner thigh machines are hard to do for me too. She has not been lifting for long so I would expect her bench press to improve as she continues.

Nick 35Jan 02 2015 10:53am
Girls legs in general are MUCH stronger than male legs. Even the small girls have much stronger legs than bigger guys. You might win in armwrestling, but just imagine what she could do to you in a grapevine? She might split you in half with almost no effort. I've had guys in brutal grapevines many times, and believe me, that's a kind of punishment they remember (and which most girls could apply with ease).

gymgirl1986Jan 02 2015 11:34am
I'm curious, how much could she bench press?

Nick 35Jan 02 2015 11:45am
I encourage all girls to develop and lift heavy both upper and lower body, because it's healthy to have a powerful body, looks attractive, and changes the view of how the female body should look. I think muscles look better on women, therefore I would prefer men to work out with lighter weights (just my personal opinion). The various ways that you could toy with your boyfriend is just a great additional benefit from heavy weightlifting.

gymgirl1986Jan 02 2015 12:00pm
This article seems very interesting. when I was in highschool i was 6 ft weight 150 lbs. This girls was 5 ft 2 weight 110 lbs. I saw her squat 160 pounds with reps. She told me it was my turn. When I went to lifr it I could not lift it a inch. She could bench press just aa much as me. There was other girl of similar size who could out bench me.

JamesJan 13 2015 1:16pm
James here again. My previous post was over 20 years ago. I want to share a recent story. I went to get my haircut by this hot women. We talked about how women today are getting stronger. When i was paying for haircut I was joking but said I wasnt sure if I could beat her at armwrestling. She asked me if that was a challenge. I said not really! She said let's go ahead with it. Neither of us work out hardly. I am 6 ft 2 225 lbs. She is like 5 ft 6 125-140 lb range. We started armwrestling and she beat me in approx 90 seconds. I was embarrased to say the least.

JamesJan 13 2015 1:33pm
Don't feel bad James, even when she was in high school at 110 pounds she could almost squat more than I can now.

Nick 35Jan 13 2015 9:14pm
I was young then. I only care that Im 38 yrs old and lost armwrestling to 34 yrs old hottie. I outweigh her by nearly 100 pounds. I should be stronger than her.

JAMESJan 14 2015 12:42pm
I saw girls at my gym that weigh half what I do being able to lift more. It happens. Also lots of girls lift for strength rather than bulk.

Nick 35Jan 14 2015 2:45pm
Here are the averages: I lift about what an intermediate 165 pound woman can lift, and an elite 105 pound woman. On the deadlift though where the legs are used for lifting I drop down to about an intermediate 114 pound woman. By comparison I weigh 240 pounds.

Nick 35Jan 14 2015 2:59pm
To gymgirl how big are your muscles now? What is the feeling of being stronger than your boyfriend ? Why you like it?

curious87Jan 27 2015 4:35am
I'd be interested in seeing too.

Nick 35Jan 27 2015 2:31pm
It seems like women are becoming stronger then men. They have so much potential to lift heavy weights. I might join a gym to see to see how i fair.

AnonymousJan 27 2015 5:16pm
I see a lot of very strong women at my gym!

Nick 35Jan 28 2015 5:20pm
This is Kim Tran, she is a 105 pound woman that outlifts most of you guys by a wide margin. 319 squat, 183 bench, 358 deadlift.

EmilyFeb 01 2015 4:22pm
This Kim Tram is like hundreds of other women you see on youtube. They generally deadlift three times their bodyweight. The bench press range is usually 1 to 1.75 times their bodyweight. Has anyone seen Barbie Barbell. That is her nickname as I forget her name. She is 5'4 at 120 pounds. She squats 430 and deadlifts 380 pounds. She benches 265 pounds which is her most amazing feat of strength. She is pretty girl but not overly muscular.

JamesFeb 02 2015 11:05am
My question to you Nick or anyone else is : is it now the norm for women to oulift men who weigh twice as much they do?

JamesFeb 02 2015 12:31pm
Hey i am 29 years old man with 35 kg, and 150 cm

MarkFeb 02 2015 12:42pm
Are girls here can lift me?!

MarkFeb 02 2015 1:21pm
I checked out some of Barbie Barbell's video and she is amazingly powerful. She is half my weight and cam lift twice as much as me. I don't think that is all that common as she is stronger than most women or men. While I am below average. All though a find that a majority of women who are serious about lifting can lift more than me. That's part of the reason why I am here. More women post your lifts please so we can compare.

Nick 35 Feb 02 2015 2:59pm
OK, I lift regularly but I'm not the strongest women ever. I am not bulky at all. My weight is at 139 pounds. I am currently bench pressing 165 pounds, deadlift 320, squat 255, leg press 585. Some of the other girls I lift with can lift more than that.

EmilyFeb 02 2015 3:37pm
Emily I think you bench a solid amount. Your deadlift is very impressive. How old are you? How much weight do the other women lift that have been at your gym?

JamesFeb 02 2015 7:37pm
Years ago I benched 175 not sure about now. Emily you must have very strong legs. I would never get close to your numbers.

JamesFeb 02 2015 7:42pm
Wow Emily, my weight 77 pounds, you can use me as weight,!!

MarkFeb 03 2015 7:15am
I think most of the other girls weigh about the same I do. My age is 23.

EmilyFeb 03 2015 9:39am
Emily when you workout do see yourself and the other women outlifting the men?

JamedFeb 03 2015 4:06pm
I am big wrestling fan. Stephanie Mcmahon is very sexy. She is 5'9 14o lbs and is on cover of fitness magazine. It is reported she can deadlift 400 pounds. It is said she bench around 225 pounds. If you have seen her she has very strong looking arms.

AnonymousFeb 03 2015 6:57pm
Stephanie McMahon look so strong! I would not want to try to wrestle her. Unless she took it easy on knowing how much stronger she is than me.

Nick 35Feb 05 2015 11:01am
Do we lift more than the men? Well that depends on the man. I see some of the super serious guys there, and no my friends and I can not outlift outlift. However there are many average guys that we can outlift.

EmilyFeb 09 2015 7:57am
Emily was 165 your max bench or just what you rep? My guess you would probably beat me at armwrestling.

JamesFeb 09 2015 1:42pm
Emily, I am a good friend of James. I am 6'2 200 lbs and a workout warrior. I bench press 220. My deadlift is only 280 compared to your 320. I work out with dozen or so guys. Only a few can deadlift as much 300. You totally kick are buts in the leg press. The most anybody lifts of my group is like 510. You have totally stronger legs then us guys. That is embarassing to know that girls like you can be stronger.

AVERYFeb 09 2015 2:26pm
Here is a woman that can totally outlift any of us guys. She leg presses 720, dumpbell rows 70 pounds with 1 arm, does 25 pound weighted pull ups, and lifts 2 65 pound dumb bells on the inclined press. She gets a kick out of the guy that can only lift that much on the easier flat bench press.

Nick 35Feb 17 2015 7:48am
How much weight can any of you girls out there lift?

AnonymousFeb 28 2015 4:10pm
My wife and I started working out together. At 5'9", 160 lbs she can bench press 185, same as me at 5'10" 195lbs. She is just naturally strong, and the weightlifting has enhanced that.

Not the Stronger SexMar 13 2015 5:36pm
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I knew a girl in college who was only 5'2", but could bench press 180lbs, for reps, that wasn't even her max! Meanwhile I was only benching 145 (and I'm 5'10")

AshamedApr 16 2015 7:41pm
I had to stop going to the gym. Every time I saw some female out-lifting me, I would spend the rest of the day beating off to the thought of how strong she was.

EmbarrassedApr 19 2015 5:01pm
And while you're doing that they're getting even stronger!

Stronger womanApr 26 2015 7:13pm
Girls today are MUCH stronger than boys, no question. Any guyy questioning that needs to be put in his place.

GillianApr 27 2015 7:29am
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GillianApr 28 2015 3:13am

AnonymousMay 05 2015 3:01pm
Gillian, if you take an untrained man and an untrained woman, the man will be stronger. However, in relation to their size and weight, the woman will have a higher strength to weight ratio than the man. If a man and a woman wrestled, the man would have to take the woman down as fast as he can or she would win. Obviously, if one is trained and one is untrained, 99% of the time, the trained person would win. So basically, either one can be stronger through training. Similar to sprinting and marathons. There's a good chance between an untrained man and an untrained woman, the man will win the sprint but the woman will win the marathon. Both are used as survival tactics. Depending on the scenario, one may be more useful than the other. Testosterone provides much more power and speed for small periods of time, while estrogen provides less power and speed but for a longer period of time.

VivianMay 09 2015 2:21pm
What's the biggest women muscle you have ever see? Was a member of your family? How do you felt?

curious87May 15 2015 4:50pm
My sisters bicep bloody 18inches

henryMay 18 2015 3:06pm
That's as big as my thigh

henryMay 18 2015 3:06pm
Wow henry how big are your sisters thighs and how does her muscle feel like 💪

jackMay 18 2015 3:08pm
Her thighs are 27 inches it's really hard and has big cuts with clearly toned muscle it feels bulky and rock solid she gets it from weightlifting she's been at weightlifting for 11years

henryMay 18 2015 3:10pm
Wow henry how's older you or your sister and how's the strongest in your family

aishaMay 19 2015 2:42pm
henry, yoursister is strongerthan you? she tease you abt her strenght and size?

curious87May 25 2015 4:34am
My girlfriend is 5'2", 155lbs and can bench press 193lbs. At 5'10" 185lbs I can only bench press 125lbs. I was so ashamed I was going to stop going to the gym with her, but she begged me to continue so I did (I really like her)

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@gymgirl1986 i'm 85 kilos you think you have any chance to lift me off the ground?

curious87Jun 10 2015 4:13am

HOW OG TJul 07 2015 11:04pm
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I've weightlifting since I was a teenager. I got married when I was 31, and my wife was very skinny, so I had her come to the gym with me. After 3 years, she's gained 48lbs and bench presses as much as I do (180lbs)

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happy hubby how big are your wife muscles?

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