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She is hard and strong, while he is soft and weak

Question: In the town where I live (Portland, OR), it has become amazingly common to encounter couples where the woman is buff, built, hard, muscular, chiseled, and strong but the man she is with looks soft, willowy, weak by comparison. Even though the woman is typically smaller and a lot lighter, it's clear who would win any contest of strength or fitness. Do others share this experience? Are women now...
Created by: bigelowmax at 08:58:53 AM, Thursday, July 26, 2012 PDT


Out-lifting, outrunning, outmuscling men, no question about it
Sometimes so muscular that they are stronger than men who outweight them by as much as 60 pounds
Sometimes stronger and often more muscular
Still definitrly the weaker sex, but not by as much

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