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She is hard and strong, while he is soft and weak

Question: In the town where I live (Portland, OR), it has become amazingly common to encounter couples where the woman is buff, built, hard, muscular, chiseled, and strong but the man she is with looks soft, willowy, weak by comparison. Even though the woman is typically smaller and a lot lighter, it's clear who would win any contest of strength or fitness. Do others share this experience? Are women now...
Created by: bigelowmax at 08:58:53 AM, Thursday, July 26, 2012 PDT


In my country too we women look much musclar and women become even heavier i think it is all over the world we women look harder

AylaJul 27 2012 7:04pm

Yes here in india i notice the same thing

M UJul 27 2012 7:53pm
I read a study said that in the future we will see more and more women who are bigger musclar and taller and more masculine than befor because of the hormones which have an opposit effect on men makes them soft and weak

AylaJul 28 2012 12:55pm
I read a study said that in the future we will see more and more women who are bigger musclar and taller and more masculine than befor because of the hormones which have an opposit effect on men makes them soft and weak

AylaJul 28 2012 12:55pm
Ayla, what country are you from?

KWZJul 28 2012 1:54pm
I am from egypt ,it is in the middle east

AylaJul 28 2012 2:10pm
Kwz where do you come from? And do you see couples on your town where women are harder and muscler than men

AylaJul 28 2012 2:53pm
in Sweden where I live, most couples are still the traditional couple with a bigger and probably stronger man with a smaller woman. BUT more and more you see a taller woman, bigger woman with a smaller weaker man. I go to a gym where some couples work out and at least 5-6 of these perhaps 20 coupled see a woman that is bigger and stronger. My closest friend, a woman, married a man quite a lot smaller than her, she is big and strong and he is small boned and not very strong. Swedish women used to be afraid to work out to get muscular, now I often see girls and women flex their muscles at the gym. So things are changing. My mother, 52 years old has been working out for some time and proudly flexes har rather big and strong arms quite often. My father is helpless when they armwrestle.

AndersJul 29 2012 12:42pm
For men on this poll Do you find tall big musclar woman sexy ? Will you be embarrassed if your wife or girlfriend is bigger than you ? I am one of those women and i like to know your opinion.

AylaJul 29 2012 1:10pm
No i hate the big musclar woman i think they are gross , and i hate the idea that in future all woman will become like this i do not know why any man in the world will like a woman who look like man

Real manJul 29 2012 6:50pm
No i hate the big musclar woman i think they are gross , and i hate the idea that in future all woman will become like this i do not know why any man in the world will like a woman who look like man

Real manJul 29 2012 6:50pm
Real man,real men like me love big muscular woman and don't find them gross! but,like they say, different strokes for different folks! and i big muscular woman are all woman not men!

AnonymousJul 30 2012 10:37am
Please can you just tell me what do you find sexy about musclar woman? Or about being your girlfriend stronger and musclar than you?

Real manJul 30 2012 10:53am
Please can you just tell me what do you find sexy about musclar woman? Or about being your girlfriend stronger and musclar than you?

Real manJul 30 2012 10:54am
Anonyoums i like youf thinking way

AylaJul 30 2012 11:04am
Real man,i just think muscular women of all sizes beautiful and sexy! i enjoy or rather look at muscles then fat on women! all one thing muscular women never get tired when having sex with them! and i never stop getting a boner watching them!

AnonymousJul 30 2012 11:16am
Ayla,in Egypt where you live are there alot of women the work out to become very strong and have big muscles?

AnonymousJul 30 2012 11:20am
Yes in egypt a lot if woman working out and most of us big woman even if we do not work out by the way every word you say about musclar woman is right

AylaJul 30 2012 11:33am
Ayla,so you work out your self and is one of these big muscular woman? and what is your size? and do you work out and lift weights?

AnonymousJul 30 2012 11:47am
Yes i am one of those big musclar woman but i am not an example for the other women because i am so big i am 178 cm and 86 kg my thighs are 28 inches and my bicep 17 inches and yes i lift weights

AylaJul 30 2012 11:54am
Ayla i can not imagin that there is a man in tge world who could think that you are sexy you bigger than men

Real manJul 30 2012 11:59am
Ayla,thats amazing how big your muscles are! and don't listen to men like Real man! i think your big muscles are beautiful and sexy! so,whats you weight lifting like? how much you lift? bench pressing,over head press,bicep curling,squatting and leg pressing and how does you husband or boyfriend like your big strong powerful muscles?

AnonymousJul 30 2012 12:06pm
Thank you anonymous i squat more than 350 and press about 450 and lift with my bicep about 230 , i am married my husband used to love my muscles and big size very much but now i hace feeling that he change thats why i ask you

AylaJul 30 2012 12:14pm
Ayla,your husband having a problem with you having bigger muscles then him and more powerful ones the him? you wrestle him? Is your husband smaller and weaker than you?

AnonymousJul 30 2012 12:19pm
Yes my husband is small soft weak man , we always wrestle and he does not have a chance any one who see us together can know this he was ok about being smaller and weaker than me but now i do not know what happened suddenly he start to upset from my siza and muscles

AylaJul 30 2012 12:26pm
Ayla, i have heard some men can get scared and afraid of their wives bigger and powerful muscles and have heard some men's penis can get smaller and weaker from not knowing how to deal mentally with being the weaker sex awhile his wife has become the bigger muscles and the more powerful sex then their husband's!

AnonymousJul 30 2012 12:38pm
Ayla you should be happy for you husband because that mean he is not gay

Real manJul 30 2012 12:40pm
Real man shut up, anonyoums maybe you are right i hope ihe will get over it because it is nothing i love him even he is weak and small

AylaJul 30 2012 12:46pm
Ayla,when did your husband start having problems with you being bigger and stronger than him? its possible his friends or family have told him its wrong to have a much bigger and stronger wife!

AnonymousJul 30 2012 12:55pm
I do not think because when we get married i already was bigger and stronger than him we have been married from 4 years the problem starts from about 3 monthes and his family and friends they knew long time ago i am much stronger than him

AylaJul 30 2012 1:05pm
Ayla,does your husband's family and friends have a problem with you being bigger and stronger then your husband?

AnonymousJul 30 2012 1:09pm
No a lot of women in the family like me strong woman

AylaJul 30 2012 1:13pm
No a lot of women in the family like me strong woman

AylaJul 30 2012 1:13pm
Tell do you have girl friend who is bigger and stonger than you

AylaJul 30 2012 1:16pm
I hats you musclar women you are gross i hate every thing about you men should the stronger sex not you women you should be at kitchen

Real manJul 30 2012 1:32pm
Ayla,i don't have girl friend thats bigger and stronger than me but, i have been out with plenty of women bigger and stronger than me! and the sex is awesome! so,the other women in your family are very big and stronger than the men in your family?

AnonymousJul 30 2012 1:57pm
Real man,i bet Ayla would crush you to a pulp with her muscles and would get great joys from it!

AnonymousJul 30 2012 1:59pm
Most woman are bigger than thier men but not all of them and they are stronger too, it is very common thing in my family to be the women bigger and stronger , and yes you are right i think sex is much better when woman is stronger than man

AylaJul 30 2012 2:03pm
Real man i am sure tgat you are small weak man who beaten by stronger women all the time that is why you said that i think you should used to be beaten by women and enjoy it when you do trust you will have much fun ob your life (weak man)

AylaJul 30 2012 2:06pm
Ayla,so you said the women in your family are big strong women? are they married and are bigger and stronger than their husbands?

AnonymousJul 30 2012 2:11pm
Yes they are married and the husbands know that they are the weaker sex some times they do not like it but they do not have other choice we talk about it a lot

AylaJul 30 2012 2:15pm
Ayla could you please answer this why you like to show men your power over them even if this cause problems for them just like your husband

Real manJul 30 2012 2:17pm
Real man because this is the truth i am and a lot of wonen are stronger than our husbands they should except the new fact we treat them in a good way but thy should know that we are the stronger sex there is nothing to be shame if you are a weak man

AylaJul 30 2012 2:20pm
Ayla,do the other women in your family work out and lift weights and what are their sizes? and how strong are the women in your family?

AnonymousJul 30 2012 2:23pm
No not all of them lift wieghts they are just big some of them lift wieght so they have muscles but all of them is very strong woman they all wieght more than 80 kg and hight more than 175 cm

AylaJul 30 2012 2:29pm
So ayla do you respect and love small weak men?

Real manJul 30 2012 2:30pm
Ayla,see men like Real men still think the women should not work out and get stronger muscles then men but,the real thing is you women have always been the stronger sex and we men have always been the weaker sex and it very hard for guys like Real men to believe in this that men are really the stronger sex! see,i see it all the time when i go into all kinds of gyms and more and more women are out numbering the men lifting heavier weights then the men!

AnonymousJul 30 2012 2:31pm
Yes you are right i know women are the stronger sex i think men are very weak and they need woman to protect them all what men should do is to admit and they will find a lot of women to protect them

AylaJul 30 2012 3:00pm
Real man if course i respect and love small men just like my hubby as i said thereis nothing to be shame of

AylaJul 30 2012 3:02pm
Ayla,what do you love best about your husband being very weak and very smaller then you? maybe,your husband these days is starting to have a problem with that now? you should ask him?

AnonymousJul 30 2012 3:13pm
I love his small body i like his soft skin i love it when i hold him between my arms i like it when i lift him

AylaJul 30 2012 3:19pm
Ayla,how does your husband or react to your very big and strong muscles now? you said earlier that you think your husband is having a problem with that now?

AnonymousJul 30 2012 3:27pm
I think now he is afraid from them when i tell him to worship my muscles he did it but i see fear in his eyes he used to worship my muscles every day by him self

AylaJul 30 2012 3:40pm
Ayla you are right i hate big woman because they are stronger than me but i can not get over it i hope i can do it some day and i wish to marry someone like you

Real manJul 30 2012 3:48pm
Real trust me being a man it is not about strong or muscles it is about loving the woman raking care of her and i am sure you will find someone stronger than you and love you for who you are

AylaJul 30 2012 3:50pm
Real trust me being a man it is not about strong or muscles it is about loving the woman raking care of her and i am sure you will find someone stronger than you and love you for who you are

AylaJul 30 2012 3:50pm
Ayla,maybe your husband is getting scared watching your muscles getting bigger and very powerful and strong! i believe he is questioning himself or his manhood about whether he real loves your very big and powerful muscles?

AnonymousJul 30 2012 3:51pm
Real man,whats your body like? your size and do you work out?

AnonymousJul 30 2012 3:53pm
Uffff i hate men when they think like this who told them if you can not beat a woman that means you are not a man i wish if this all wrong and he will back like he was

AylaJul 30 2012 4:03pm
I am 5.6 w: 160 pound my bicep is 11 my thighs 20 do not laugh i went to a gym once but i hated it seeing women lift more than me and my muscles never getting better

Real manJul 30 2012 4:05pm
Ayla,you should sit your husband down and just talk to him and find out if he has a problem with your bigger muscles and great powerful strength! see,men like your husband i am afraid have been brought up being told women are weak little creatures and men are big and strong and thats the way it should be and its a real kick in the pants for men like your husband to find out different! you not the only very big muscular wife out there that can't understand why men can't accept that?

AnonymousJul 30 2012 4:16pm
Real man.know i can understand your dislike for big strong muscular women! but,you need to accept this! because they are not going away! because i see all the time in the gyms i work out in! more and more women are lifting just as heavy or heavier then the men and the women are out numbering the men and we haven't gotten to the schools because there are much younger girls strength training along side the boys because of sports!

AnonymousJul 30 2012 4:24pm
I will i do not to lose him i love him very much and i do not want to lose him .real you should not be shame of your size there are much important thing than size

AylaJul 30 2012 4:26pm
Ayla,what attracted your husband to you before you married you and what attracted you to him?

AnonymousJul 30 2012 4:39pm
He was love my muscles and power and being stronger than him and i love every thing about him

AylaJul 30 2012 4:41pm
Ayla,maybe his family and friends are telling him its unmanly to be married to bigger stronger woman? like i said you need to sit him down and just talk to him!

AnonymousJul 30 2012 4:51pm
Well i hope not because i do not like any one to tell my hubby somthing they will pay for it if it is right

AylaJul 30 2012 4:59pm
Thank you guys you really make me feel better

Real manJul 30 2012 5:13pm
You are welcome real man hope you will be just like other men and accept the fact that men are the weaker sex

AylaJul 30 2012 5:56pm
Ayla,any better today with your husband? you sit down and talk to him to see what his problem with you? is he afraid of your very big strong powerful muscles?

AnonymousJul 31 2012 11:59am
Yes i did i asked and he said no but he said he feels bad because he can not treat me like the other men such as carry me and somthing like this i told him i do not like strong men i like him and his small body and we were both happy. Then somthing wierd happened i told him do you want me to change any thing in my look at first he was shy then he talked he said he loves hairy woman i am a hairy woman but this is the first time i hear about man like hairy woman

AylaJul 31 2012 12:11pm
Ayla when your husband said he likes hairy woman so he wants you to be hairy and where he likes to see you hairy

Real manJul 31 2012 12:39pm
Real man yes such as hairy arm hairy leg hairy thighs mustach

AylaJul 31 2012 12:56pm
Ayla,how do you feel at your husband's liken of women with hairy bodies? most women i know rather be hairless because it shows off more of their muscles!

AnonymousJul 31 2012 2:12pm
You are right i do not like it but i think i will try it what do you think a bout hairy woman

AylaJul 31 2012 2:15pm
Ayla,yea! a little hair in certain spots is okay for a woman but not all over! you should just tell him you are going to do what you want seeing you are the strongest one in your family and he should love you no matter what you look like! see,i would love seeing your muscles with out hair getting in the way!

AnonymousJul 31 2012 2:27pm
What the spot you like it hairy

AylaJul 31 2012 2:33pm
Ayla, a women's crotch! thats it! sorry to be a little bit crude!

AnonymousJul 31 2012 2:40pm
No problem i will try it for two weeks and see what is the result but the main problem is mustach i do not think i will do it

AylaJul 31 2012 2:53pm
Ayla, i know no women with a mustache! and you shouldn't either! what does your husband want a man?

AnonymousJul 31 2012 3:02pm
I realy do not know if he wants a man or not i do not know why men become like this love mainly women and wants to be like women

AylaJul 31 2012 3:05pm
Ayla,i guess there comes a time when men that are married to very big muscular and powerful wife and he isn't sure where he stands in their marriage! maybe other men that the husband's are friends with start getting on him being weaker then his wife and its unmanly to be the smaller and the weaker one! my guess your husband is listening to these friends or even his own family! but,if you were my wife? i would love you no matter what if you were bigger muscular wife! i would be very proud of you! but,just imagine if you would have daughters that wanted to be like you and your husband would be the smaller and weaker one of the family!

AnonymousJul 31 2012 3:17pm
You are so right men should be proud of thier musclar wives i think on tge future most women will be like me

AylaJul 31 2012 3:20pm
Ayla,don't get hairy for your husband if you are not going to happy about it!

AnonymousJul 31 2012 3:35pm
Do you know any man who likes hairy woman ? I will try it and see how i look

AylaJul 31 2012 3:44pm
Ayla, i am a man and like i said i like it in certain places! but,its what you like! you are the one thats going to have hair on her body! You have any photos of your self? if you do you can look at it and decide from the photo!

AnonymousJul 31 2012 3:54pm
I will photo my self when my hair will grow

AylaJul 31 2012 4:02pm
Ayla,you should only grow hair if you want to! and not because your husband wants you to!

AnonymousJul 31 2012 4:08pm
I will try it maybe i will like it if men of my city like it and fear me more because of my hair

AylaJul 31 2012 4:18pm
So tell me where you live do you have strong women in your town like me

AylaJul 31 2012 4:24pm
Ayla,more men will fear you because of your big strong powerful muscles not because you grow hair!are there more women in your city that are big strong with bigger muscles than the men?what about younger girls? do they lift weights to become big and stronger than the men?

AnonymousJul 31 2012 4:25pm
Yes many women in my town are bigger more and more women lifting wieghts i think in 10 years in my city it will be the common thing woman are big and musclar while men small and weak

AylaJul 31 2012 4:31pm
Ayla,and that would be good thing that all the women in your city be the bigger muscular and much stronger than the men! besides you women are the stronger sex and we men are the weaker ones!

AnonymousJul 31 2012 4:37pm
Yes it would be great woman can ruel much bettre than men

AylaJul 31 2012 4:40pm
Ayla i love musclar hairy woman please do it and send me your photos pleaaaaaase

GuyJul 31 2012 5:24pm
There are about 8 of us at a small company. We are mostly female and white. Now our boss is a very sharp and tough African woman - a martial arts expert; can press over 100 kg. We literally have to look up to her because she's a tower (about 6'4). Most of us are just above half that, the tallest about 5' 7. The guys here are wimps! The strongest can do only 60 kg. So, when she gets into a bad mood and takes it out on us, what can we do? Not that we are afraid of getting fired. She does not threaten us that way. She has other ways of making us comply. All she has to do is give you one of her looks, and know you don't dare defy or question her, even when she seems to be unreasonable.

JillJul 31 2012 7:44pm
Guy why i should send my photo to someone i do not know

AylaJul 31 2012 7:50pm
Ayla,just ignore Guy! any better with your husband today? maybe you woman friends you have you can ask them what they think of your husbands wanting you having more body hair? or is it very common for the big strong muscular women in your country like you to have lots of body hair?

AnonymousAug 01 2012 10:22am
Well i know some women who have body hair in my town , but a friend of mine tell me that she thinks my husband have a bad problem you man wants his wife big and musclar and hairy that is almost a man not woman

AylaAug 01 2012 10:33am
Ayla,your friend is right that your husband has a bad problem wanting you to have a lot of body hair with your very big powerful muscles! maybe you need to tell him you are not going to do it! but, you are the one that has to live with it!

AnonymousAug 01 2012 10:46am
I think i will not do it i just want to know what is his problem a man wants big strong musclar and hairy wife!!!!!

AylaAug 01 2012 10:59am
Ayla,your husband should love you just the way you are! Tell me! are the women in your husband's family hairy? but,i would guess the women aren't as big and strong like you? so how many days you go work out and lift weights? maybe you need to remind your husband what your big muscles and powerful ones can do! maybe you need to strike a little fear into him?

AnonymousAug 01 2012 11:08am
No women in our family are not hairy accept his cousin she is a little hairy , i lift wieght every day sometimes i think i will remind him in my power but i will leave as last option

AylaAug 01 2012 11:14am
Ayla, i remember talking to another woman that was like you bigger stronger and more powerful muscles but,love to wrestle her husband every day to which she would make him scream,beg and cry from beating all the time to where she was telling me her husband's penis was getting small and weaker to where she had to kick him out of the house and find someone else!

AnonymousAug 01 2012 11:28am
No l love my husband and i will never do somthing like this to him marriage is not only about sex there is much important thing i am i will find a solution

AylaAug 01 2012 11:31am
Ayla, i hope you husband realizes how luck he is to have a wife like you to love him no matter what? but,does he feel the same about you?

AnonymousAug 01 2012 11:34am
Thank you , i think he loves me but now he have a sexual problem it is not a big deal it could happen to any man specialy if thier wife is mich stronger than him. Anonymous tell me about you

AylaAug 01 2012 11:39am
Ayla, i am a single older man that love big strong muscular women and have been lifting weights a long time! and love wrestling you women and love feeling your strength! but, i lose all the time wrestling you women! i don't mind and don't feel embarrassed or humilated! i learned a long time you women are the stronger sex! but, talking about your husband maybe he is having a big problem with you very bigger and powerful muscles these days?

AnonymousAug 01 2012 11:49am
Maybe you are right this is his problem but i think he should like my muscles and used to see my big muscles because my muscles will be bigger in the future so i will not leave lifting wieght for him i will try to make him feel excited in other ways

AylaAug 01 2012 11:57am
Ayla,maybe your husband is having problems being the weaker sex? and sees your muscles getting bigger and much more stronger than his! and you are only going to get bigger and stronger lifting weights!

AnonymousAug 01 2012 12:05pm
The most thing i like it in my life being strong and musclar woman , i never hurt him or do somthing he does not like so i think he should be proud of me , then i do not know why men have this idea which say they should be stronger than thier wives to be real man they should know world is changing

AylaAug 01 2012 12:10pm
Ayla,thats the problem! men still don't know how to handle having a wife like you being bigger and stronger than him! men like your husband think he is less of a man because he isn't stronger and bigger then his wife or girlfriend or sister!

AnonymousAug 01 2012 12:21pm
So what should i do i do not want to lie to him and tell him that he is stronger than me

AylaAug 01 2012 12:24pm
Ayla,you can't do anything about your bigger and stronger muscles than your husband and he can see your are bigger and stronger than his! and it doesn't matter no wanting to lie to him! he will just have to get over it!

AnonymousAug 01 2012 12:36pm
Yes he and all men in the world should get over it and start to accept being the weaker sex

AylaAug 01 2012 12:39pm
Ayla,women like you need to keep reminding us men that you women are the stronger sex and the men are the weaker ones!

AnonymousAug 01 2012 12:49pm
So when you will married or have a girlfriend you think she has to remind you to obey her , i think you are right maybe i was too nice with him and now it is time to remind him

AylaAug 01 2012 12:59pm
Ayla,no i would respect her and appreciate her great strength and muscles! she wouldn't have to remind me to obey her! when you go to the gym to work out and lift weights does your husband ever come with you to see how strong you are? if don't maybe you should!

AnonymousAug 01 2012 1:13pm
He came with me few times tried to lift wieght but it was a disaster so he stopped but when i came back from gym i flex my muscles and he worship them

AylaAug 01 2012 1:16pm
Ayla,thats because once men see what their wives or girlfriends can lift weights and they can't its a big blow to their egos! but,like you said maybe you need to show your husband what your muscles and strength can do?

AnonymousAug 01 2012 1:22pm
I will do tonight

AylaAug 01 2012 1:57pm
Ayla,you work out with other women lifting weights?and are there more women that work out lifting weights then men at the gyms in your country or city? and how do the men treat women like you are that are much bigger stronger and more powerful muscles then the men?

AnonymousAug 01 2012 2:07pm
Yes at my gym women are more than men , i do not know how men treat other women but they respect me because they fear my power also i think they like to my muscles because they stare at my muscles all the time

AylaAug 01 2012 5:36pm
Ayla, i would imagine the men would make a very big mistake getting you very angry seeing you have very large and powerful muscles and would crush their bodies to pulp!

AnonymousAug 01 2012 6:28pm
Yes a lot of men know what i can do to them thats why they fear me

AylaAug 01 2012 6:46pm
Ayla,when you flex your biceps? do your biceps have a peak? the bicep peak is the form your bicep when you flex them and do they peak from the other side of your arm? because you women that lift weights and do bicep curls have a much easier getting a peak then as men!

AnonymousAug 02 2012 8:36am
Yes when i flex it i have a peak my bicep look amazing and very strong

AylaAug 02 2012 9:51am
Ayla,so what does your bicep peak look like? a ball,apple,egg or other kind of shape? today, any better with your husband? you sit down and talk to him about the body hair?

AnonymousAug 02 2012 10:39am
No it is long and pump

AylaAug 02 2012 11:19am
Ayla,i can't imagine what kind of strength you have behind your biceps or the power and strength in your thighs? so,how big are your muscles? biceps,thighs,chest and calves? and how strong are you lifting weights?

AnonymousAug 02 2012 11:45am
Ayla,hope i didn't bore you?

AnonymousAug 03 2012 10:13am
Sorry for late reply , i told you what is my size befor but my calves is 19 and do you mean by my breast size my bra size

AylaAug 03 2012 5:48pm
And no you do not bore me

AylaAug 03 2012 5:48pm
Hi Ayla, What do you mean by you are "too nice with him" and have you changed your attitude toward him ? I dream to find a woman like you, any suster single lol ?

SlimAug 04 2012 4:01am
Ayla,sorry about asking you again your muscle size! after i posted again asking you! i realize i did ask that! i really think the problem your husband is having i really think he is scared and afraid of your very large powerful muscles and i assume getting bigger and stronger every time you go lift weights! what i understand you are not alone by this! what i mean there plenty of sisters,girlfriends and wives lifting weights and getting bigger and stronger than the men around them and it scares the men! see all the men's lives growing up their fathers drummed into their sons men are the strong ones and the women are the weak ones and its a real blow to their egos to learn they aren't and you women are the strong ones! probably your husband grew up believing that also that men were the strong ones and seeing you he still doesn't understand why he is not and you are! i hope gives some idea! but, i don't know your husband like you do so its you that have to search for answers!

AnonymousAug 04 2012 8:31am
Slim i mean i always try to not hurt him so what is your size if you want i know a lot of women like me , anonymous no problem and thank you for trying help

AylaAug 04 2012 10:09am
Ayla,another problem with men like your husband they keep it inside of them and never tell their wives what they are thinking! men mostly have a hard time expressing their emotion! most men think its very unmanly to do this! thats another reason you women are stronger than us men!

AnonymousAug 04 2012 12:23pm
Ayla, i'm quite tall, 180cm, but thin, 65kgs and live fare from Egypt as i'm in France. I hope your relationship with your husband is better.

SlimAug 04 2012 2:34pm
Anonymous i do not understand if men facing all these problem with stronger women so why they do not to get strong enough to catch us women i can not imagin how lazy they are , slim you are so thin any way do you have in france big musclar women

AylaAug 04 2012 3:41pm
Ayla, i am not one of those lazy men! i wprk out and lift weights 5 days a week 2 1/2 hours and do 90 minutes of cardio! but, again i am not married to a very big muscular wife but,if i were it won't both me if she was big muscular very strong wife! although, i would find it very exciting and a great turn-on!

AnonymousAug 04 2012 5:55pm
Anonymous i was not talking about you i was talking about my husband and men like him i hope you could find a strong woman you will both be very happy

AylaAug 04 2012 6:08pm
Ayla, i have just been trying to catch up on this thread. Each morning when i come here, I find another bookload of replies. Anyhow, i have caught up and will try to put in an opinion that I hope can help you. I am sure your husband still appreciates your great muscles and strength. i don't think that is his problem. I am sure he realizes hat no matter how hard he tries, he cannot catch up with you in strength. I am wondering if he is afraid of losing you because he is waker than you. I have read that this does become the fear in such situations.

ObservingAug 05 2012 1:05am
Ayla, i've not yet meet muscular women here in France so i plan to live in Egypt lol. Do you have resolved the issue you have with your husband? Maybe he has bad influences with his friends. Sometimes men can be crual when talking about women.

SlimAug 05 2012 2:51am
I also live in Portland and have had the good fortune to date several women that were physically stronger than me. About 10 years ago I started dating a woman that I met in the personals portion of a local paper. I had advertised that I liked physically stronger women. I am an average sized guy at 5'9" and 172 lb. She was 5'8" and probably 190 lb. with a very strong upper body. After a few dates she gave me the gift of two hand strengthening exercise grips. They were the ones that had the big metal tightly wound springs that you would squeeze together to give yourself a stronger handgrip. She gave them to me and told me to see how many I could do. I took one in my right hand and started squeezing it. I hit 50 reps pretty easy, then started to slow down, finally exhausting at 75. She looked at me and smiled as she took the grip from my weakened hand. She placed the grip exerciser in her right hand and started pumping away very rapidily and effortlessly. Without slowing, she hit 50 reps, then 60, then easily cruised past my own best effort of 75 while looking me straight in the eyes. I felt my knees go weak as she continued to 80, then 90 reps without slowing down. I could see her forearm muscles harden as she pumped away; her arm was visibly bigger than mine and more striated too. I felt myself getting a huge erection as she hit 100 reps as easily as I had gotten to 50! At 110 reps she started to slow just a bit and finally stopped at 115 reps. I was amazed that my new girlfriend had done 1.5 times as many reps as I had done. She asked me what I thought of her doing so many more reps than me. I told her that I was very impressed and that I loved that she was so much stronger than me. She said that she thought she might be stronger, but had no clue that the difference would be so great. That was the first of several competions that she and I had. Ultimately, it was proved beyond a doubt that she was the much stronger one in our relationship and I ended up taking the passive role between us.

somethingaboutastrongwoman@yahoo.comAug 05 2012 11:10am
Observing i hope to be right because in this case it is easy to solve it by showing for him more love

AylaAug 05 2012 11:22am
i live in the uk and i notice lots couples where the women are bigger or just as big as the men. often their arms are the same size but their legs are much bigger. some women seem as big as you ayla i know because i can see their thighs and calves and they are much bigger than mine. i hope your husband realizes how lucky he is

ZackAug 06 2012 6:31am
Have you talked to him about a problem. I know i have always wished for a powerful lady in my life. I don't really know if i could handle it. not the strength part, but i would very likely fear losing her if i were the weak one of the couple. I had a girl friend in HS who quit on me because she found she could handle me. Another girl after HS could push me all over the lot. But she had a brother much larger than me who she could also handle. she & I had a lot of fun until i left for the army for two years. So, as a young man, i did have both situations but never found that when i was ready to really be responsible.

ObservingAug 07 2012 1:56am
Thank you everybody for trying to help me i think observing you are right now i show my husband more love and care and tell him that i love him very much and there is no way to leave him or to stop loving him and he feels much better

AylaAug 07 2012 1:38pm
Hi I am from Egypt, in my family all the women are big and overweight. My 12 year old sister is 5 ft6 and 90 kg. She is stronger than my dad.

HichamDec 26 2012 3:54am
Hi hisham are most wonen in egypt are big and overweight like your family and what is your size and your father's size

AylaDec 28 2012 3:09pm
I mean in your city

AylaDec 28 2012 3:10pm
I am English and live in the UK together with a woman from Nigeria. She is 75 lbd heavier than me, she is probably more than twice as strong as me. She is most of the time nice to me but can also make me suffer if I piss her off. Her sister is even stronger then her and her best friend, also from Nigeria is married to an English guy that is smaller and weaker. I am not sure I like this but I any way love my big strong African woman, I love when she takes me in her strong arms, presses me against her big breasts and when she every night lays her big leg over my body before we go to sleep.

MushJan 29 2013 2:54pm
Mush do you think you can Handel it if you married someone like the woman you live with or you will be afraid of her

AyalJan 31 2013 5:06pm
I love tall girls and strong! unfortunately in my small town there are these girls! I am very small and weak .... I'm 166 cm and weight solo55 kg!

mick73Feb 08 2013 4:42pm
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mick73Feb 09 2013 4:59pm
Mick73 you should visit EGYPT or AFRiKA and you will find what are you looking for

AylaFeb 10 2013 2:30pm
Ayla hello! do you want to contact me?

mick73Feb 11 2013 1:30pm
We can chat here if you want

AylaFeb 11 2013 4:08pm
you do not want in private?

mick73Feb 12 2013 2:50pm
We men better get use to it. All women seem to be getting bigger and stronger these days. Mine did once she started working out. She loves to wrestle me to ground and make me admit she wins.

little hubbyMar 09 2013 1:50am
In the western hemisphere, there is an interesting case of a highly differentiated couple reported, of a very weak 5' 3'' / 108 lbs soft-body husband who is married to a very strong 6' 4'' / 353 lbs hard-body wife. He benchpresses 12 kgs while she benchpresses 200 kgs. It is given that they are having a tremendously-enjoyed terrific physical relationship, despite the fact that his fainting little frame gets always bodily 'taken' by her rigorous large frame without his permission. Celebrating One-Year-On of delicious-sex marriage, his meagre gracile form was helplessly ravaged by her mighty humongous form for a WHOLE DAY !! He is now used to being very frequently RAPED against his will by his wife, and doesn't complain about that any more !

Preferer_of_300_poundersMar 09 2013 4:06pm
Little hubby i totally agree with you, so how do you feel about being smaller and weaker than your wife?

AylaMar 12 2013 3:22pm
Preferer_of_300_pounders great story sometimes i force my husband to have sex but i do not know if this could call rape

AylaMar 12 2013 3:26pm
096 50 125117 this my no u all mother f*cker

tanujApr 02 2013 1:51am
Hi, any girls from Pune can lift me?

RishApr 03 2013 10:03pm
i like chose to very huge and strong woman as my wife.because he can enjoy me very well.

nadunMay 05 2013 8:49pm
i think girl are very strong then is boy..and i don't want to fight with girl because i will lost when fight with girl..if girl punch me i will cry..

fahmiJul 23 2013 1:55pm
As i posted earlier here my husband and me had a problem in our relationship because he is much weaker than me and he is afraid from me, i realy tried very hard to help him with this issue but at the end there was ine solution now you can say that i'm almost rape him against his will i know that this is not the right thing to do but i had to do it because the other option for me was to have an affair with another man which i do not want to do it.

AylaJul 24 2013 6:02pm
Ayla is a fake

AnonymousAug 08 2013 5:11pm
ayla soo sexy

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WwSzaWUmLjeuOct 23 2013 1:23pm
GUYS, I HAVE AN ADVICE FOR YOU having a girlfiend stronger heavier taller than you does not matter, but don't never married some one stronger than you from my own experience women getting stronger when they getting older reversed men when we getting older we become weaker. I married a very strong musclar dominated woman i used to adore strong woman when i married her the first few years it was like a dream become true i lived the life i want i was so submissive to her i was weaker than her she controlled my life as i always wanted, but after ten years if marriage she became much stronger, heavier, more dominated the problem is i don't want this kind of life any more i want a regular life like other people but she will never accept this she used to live as a boss and me as a slave to her now she forces me to stay at home, cook, clean, kiss her feet, wash, wear women clothes she beats and wrestle me. What i want to say i used to find these things very excitement but not any more i did this to my self

MARRIED MAN Oct 26 2013 2:32pm
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prGBYadAmXApr 01 2014 6:38am
Women should not be stronger than men. Muscular woman are ugly and not eye-pleasant. Only weird abnormal people would find this attractive. She can be taller, max 5 cm, but more than that would look ridiculous.

SportApr 28 2014 8:01pm
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Ayla, Are you a big, strong, muscular, dominate, amazon with a smaller, weaker, submissive husband or bf?

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Ayla Jul 05 2014 6:04pm
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anNacnGvmbeZcyKAug 05 2014 6:08am
Ayla I know egyptian women are big built but so are the guys. Why did you marry him .. Maybe because you like to dominate small man secretly. Do you have normal sex life from beginning or not?? I mean he is on top or you ground him and penetrates to him hard or do you have lifted sex wurh you lift and f*ck him?? How tall is he??

Alex Aug 09 2014 1:43am
Ayla you are wrong men are the stronger sex every one know that

ccAug 10 2014 12:58am
Ayla ,,,,, but in fact i like bigger women and i dont know why please any one answer this question

AnonymousAug 10 2014 1:02am
Alex, yes you are right in general men & women in Egypt are big, but not my husband. I like to be in control, and i control our sex life and i dominate him. I like small men this's one of the reasons why i married him. He is 160 cm

AylaAug 11 2014 10:41am
cc, no i think you're wrong men aren't stronger it depends on each couple. Loving big women is normal thing many men like big women

AylaAug 11 2014 10:42am
Ayla do you beat him like slap or forcing him naked, or even spank? ?

ZedAug 14 2014 11:51pm
Yes, few times only if i am so angry on him

Ayla Aug 15 2014 10:30am
Ayla what is current situation with your husband. Are u still raping him?? it's not right though and I believe it is your fault that he feels frightened by you. Because you have mentioned little man and to be in control. If that's the case you should have moulded your husband completely like little baby husband type. Like he himself will jump to your lap when you two are alone luke that. But you will respect him , assure him but at the same time you will control your sex life and all that double thing is not goung to work I believe. Anyway I am curious so wrute about your current activities. Are you trying to make him complete submissive? ? If then politely or by beating?? Another question since you said you were raping him frequently are you beating him like slap, spank etc regularly??

Alex Aug 25 2014 2:06am
Yes, i am rapping him till these days, and he is totally submissive to me i mean totally i do to him what ever i want. You could be right that this's my fault but my issue with my husband it is not only that i'm bigger and stronger than my husband, no i'm a mannish woman for example i'm more hairy than him, my moustache are more clearly thin his, and my voice is much much harder than him. The only thing that make people know that i'm the woman and he's the man are my breasts other than that they'll absolutely think i'm the man. He's so soft and small in every thing. So i think both of us are very different from our gender physically. You can't have this kind of life by being polite, you should beat him, so yes i beat wrestle, spank him very often. I know this not right and at first i tried to avoid it, but now this what happened.

AylaAug 27 2014 4:47am
Do you have any children?? Do you live in a joint family or separate. If joint family how do you manage to rape/beat him?? Because your in laws must be knowing coz ur little husband must have cried afterwards. Does he cry after your beating? ? Or scream for help or you put something in his mouth??

ZedAug 29 2014 4:31pm
No, i live separate, at first he was screaming really loud, but not any more i used to put in his mouth my under wear or the cover sheet. Usually he cries.

AylaAug 29 2014 7:08pm
So are you planning to have kids with him?? Another curiousity since you are like mistress to him, can't you change that to loving Big mama-adult baby type relationship? ? Did you breastfeed him??

rrSep 01 2014 3:20am
Yes, i want have kids am planing to do it soon. I donot know what do u mean by this kind of relationships mama- adult baby or breast feed him?

AylaSep 01 2014 11:57am
Mama-adult naby little baby husband. U will feed him carry him etc...

rrSep 02 2014 11:11am
I like that it sounds fun, but i still donot get it what do you mean by feeding him

Ayla Sep 02 2014 6:30pm
Like you will feed him by feeder, or breast milk on your lap. Carry him to bathroom and bath him etc..

rrSep 03 2014 10:11am
Loool, that's awkward i've never heard in such things. I think my relationship with my husband based more on me his boss and he is my slave. Are there women really feeded their husbands breast milk how could they do that

AylaSep 03 2014 12:44pm
Ayla don't mind this is sort of fetish kind of question. ..Do you have sex with you stand and carry your husband??

NobodySep 03 2014 12:49pm
Yes, i've done couple of times

AylaSep 03 2014 12:50pm
During sex does he cry?? Beg you to stop?? Assuming that you are always in top and f*cks him very hard...

Alex Sep 19 2014 2:34am
Ayla question was to you only.

Alex Sep 21 2014 3:13am
wy6NCv You made a few nice points there. I did a search on the issue and found a good number of people will agree with your blog.

KkWpmOwEDec 21 2014 2:29pm
Ayla what's up?? What is the situation??

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alya i don't nlv ur comment. how can a women be so strong?

AnonymousJan 18 2015 11:17am
is there other women like you alya?

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markieeFeb 19 2016 3:12am
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MQlMdVaqTbdHIfoApr 05 2016 2:45pm
Hi everyone this Ayla. I haven't posted in this poll for almost two years. I just want to thank everyone here. I took your advice and I changed my relationship with my husband from boss- slave relationship to mum- baby relationship. Now I breastfeeded him carry him change his underwear spank him etc.... Things are much better now

AylaApr 11 2016 4:15pm
My husband was a gym rat for about 5 years already before we met. I took to a gym soon after we met and within 8-9 months I started surpassing him in lifting weights. It's not been 6 years and I'm a lot stronger. A LOT. Baically it's vrey cute to see him unable to even move off the floor with two hands what I lift one handed. It's great and the role reversal works perfectly. I hold a very powerful job, he stays at home and is a fulltime house husband. I don't do a thing at home, all the tasks are his. There's so much peace at home, we never have any arguments or fight at all. I also now have a home gym where the lightest weights I use are so heavy he can't even move them. SO, basically he can't do anything in my home gym except clean all the weights properly once I've finished. It's very clear that women are getting far stronger than men, if not already so. It's the best way, the only way. It's total supremacy.

Juliette TorresApr 27 2016 4:15am
Juliette Torres, you're absolutely right there's nothing better than watching a man with small thin arms trying to move my weights or dumblles but he fails to do so. I can tell you for sure women these days are stronger and maybe in the future will be more muscular than men

Woman Apr 27 2016 8:22am
Yes, surely! Most of my friends are much more powerful and muscular their husbands or bfs! It's amazing and so wonderful! Many times I workout with my friend Sophia and our husbands trying together cannot lift the weights Sophie and I sometimes lift one handed!

Juliette TorresApr 27 2016 11:26am
Hahaha, that's hilarious. I know exactly what are you talking about, since I'm much bigger and stronger than my husband you can't imagine how many times I beated him and his friend in a wrestling match

Woman Apr 27 2016 2:29pm
U women look amazing. It's always great to hear from stronger and more muscular woman than their men I'm also stronger and bigger than my hubby I treat him as my child. I'm also more masculine than him. What about u r u more masculine than your husbands?

Ayla Apr 27 2016 4:11pm
Ayla, that's great you sound much more stronger and muscular than your husband. What do you exactly mean by more masculine than him

Woman Apr 28 2016 5:17am
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Sie ist an die Stange gegangen und hat 10 Klimmzüge gemacht. Ihr Bizeps war so aufgepumpt, das habe ich noch nicht mal bei den sportlichen Jungs aus meiner Klasse gesehen. So wie das aussah, hätte sie locker noch weitere 10 geschafft. Dann kam sie zu mir und sagte, wusste ich doch, dass ich viel stärke bin als du kleiner. Ich konnte darauf gar nichts sagen, so schockiert war ich. Dann wollte sie mit mir wrestlen und zeigen wie viel stärker sie ist. Ich habe versucht von ihr weg zu gehen und gesagt ich muss nach Hause, aber sie hat mich aufgehalten. Ich hatte nun doch etwas Angst vor ihr. Als ich gehen wollte, kam sie von hinten bei mir an und griff um meinen Bauch. Dann hob sie mich hoch und trug mich zum Sandkasten. Auf dem Weg sagte sie noch, du bist ja noch leichter als ich dachte und wollte wissen wie viel ich wiege. Als ich ihr dann mein Gewicht sagte, lachte sie nur und sagt, das sind ja über 10kg weniger als ich wiege und schmiss mich in den Sand. Dann stand Sie mit den Händen in den Hüften über mir und sagte, dass ich aufstehen soll. Nun standen wir uns gegenüber, sie größer, schwerer und bedeutend muskulöser. Sie meinte, darauf habe ich schon seit unserer ersten Begegnung drauf gewartet. Ich hatte zwar schon im Fernsehen Wrestling gesehen, aber ich wusste nicht was ich machen soll und vor allem bei dem Gegner. Sie kam auf mich zu und wir packten uns an den Händen. Ich war sofort auf meinen Knien und hatte den Kräftevergleich verloren. Sie ließ mich wieder hoch und nahm mich in einen bearhug. Ich konnte meine Arme nicht befreien und meine Beine baumelten in der Luft. Ich habe kaum noch Luft bekommen und mir tat alles weh. Wie konnte sie nur so stark sein? Sie ließ mich wieder in den Sand fallen und ich konnte mich kurz erholen. Ich versuchte wieder aufzustehen, aber da griff sie mir schon am Bauch und hob mich kopfüber hoch und trug mich durch die Gegend. Sie ließ sogar einen Arm los und trug mich dann so weiter. Sie hob mich mit einem Arm noch höher und fasste mit dem anderen Arm an meine Schulter und schmiss mich so in den Sandhaufen. Ich war jetzt schon k.o., aber sie hatte gerade erst angefangen. Ich sag zu ihr hoch und sie spannte ihren Bizeps an. Oh mein Gott, ist der groß, dachte ich nur. Ich hatte ja auch einen Bizeps, aber im Vergleich zu ihr war der mickrig. Ich hatte 31cm Oberarmumfang, aber sie musste mindestens 36 oder 37cm haben. Sie hat mir wieder hochgeholfen und dann mit einem Arm zwischen meine Beine gegriffen und mit dem anderen an meine Schulter und mich hochgehoben und ist mit wieder eine runde gelaufen, als wenn wir Zuschauer haben, und hat mich wieder zu Boden geworfen. Das macht solchen Spaß, sagte sie dann zu mir. Ich wollte eigentlich nur noch weg und hatte Angst, was sie mit mir anstellen will. Ich hatte gegen ihre Kraft null Chance. So was habe ich noch nie erlebt, noch nicht mal die starken Jungs aus meiner Schule haben so viel Kraft wie dieses Mädchen. Sie hat mich wieder hochgezogen und mich dann mit dem Rücken nach unten auf ihre Schultern gelegt. Das tat so weh, aber ich konnte mich nicht wehren. Zum Glück hat sie mich dann wieder in den Sand geschmissen. Ich habe die ganze Zeit gebettelt, dass sie aufhört und ihr gesagt, dass sie gewonnen hat und viel stärker ist als ich. Sie lachte nur und zog mich wieder hoch. Sie packte mich mit beiden Armen unter den Achseln und hob mich mit ausgestreckten Armen hoch und hielt mich da. Dann sagte sie zu mir, das machen wir jetzt öfter mein kleiner und ließ mich wieder ein Stück runter, um mich dann wieder hoch zu heben. Sie machte das ein paar Mal, um ihre Kraft zu beweisen. Dann setzte sie mich wieder ab und hob mich wieder auf ihre Schultern. Sie sagte, jetzt will ich mal was ausprobieren und fasste zwischen meine Beine und an meinen Brustkorb. Dann hob sie mich noch höher, bis sie ihre Arme durchgestreckt hatte und ich nun über ihrem Kopf hing. Panisch griff ich nach ihrem Arm, der sich unglaublich muskulös anfühlte. Sie lachte und ließ mich wieder zu Boden. Dann sagte sie, spann deinen Bizeps an und ich tat was sie wollte. Sie lachte über meine Muskeln und sagte, so sehen Muskeln aus und spannte ihren Arm an. Ein dicker Bizeps füllte ihren Armen und dicke Adern kamen zum Vorschein. Wir verglichen unsere Arme und ich kam mir wie ein kleiner Junge vor. Ihr Arm war so viel muskulöser und größer als meiner. Ich konnte es nicht glauben, ich wurde so gedemütigt von einem Mädchen, einem so starken Mädchen. Zum Schluss zog sie mich noch einmal hoch und fasste mit einer Hand an meine Kehle und mit der anderen unter meine Achsel. Und dann hing ich schon wieder in der Luft, sie hielt mich nur mit einem Arm am Hals fest und lachte. Dann schmiss sie mich in den Sand und sagte, ich freue mich schon auf das nächste Mal. Dann spannte sie zuletzt ihren Bizeps an und ging dann los.

GeorgMay 08 2016 6:31am
yeah bookmaking this wasn at a risky determination outstanding post!.

amcsmpxMkrMay 13 2016 1:18pm
SH57kM I simply could not depart your site prior to suggesting that I extremely loved the usual info a person supply on your guests? Is going to be again continuously to investigate cross-check new posts

OvkHLUdYTnaAMULzsuMay 15 2016 9:40pm

SUE OF KANSASMay 17 2016 12:41pm
Juliette what are the weights you talk about? How about you ayala and woman? You both enjoy being stronger?

David. b.May 18 2016 3:47pm
David, I love being stronger than him, I like it very much when I wrestle beat and humilite my husband and other men. Do u like stronger masculine woman, David?? Being muscular and stronger makes me so excited. Sue you're really crucial to ur husband I love that.

Woman May 19 2016 4:57pm
What's the feeling of being bit stronger than men?

David. b.May 20 2016 2:44am
Ohh it's a great feeling, it makes wet and super excited, when I see men under me struggling to breathe, beginning me, crying for mercy, or when they worship my huge muscles and feet, I just love it and can't stop wrestling men

Woman May 20 2016 3:24am
What worship muscles mean?

David. b.May 20 2016 3:42am
You know like putting their hands on my muscles and feet to massage them, and kiss them, while telling me how strong, dominated I'm. And telling me I'm their boss and godess

Woman May 20 2016 3:44am
What would be the feeling if I touch your muscles? You like it?

David. b.May 20 2016 3:45am
Sure, I love it, I force men to do it all the time, after I beating them in wrestling to kiss touch my muscles and feet

Woman May 20 2016 3:48am
Are usually yours bigger than theirs?

David. b.May 20 2016 3:50am
Do you win in wrestling?

David. b.May 20 2016 3:53am
Sure, bigger and more muscular and stronger. They cry when I beat them. 188 cm, 104 kg, 28 thighs, 22 calves, 45 my feet. That's my size

Woman May 20 2016 3:54am
Yes always and after that I force them to worship and give me pleasure

Woman May 20 2016 3:55am
Oh amazing you are huge! You are bigger than my muscles

David. b.May 20 2016 3:56am
Hahaha, ya sure. Do u love being with big muscular like me? Or not

Woman May 20 2016 3:57am
I would feel very small ! Are your muscles hard as well?

David. b.May 20 2016 4:01am
So so so hard, even without flexing. So would you enjoy feeling small in front of woman or not?

Woman May 20 2016 4:01am
I'm feeling weirdly excited if you want the truth

David. b.May 20 2016 4:03am
What do you mean they're hard without flexing

David. b.May 20 2016 4:03am
Good that means you'll enjoy women like me. I mean so hard even if I'm relaxed. Wanna worship them? Hahaha

Woman May 20 2016 4:04am
Mine flexed are a bit mushi i can squeeze them with my hands

David. b.May 20 2016 4:06am
Hahaha, you look weak man I live that. You can't squeeze mine even if I'm sleep, many men try and fail

Woman May 20 2016 4:08am
What do you mean i can't squeeze them, ? Who tried what he said it happened?

David. b.May 20 2016 4:10am
Many men, as my husband and others, tried to squeeze my muscles while I'm sleep. You know my muscles will be relaxed when I'm sleep. They tried to squeeze my thighs or biceps but they fail, because my muscles are so hard. I'll wake up because they're trying ask them what are u doing, they told so I laugh at them and continue my sleep

Woman May 20 2016 4:15am
You ask them while you flex to squeeze harder?

David. b.May 20 2016 4:16am
Yes, but thay couldn't do it. I told they couldn't squeeze while I'm sleeping so sure they fail if I'm flexing

Woman May 20 2016 4:18am
You like to see them struggling? I think I cannot as well!

David. b.May 20 2016 4:21am
Ya I love it. No you can't I'll have fun watching you trying

Woman May 20 2016 4:22am
You like watching me doing what? You ask weaker men to challenge your strength?

David. b.May 20 2016 4:24am
Yes I love challenges weak men. Once I wrestle three at the same time and beat them. Plus I always wrestle and beat my husband and one of his friends at the same time

Woman May 20 2016 4:25am
Wow 3men to beat you! You are pretty strong!

David. b.May 20 2016 4:26am
Hey this poll will close on 300 comments go to the one directly under this one. The link:

Woman May 20 2016 4:26am
Yes 3 men, and I destroyed them, but they were three weak men. I can two avarage men at the same time

Woman May 20 2016 4:27am
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