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Girls do you like to flex your biceps?

Question: I'm 19yearold girl, ex gymnast and still keep up the strength training, weights and keeping fit. I love flexing my muscles and showing off - biceps and abs in particular. I love the way it has inspired other women to work out and get fit, toned, ripped and strong aswell as impressing guys and turning them on hehe. How many other fitness and muscle girls are there who love to show off their sexy muscles? Please share your experiences in the comments area! Thanks! oxoxox
Created by: Chloelicious at 07:13:39 AM, Saturday, October 01, 2011 PDT


I am male and love girls flexing their biceps! there is something about girl's biceps thats such a turn-on! besides i rather look at girls muscles than mens!

jonathanOct 01 2011 2:54pm

Girls,how big are your biceps? and is it a big turn-on for you knowing yours are bigger than your brother,boyfriend,husband or any other male partner?

jonathanOct 01 2011 5:22pm
I love to show my biceps to my brothers to know that they are weaker than me.

HannaOct 02 2011 5:04am
Hanna, how big are your biceps? and have you ever beat them in a wrestling match?

jonathanOct 02 2011 7:59am
My biceps 14.25"

HannaOct 02 2011 8:42am
Hanna, thats impressive! i have been working out in gyms and health clubs for quite awhile and i have a great admiration and respect for girls like you that love having bigger and stronger biceps and muscles! so.what do you do to make your biceps 14.25?

jonathanOct 02 2011 8:52am
I go to school gym

HannaOct 02 2011 9:11am
Hanna,how old are you? and you know boys get sexually turn-on with girls like you flexing biceps? i hope that doesn't make you feel uncomfortable?

jonathanOct 02 2011 9:34am
Hanna - Heya girl! Your biceps are same size as mine : ) and I can outmuscle my brothers too. I'm 19, my brothers are 23 and 17. How long have you been stronger than your brothers and how do they feel about it?

ChloeOct 02 2011 12:37pm
Girls,are you embarrassed that your biceps are bigger than you brothers,boyfriends,husbands or other male partners? or is it a very big turn-on for you? and does it excite them to see you flex and feel your biceps?

jonathanOct 02 2011 4:18pm
Jonathan - Yopu know I'm not embarrassed :P I love it, its awesome!

ChloeOct 02 2011 11:45pm
I am 17, my brothers 19 and 21. I was stronger than them when I was 15 and I started to be engaged in sports. They know that I am stronger than them, and it frightens them. :)

HannaOct 03 2011 1:00am
hanna,how strong are you? and have you ever wrestled your brothers? and if you have wrestled them ever use your legs in scissor holds?

jonathanOct 03 2011 10:41am
Chloe,when you flex your bicep what does it look like? softball,apple or something else?

jonathanOct 03 2011 12:21pm
Jonathan - my boyfriend describes my biceps as grapefruit sized and egg shaped lol

ChloeOct 03 2011 7:20pm
jonathan Yes, I often wrestle with my brothers, but I use locks.

HannaOct 04 2011 7:22am
Hanna,how strong are your legs? and when you use scissor holds on your brothers do they beg to be released and is it a big turn-on for you?

jonathanOct 04 2011 10:11am
Hanna, i hope you know that when you flex your biceps in front of guys they get hard-ons? its a very big turn-on for us guys! i hope that doesn't make you feel uncomfortable?

jonathanOct 04 2011 10:14am
I flex some times in gym class, when guys or my friends notice my arms and tell me i look strong. My biceps are round and real hard. My little sisters love to watch me flex and make muscles of their own hehe. Cute. So, do guys actually get hard-ons when they see a girls biceps? What about abs?

ZanderOct 08 2011 9:43pm
Zander "Cute. So, do guys actually get hard-ons when they see a girls biceps? What about abs?" Yes. Believe me, we do. I am closer to 100 than I am to 60 and i still get a boner when i see strong women. Even if they don't show definition. The muscles add to the scenery.

ObservingOct 09 2011 12:44am
Wow for reals?!! Thats hillarious! Actually thats cool! F*ck i must be a real turn on for alot of guys then cos I have great definition in my arms and great abs and i flaunt it lol! My legs are getting stronger and bigger now too. Im 15 btw

ZanderOct 09 2011 4:28am
Zander,observing is right guys do get hard-ons from girls flexing their biceps and me including! so,how big are your biceps?

jonathanOct 09 2011 5:46am
Zander,how do you feel about causing us males hard-ons from you flexing your biceps?

jonathanOct 09 2011 11:06am
I love it! Lol I had no idea it makes guys hard. Okay so after reading what you guys wrote, I text a few of my guy friends to see what they thought of my muscles and was kinda shocked. They all said I was impressive and sexy and when I asked them more about what they thought of girls with muscle they told me all about how the sight of a fit, toned athletic babe with muscles was very attractive. They didnt like body builders though. I was getting the idea they thought that was too much. Two of them admitted i was a real turn on, specially in gym class and playin sport with the guys lol! I measured my biceps earlier, theyre 11 inches. Is that big? They look very cool! Lol. Oh my calves are 13inch and thighs are 18

ZanderOct 09 2011 11:32am
Zander, the guys you are talking to sound they are scared that you might get bigger biceps then your guy friends! and if this doesn't make you feel uncomfortable if you take a guys sex tool and flex it between your bicep and forearm you can make them come and also if you have very strong legs and you know about scissors holds you can also make the guys come by squeezing them with your thighs in a body scissors or even a head scissors!

jonathanOct 09 2011 11:40am
Zander, just keep working on your biceps and let no one tell you whether how big you want them to be! how good are you in arm-wrestling?

jonathanOct 09 2011 11:48am
I dont want guys to be scared of me lol. But I do wanna see what else I can do with them with my muscles. Do you like abs on a girl? How turned on are you getting right now?

ZanderOct 09 2011 11:50am
Zander, go to the poll over this one girls strength and muscles! i have a lot to say on this poll! tell me what you think? and don't worry about guys being scared of your muscles. and yes, i am getting turn-on talking to you!the reason the guys are scared of you muscles are they start to question their own man hood!

jonathanOct 09 2011 11:56am
Zander, i love all kinds of muscles on girls!even abs!

jonathanOct 09 2011 12:08pm
Zander, i hope you realize although your biceps are 11 inches! there are quite few adult males that don't have biceps that big?

jonathanOct 09 2011 12:57pm
Zander, i hope my postings in the poll above this one doesn't scare you off?

jonathanOct 09 2011 1:16pm
Zander,if you go on YouTube and look under Girls with muscles you can see all kinds of girls with beautiful powerful looking biceps!and not all female bodybuilders!

jonathanOct 10 2011 11:20am
Chloe, if you read this! they have sent the poll girls muscle and strength down to about 127 spots!

jonathanOct 11 2011 9:20am
If you scroll down, you see numbers in (-) to the right. That # indicates the number of votes submitted. Look for (36) today. Much quicker than counting. ;-)>

ObservingOct 12 2011 3:37am
If you scroll down, you see numbers in (-) to the right. That # indicates the number of votes submitted. Look for (36) today. Much quicker than counting. ;-)>

ObservingOct 12 2011 3:40am
Hey Jonathan! Nup you hadn't scared me off lol! I read alot of what you and Chloe were talking about, you both sound like the masters with this kinda thing! Omg I want to be exactly like Chloe!

ZanderOct 12 2011 5:05am
Zander, i wish success to being like Chloe! I am going to be off-line for 5 days and like to still comment with you when i get back on-line next week! and if you get to be like Chloe i can fantasize you!

jonathanOct 12 2011 5:46am
Chloe, if you read this i will be back on-line next tuesday and hope everything is going great for you!

jonathanOct 12 2011 5:47am
Jonathan, when you get back you should tell me about some of your fantasies :P By the way I'm 5'4 weigh 120lbs and I'm brunette - real milky white skin and toned :)

ZanderOct 12 2011 1:26pm
Today in class, I was sitting at the back with my friend James (we were the only ones down the back) and he told me to flex my bicep for him. I did and I let him feel and we were both enjoying it hehe. Then OMG! he's like "this is turning me on a whole lot". I was thinking "so it actually does happen!" I asked him if he was getting hard and he said yeah it was and I told him to keep feeling it real good lol! The only reason we stopped is cos someone turned to talk to us. We're gonna do it again though, that was hot!!!

ZanderOct 13 2011 2:27am
hi Zander,i see you are very curious to know whats inside men's mid age -31 and i can tell you honestly and you can bet on this,cause this is concrete rule!!!-in general all men and i mean all!are turn on and get hard on with most intense WHEN THEY SEE MASSIVE BULGING MUSCULAR CALVES AND THIGHS-LARGE ROUNDY WITH RIPPED QUAD AND HAMSTRINGS WHEN WOMAN DRESSED IN MINISKIRT AND WEARING HIGH HEELS!!!have you ever notice woman with extraordinary muscular legs dressed as such-no matter what age she in-guarantee u-ammount of head turning men will be shocking for you.-no biceps no abs-but MUSCULAR STRONG LEGS-!is the 99%winner!

stealthOct 13 2011 8:48am
Stealth - I have great leg muscles, but guys who know me find my biceps and abs just as attractive and sexy and while my quads are thick and defined and my calvs diamond shaped and hard looking, I get more compliments on my arms and my abs.

ChloeOct 14 2011 3:55pm
Zander,if you read this i am back1 so,look for me at the top of these polls!

jonathanOct 18 2011 10:56am
Been reading these polls for awhile about strong muscular bigger women etc. Think most are very bogus myself. Am a professional white male, 50 years old 5'10" 190, athletic not a bodybuilder tho. Am here by challenging any big strong muscular woman, bodybuilder, powerlifter, whatever, bigger the better, stronger the better. Challenge is to any female who will come meet me here in oklahoma, and literally use her full size, strength, muscle and power to lift me, crush me with full strength, lift, carry, throw me around the room like a rag doll, bodyslam etc, without regard to injury to me. Seriously using ALL her full size, power and muscle on me for 2 hours. No mercy asked, will sign injury waiver as well or release of liabilities to you etc. Any women takers, all you have to do is contact me at and put likelike challenge in your subject line. Cash prize if you come to do this and claim it is 2500 dollars. Will make a nice Christmas if any really tough or muscular women exist in real life besides these stupid polls. I am extemely serious. Lets see if any really huge big strong or muscular powerful women exist, or if they just talk talk talk.

sjsh99Dec 01 2011 11:56am
april married christmas eve riding bed ronnie and april bicep and bearhug

april bicepDec 06 2011 7:17am
In our climbing group we girls always compare muscles. Due to our sport we have very toned and muscular upper and forearms. Boys who are not in climbing are very impressed when they see and fel our biceps and forearm cables.

Climber25Dec 23 2011 11:29am
Heya climber25! I have some friends who are into rock climbing in a big way, they too have incredibly developed arm muscles and are very strong! Other than other gymnasts, rock climbers are a great challenge to armwrestle. Would you be keen to share stories and experiences privately perhaps?

ChloeDec 26 2011 9:34pm
Hello Chloe, what do you want to know ?

Climber25Dec 27 2011 11:48am
Hello Chloe, what do you want to know ?

Climber25Dec 27 2011 11:49am

Dr. VirusJan 10 2012 5:09pm
Heya Climber25 : ) how old are you and your climbing friends. Im 19 and just had my first real rock climbing experience. I loved it! I can now see why climbers are so strong and have the shape of bicep you have. How strong are you and how does your strength and muscle compare with your climbing friends?

ChloeJan 20 2012 4:43am
Chloe, what are some of your lifting stats

LzJan 28 2012 2:44pm
Lz - Im curling 25kg; 4 sets of ten at the moment. Benching 50kg 3 sets of ten, squatting 70kg. In one arm I can curl 20kgmaz, both arms 35kgmax.

ChloeFeb 10 2012 12:33pm
Chloe: no idea how strong i am. For training we do one arm pull-ups full hand and two and three finger pull-ups both hands

Climber25Feb 19 2012 10:53am
Climber - wow that is strong! Your arms must be like steel! What age did you start climbing?

ChloeFeb 20 2012 3:22am
I love flexin my biceps! In the mirror, I love how they look and I love turning guys on with them or makin girls jealous lol

CrystelleApr 07 2012 5:25am
I have always loved to see girls show off muscles and strength, whether they are big or small, toned or not, fat or thin, old or young. Some show awareness osurprise of being glimpsed in very lovely ways. Unless embarrassed, most seem to really enjoy the flash of enjoyment.

alcove6409Apr 25 2012 11:40am
Hope you gals keep going on this beautiful thread. And keep training and working hard also! I will always respond with cheer, never humiliation. I never meant to embarrass or importune anybody.

alcove6409Apr 25 2012 11:55am
Hope you gals keep going on this beautiful thread. And keep training and working hard also! I will always respond with cheer, never humiliation. I never meant to embarrass or importune anybody.

alcove6409Apr 25 2012 11:56am
@Chloe... you sound Amazing!!!! And... Lz - Im curling 25kg; 4 sets of ten reps. That is 55lbs. You rarely even see men do that much. What is your height and weight?

A34May 07 2012 1:00am
I really had no idea girls felt so sexy and empowered by being stronger than the guys. Really HOT to learn.

A34May 07 2012 1:02am
A34 - hell yes its a rush lol! I weigh 80kg (176lbs) and height is 176cm (5'8").

ChloeMay 17 2012 1:44pm
Chloe do you think you could beat me if we was wrestle i am 186cm 88kg

MattJun 11 2012 2:03pm

TOBIJun 21 2012 8:57am
Yeah Matt, I'm used to beating guys my own size pretty easy. Why? You like the idea of wrestling with a hard, fitness girl? Tell me how athletic you are etc? You ever felt a girls bicep or wrestled her?

ChloeJun 25 2012 9:22pm
I love females muscle its one of my favorite things about a women. Girls do you all train a lot to get strong arms?

JimJul 31 2012 7:24pm
Yup, sure do Jim : )

ChloeAug 09 2012 3:48am
Hey Chloe, this is a different Matt, do you think you could beat me in armwrestling or wrestling? I weigh 88 kgs and am 175 cms

MATTSep 12 2012 11:42am
Our cheerleading squad is stronger then our football team. It's kinda funny beacayse we beat them at tug a war in front of the school and there was only 17 of us against 23 of them. This is because our cheerleader squad has strict requirements you have to be able to do 50 chin ups 200 push ups 500 sit ups and 1000 squats also you need to be 5"6 or taller and a bra size of c or bigger

AnonymousNov 17 2012 2:45pm
i like to see flexing girls and have a nice chat my email is see you x

AnonymousDec 15 2012 8:09pm
I don't believe most girls on here who says they have 14"+ biceps. Without proof anyway. If you actually do, email me a picture at I'll believe it when I see it ;) And if I see it, I'll be very impressed ;)

Mackenzie Jan 02 2013 1:14pm
Wow...14in for a girl? Im 6ft nd145lbs nd my arms are 11in. I can't even bench more then 95lbs. Honestly I love girls with a sexy body tone but girls shouldnt be that strong its gross. I mean my last couple of gf's weighed just about the same as me nd nearly a foot taller

patFeb 09 2013 1:44am
Nd I was nearly a foot taller they had all around bigger muscles then me nd could eeven lift more! I've lost to alot of girls in arm wrestling ndd my last ex recently sometimes would wrestle me down nd make me submit to her. Our relationship sucked because she was too strong. I couldn't take it serious like I had bruises. I felt pathetic but idc if a girl is stronger then just as long as its a good relationship nd doesnt make me feel bad butjust not too strong

AnonymousFeb 09 2013 2:03am
Nd I was nearly a foot taller they had all around bigger muscles then me nd could eeven lift more! I've lost to alot of girls in arm wrestling ndd my last ex recently sometimes would wrestle me down nd make me submit to her. Our relationship sucked because she was too strong. I couldn't take it serious like I had bruises. I felt pathetic but idc if a girl is stronger then just as long as its a good relationship nd doesnt make me feel bad butjust not too strong

patFeb 09 2013 2:05am
Are there any girls here that have or are willing to flex their biceps on You Tube?

RayFeb 09 2013 2:25am
we'll see it depends how old you r i can get my friends to do it...but still it depends how old u r i'm very popular in my school and these are my best friends i'm talking about. but other then that maybe they'll do it

girlie175Feb 23 2013 1:17am
I'm very athletic along with my friends we always post funny videos on youtube we can make the flexing thing funny i guess.It might take like 1 week or 2 for 1 of my friends to do it though

girlie175Feb 23 2013 1:22am
i think alot of these.."girls" are queers..baiting you guys...

JTRMar 07 2013 8:08pm
I am Sophie, 10 yrs old, i am gymnast for 8yrs, my muscles are 5 times bigger than boys my age. I can do 45 pullups,curl 25lbs 35 times, do 55 one arm curls with 10lbs, my bicep is round and so hard that i can crush bean can with it. it is same size lemon, i compared, one time i wrestle boy and lock him in my thighs..he scream for help and say i am breaking his bones, i did hear crunching so i stopped. he cried and went home leaving me with no one to play with that day. his mom was mad. my mom said to her if you didnt have wimp for son you would not have problem, slam door in her face. lol i have long blonde hair, green eyes and muscles, but i think i am nice looking girl. many times when i go to shopping mall boys, mens, ladys ask me to make a muscle and let them feel it..i have fun doing this. one lady who work in cloth shop there measure my bicep it 9 inches and then i flex it is 12.5 i am speaking measures in american for you ..we use metric here in italy. my dimensions last week were 28c-19-24 inches of measure. my calves are 13.4 and my thighs are 23 each at largest place. there was boy at school who is bullys, he give me bad look most day he call me bad name, that night i practice WWE sleeper holds...i see on youtube...practice on my pillow. poor 3 days later i see him walking home with his little guy friends, i walk close behind and jump on him, applying wwe sleeper hold...his friends all just watch with mouths open and big eyes...bully just jump around and make lots of funny steelhard bicep is crushed to his throats..and i am not stopping..he finally flop on ground like fish...flopping arund making funny noise...then he throw up...he look so stupid we all laugh..he dont be bullys to me ever agian i tell you..he see me in school he go other ways very when i get boyfriend i hope not to break him. lol sophie

sophie with dont take no craps...Mar 07 2013 8:29pm
Sophie... I would love to wrestle you

ConnorApr 02 2013 11:29am
Girlie175, how big are your biceps?

Matt Apr 18 2013 12:56am
My girlfriend has been working out and doing sports since she was 10 now she is 15 and can bench press 250 pounds can biceps curl 120 and leg press 600. I thought that she was strong but when I saw her sister I realized that her sister was much stronger. Her sister can bench press 600 pounds can bicep curl 200 and leg press 1200.

Anonymous May 03 2013 4:24pm
All of you f*ckers are creepy as hell.

AnonymousJun 03 2013 6:27pm
I like flexin my biceps :P they have great definition, theyre very strong and VERY VERY hard!

elenaliciouswrestlebabe@yahoo.comJun 16 2013 4:08pm
check out nilahart on you tube

AnonymousJun 22 2013 1:58pm
I love to see the girls muscle...please send me some gymnastic girls muscle and i'd love to chat about girls

Female muscle loverJul 02 2013 5:51am
Sophie with take... exactly what size are your biceps? have you ever had them measured with measuring tape? and,have you ever had a boy ask you if you would punch him as hard as you could and,as many time you wanted in his stomach,to see how much he could take?

young girls with muscle searcherJul 25 2013 5:11pm
elenaliciouswrestlebabe i'd love to geta real good feel of those biceps! i bet you can punch alot of boys real hard in their stomachs and nuts with those arms!!!

lookin' out for girl musclesJul 25 2013 5:29pm
sophie with dont take.... i bet you were a fun girl at 8yrs. old,like...i bet you had big biceps even then,and you could wrestle boys real good to. i bet you like to jump on boys ftomachs real hard also huh?

young girls with muscle searcherJul 25 2013 6:10pm
common guys. 10 year old girls don't write that well if their first language is English. You're being scammed.

TroyAug 18 2013 10:58am
I love to see female biceps realy Cam and have a nice serius chat See you

matthijsAug 24 2013 3:55pm
My name on facebook matthijs mulder Hope to see you

AnonymousAug 24 2013 4:05pm
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aRQfsEpoGFXSep 06 2013 6:15pm
I agree with Mackenzie, 14 inches on a girl is quite hefty. Nonetheless, I am open to someone to prove me wrong, and I too would be impressed. Also as a young guy (19)interested in building muscle, if girls want to know anything email for a chat;

NavarreSep 11 2013 4:50pm
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TiBspkTESep 13 2013 8:24am
Sophie with don't take... ignore the first part of my question about your bicep size and tape measurement of your biceps. i reread your answer and didn't realize you already mentioned the size of your biceps and had them measured with a measuring tape....sorry.

young girls with muscle searcherSep 20 2013 1:24pm
Sophie with don't take... i would still like your answer on boys asking you if you would punch them hard and as many times as you can in their stomachs though

girls with muscle searcherSep 20 2013 1:44pm
Sophie with don't other thing. have you ever had a boy want to feel your biceps for a real long time,and if so,how long was it? and,if that happened,did you like it and did he wish you were his girlfriend?

young girls with muscle searcherSep 20 2013 2:27pm
Hey Zander,Have you ever had a boy want you to grab his "schlong" really really hard,and rub it up and down one of your flexed biceps until he came? if so,when and where did it take place?

luv those muscle girlsSep 20 2013 2:33pm
to sjsh99... why don't you go for truly breath knockout gutpunches from any one of them while your at it!

luv those muscle girlsSep 20 2013 5:14pm
rqqzMy I truly appreciate this blog article.Really thank you! Much obliged.

WaLmwOZhAhCBSep 24 2013 12:38pm
@ luv those muscle girls I dunno if Zander's gonna answer that but I can lol. So far I have had this happen with 4guys. 2 of them I placed their c*ck between my biceps and forearm muscles and pumped them till they came and I consumeed the cum. One was an ex boyfriend and one a ministers son (hehe I corrupted him good). The 3rd guy was a dude from a party who took a liking to my arms and we got it on. In the morning I took his c*ck and placed it in the crease of my flexed bicep and with my other hand rubbed him hard till he cummed. That was the first time I had a guys cum on my bicep and its a kind of fetish addiction. And the 4th guy I met at the beach in my bikini. He was a surf babe and we were comparing muscles. He got a boner and long story short he ended up feeling up my hard flexed bicep while he wanked off ; )

MichaelaOct 12 2013 5:14am
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XejXsovMrkJan 31 2014 10:43am
Hi everyone. Im 21 and an ex gymnast . I almostlifted a car off ground. My bicep is like an apple small one. But my main muscle is the abs. If u wanna see plz contact

Kiara112Feb 19 2014 5:13am
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