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What do you think of a relationship where the girl is much stronger and more muscular with bigger and more powerful muscles tha

Question: I have a girlfriend who is seriously into bodybuilding and has built up her body so that she has extremely large and powerful muscles. She is also very attractive with an awesome face and hair and I really like her a lot. I am very small and thin and was never able to build any muscle. When we used to work out together, she would lift much more that I would and her muscles grew at an incredible rate while mine didn?t grow at all. She now outweighs me by nearly 40 pounds even though she is around 2 inches shorter than me. She is getting bigger every month. In addition, she watches her diet and is ripped with a lot of veins on her biceps, calves, etc. while I have no veins at all (she gets a lot of looks when we go out). In the past, I have posted some discussions about us on this site but they seem to be gone. As she became bigger, stronger, and more muscular than me, our gender roles started to change in a major way. She basically has taken on the male role and I have taken on the female role. She does all of the things when we are together that require strength and muscle (lifting heavy things, opening jars that I can?t open, and doing things that are usually done by guys for girls). In other words, our gender roles have really changed and she is in control. I thought that I wouldn?t like this but I actually love it and think that it is totally fun. I?m not shy about it and I even like it when we both go out wearing outfits that show our arms and legs (for instance, sleeveless muscle shirts and capris which show our calves) so that people can see how much bigger her muscles are than mine. One of my favorite things is to wear these kinds of clothes and compare our muscles (biceps, calves, tris, quads, etc.) for people in order to see their reactions. Anyway, I would like to know what you guys think of this kind of relationship and whether you would like it. If you would like it, what would you think of doing things that show off the differences in muscle development, like, for example doing muscle comparisons for people (which I love to do). One last thing - before you guys make fun of me, I have to say that there is absolutely nothing as exciting and breathtaking as having a big, muscular girlfriend and, until you guys have experienced it, you don?t know what you are missing. If you want to E-mail me, you can at: and I can give you more information or answer any questions.
Created by: ilikehermuscle at 10:27:38 AM, Friday, November 27, 2009 PST


Here is what my question should have said (it got cut off): What do you think of a relationship where the girl is much stronger and more muscular with bigger and more powerful muscles than the guy who is thin with small muscles which causes a total gender role reversal in the relationship?

ilikehermuscleNov 27 2009 6:33pm

I can sit on her lap and whisk me off my feet, but in the end you are still the man and she is the woman. Treat her like a lady and court her! Dazzle her with your intellect, personality! Be there for her in difficult times. She maybe twice as big and strong, but there is no role reversal. You are still the protector

AnonymousNov 28 2009 11:32am
i wish to have a girlfriend strong like yours,i would like to wrestle her and see how much she can take,if she is twice as strong as you try to ask some of your male friends to give you hand to overpower your girl in wrestling and go both of you at the same time against her-to see if you can pin her totaly to the ground!

AnonymousNov 28 2009 12:09pm
yee thats right i agree,some girls are so strong they can be match for two even three boys at the same time i was reading

AnonymousNov 28 2009 12:14pm
There is nothing abnormal about sexual attraction between any male and any female, even when the female is much larger and much stronger than the male. I always had (and I still have) an insatiable sexual appetite for short stocky girls who are bigger, heavier and stronger than I am and that is because I AM A TALL SKINNY GUY!!! The ladies don't have to be "RIPPED" in order to attract me as long as they are BIG AND STRONG!!! In fact, "RIPPED" ladies are actually few and far between so I am perfectly satisfied with a short stocky girl who is not "RIPPED" but who still has very large muscles underneath her thick feminine flesh. I already had quite a few short stocky girlfriends much bigger and stronger than I am so I know exactly how it feels: IT REALLY TURNS ME ON!!! I get a really big turn-on being over a foot taller than a short stocky girl who outlifts me in weightlifting and who also takes me down in a wrestling match, especially if she weighs much more than I do. I stood 14 inches taller (OVER A FOOT TALLER!!!) than one of my ex-girlfriends who actually weighed 60 lbs more than me!!! For her, I WAS NO MATCH!!! She outlifted me in weightlifting and she also took me down in wrestling. I remember how she bragged about it after she outlifted me but she knew that it turned me on!!! The relationship between us worked out in yet another way: When I needed something heavy to be lifted that I knew I was not strong enough to lift, she lifted it for me and when she needed something high up on the shelf that she knew she could not reach because of her short stature, I simply reached up and I got it for her because I stood way taller than she did. And there was no shortage of sexual passion between us, either!!! When she and I were in the mood THERE WAS NO STOPPING US AT ALL!!! We did everything short of having sexual intercourse because we both knew there was no fail-safe method of birth control. However, the passion between us was every bit as intense because she knew exactly what to do with my penis and I knew exactly what to do with her clitoris and her vagina. One of my favorite positions was when she and I stood in front of each other and she would have no trouble at all sucking my nipples while she was looking straight ahead because I stood so much taller than she did. She would suck my nipples while she was caressing me "down there"!!! However, because she was so short, I actually had to bend all the way forward and down to suck her nipples which placed a tremendous strain on my back so I sucked her nipples while she lay down. When it comes to sexual attraction between a male and a female, EVERYTHING IS NORMAL!!!

AnonymousNov 28 2009 5:01pm
If girlfriend beats you up, you won't want bigger stronger girlfriend

SujayNov 30 2009 10:51am
If girlfriend beats you up, you won't want bigger stronger girlfriend

SujayNov 30 2009 10:52am
If a small man doesn't giva a big woman a reason to beat him up, she won't beat him up. In fact, if he gives her a reason not to beat him up, SHE WILL LOVE HIM UP!!!

A small man who knows!!!Dec 01 2009 1:44am
My wife is 12 years younger than myself and is into this body building crap and today she doesn?t have the hot female curve that she use to have seven years ago. Today she got hills and valleys on her body where a females not suppose to have hills and valleys I mean she got bumps all over her body truly she possessed and talk about veins she looks like someone thru a gallon of spaghetti on her. But I still have as much say so as I ever had, actually more, she are we are going to shows and other competition every time we turn around, with that being said I'm not going anywhere cause she as sweet as they come and I love her dearly, but I?m really hoping she retires soon ?She?s twenty nine 5?-9? 175 lbs? and she doesn?t have an oz of fat on her anywhere, when she shakes...very little wiggles.

BudDec 01 2009 10:45pm
#0010 - (Wed.) * 12/2/09

UpdateDec 01 2009 10:46pm
I have dated many women that were physically strong; there were several that were (much) stronger than me. As our respective relationships progressed, I became more open with these women, letting them know that I was especially attracted to physically strong women, "the stronger the better," I would tell them. Each one of these women welcomed the opportunity to explore her newfound position in our relationship, either subtly or overtly taking charge when she wanted. I was a willing mate, doing as I was told, acknowledging that I was weaker, and she could do with me as she pleased. It was enlightening to the women and a tremendous turn on for me (and them).

somethingaboutastrongwoman@yahoo.comDec 02 2009 11:47am
I am a tall skinny man who knows how it feels to be outlifted in weightlifting, beaten at armwrestling, physically overpowered and then taken down by a short fat woman.

I would like being with a stronger women who could make me feel safe. :)

Need intimacyDec 02 2009 8:53pm
Me and my ex wife could take the role reversal thing very well but people around us had bigger difficulties. We met when I was treating her as a doctor, she was the biggest and most muscular woman I had ever seen when she came to me. At 6'2 and 225 lbs, power lifter and shot putter and with this awesome muscles I was stunned at first. She still was feminine though. Big breasts and wide hips, big but well rounded thighs etc. I am 5'8 and very slim. She had back and shoulder problems from a car accident. I did several tests with her, one thing was to test the strength in her shoulders. Even with the pain her strength was almost scary. I became more and more interested in this woman and had difficulties hiding it. At the 6 or 7 visit I told her that I couldn't be her doctor anymore since I had developed feelings for her and that didn't feel right. She smiled and asked me if I was scared that I should take advantage of her sexually? She flexed her big arm when she said that. I melted totally seeing this strong woman and just lost it, kissing her bicep and started to fondle and kiss her. She let me and we were a couple. We married within a year. Our relationship was the total role reversal. Besides being the main bread winner I cooked our meals, massaged my wife's big muscles. She carried all the heavy stuff and when we for instance were at the cinema she laid her arm around my shoulder and wanted me to rest my head on her wide shoulder. She always had sleevelees tops showing off her muscles. We got comments all the time, often very annoying and not nice for me. She once had to beat up a guy at the subway, he looked at me and asked me what a mousy man like me did with a big woman like my wife. He told me to get lost. This angered my wife, she punched him once and he was out cold. Besides all the heavy lifting she did she also boxed, no matches but training and sparring with men. Unfortunately we fell apart, one reason was that I got tired of all the comments from people around us, relatives, friends and people at the street. I am now living with a 5'8 woman, stronger than me but that is our little secret.

OB SmilesDec 02 2009 11:23pm
I don't care what people think!!! I am a tall skinny man with small muscles and I had short large girlfriends with big muscles. I used to get funny looks while I had one large girlfriend in particular with really big muscles. I towered over her by a whole foot but she outweighed me by fifty pounds with far more muscular strength than I will ever have. On the street, we would get some "funny looks" from people but we didn't care. I guess they were not used to seeing a tall rail-thin guy like me with a short big strong lady like her.

AnonymousDec 07 2009 3:51pm
This is the kind of relationship I want. Not very common by women to look for slim men that they know are weaker but for me this has always been a turn on. I am a bit bossy, I sometimes act more like a mother than a wife but I love to be the big strong protector and want my husband to go to sleep with his head on my shoulder every nigth. I alwasy carry the heavy stuff, I do the heavey gardening work etc. My lovely little husband loves it so we don't have a problem.

Mama BearJan 05 2010 1:00am
I am a rather small man, 162 cm and 49-50 kgs (mu mother was Indonisian and my father was a small man). I have alwayd had difficulties finding woman that could be with a small man. I met this woman at a party. She was taller at 174 cm and big as a house weighing in at 92 kgs, almost twice as big as me. We had a great time at the party and I felt at ease with this woman despite the size difference. She invited me to her place. I was surprised to see that she had a gym in one of her 4 rooms. She told me she worked out every day to avoid getting fatter and that most of her body weight today was muscle. She asked me if I wanted to feel her muscles. Her biceps were huge, under the fat I felt a rock hard, very big bicep. She hiked up her long dress and I could for the first time see her thighs. The were more than twice the size of mine. Big pillars of muscle were visible and I felt them and started to caress them. She then just took me in her arms and carried me to bed. It was very strange to be with a woman so much bigger. The women I had met before were my size or a little bit bigger. We were good for each other, her name was Mary and she had always had problems finding men that could be with a big woman like her and the men that had discovered her strength had all run away. I really loved her big body the more I felt comfortable with her and she loved mine. Unfortunately she died when we had been together for a couple of years and I miss her so much.

Little TimJan 17 2010 11:50pm
Opposites sometimes attract. My wife has always liked smaller men, not only a little smaller but much smaller. I have always had fantasies about being with a much bigger woman. Of course it was pure luck that we met. I fell on an icy pavement and she came just behind me, lifted me up and started to remove the snow from me, as if I had been her kid. She asked me if I was OK but I really wasn't sinc I hurt my back. She told me she was a nurse and lived nearby so she could check me, or we could just go to hospital straight away. I was surprised about the "we", it seemed like we were a couple straight away. At her place she removed my shirt and looked at my back that now started to show some black and blue marks. She told me it was nothing to worry about. She then took me in her lap, I was totally shocked but felt comfortable at the same time. She is a big woman, 6'1 and 220 lbs while I am 5'9 and 135 lbs. She told me she wanted me to stay and have dinner with her, she didn't really ask me but almost ordered me, not in an aggressive way, more lika a mother telling her child. I haven't left her since and we are very happy despite the fact she is so much bigger. She is not fat, works out regularely and I am sure she is quite a bit stronger than the average male. I am sure I am quite a bit weaker than the average woman.

Lucky fallFeb 10 2010 1:19am
Sweet story Lucky fall. I am a woman that also has a "thing" for small men. I have always disliked the big, muscular men. Some of my female friens say that I am bisexual but I never wanted to be with a woman. Many women would like to be with smaller men I believe but it is not accpeted by society. My latest boyfriend is a bout 4 inches shorter than me and perhaps 40 lbs lighter. He is very sweet and adores me, he is funny and fanastic in bed. I can do just whatever I like with him since I am probably twice as strong as him but I would never hurt him, just pin him and wrestle him into submission. Not all women like to be submissivel Thank you Lucky fall for sharing.

LilithFeb 15 2010 11:28pm
Lovely stories Lucky fall and Lilith. I think what you say is that a man and woman can love each other in a way different from the given roles to men and women. My wife is smaller then me but I dont know whether my wife is stronger than me or not, but I am sure that she will not hurt me even if she is stronger. I was challenged for a fight by many men in order to show who is better. I hurt and was hurted by some men, but a woman never came to hurt me even I am sure that there are many strogner women around. Some men think (or supposed to think) that their wives/girlfriends should be weaker. But your stories are very good examples that if this is reversed still couples can have good relation,love and sex. If my wife is stronger then me I would not hesitate to hide it and I would be proud of it. Dont worry Lilith; smaller men with bigger and stronger women is not fully accepted by the society but as women and their preferences about their bodies, capabilities and attitudes are changing (or becoming more apperent),men are also changing their ideas and believes. thanks for sharing...

wffitJun 02 2010 11:44pm
it is really not a big deal if the woman is stronger than her man. Of all the relationships there must be at least 10-15% where the woman is stronger, if not more. I am taller and heavier than my husband, I have an athletic background and it was clear already from the start that I was stronger than him. It never bothered him. He is a normal man, neither big nor small, he works out to stay in shape but he has difficulties to build muscle. I believe I am stronger than the average man, something that makes me a bit different but I know women that are stronger than me. Husband is probably weaker than the average man but not much since he was won against several male friends in armwrestling. Our friends seem to think that it is not strange that I am stronger than my husband.

RitaSep 02 2010 1:03am
Rita, you are rigth. I think that many men and women are foolish thinking that the man always has to be, bigger and stronger, always know how to fix the car, and fix any technical thing that is brooken. We all know that this is not true in many cases. My husband is half a head shorter than me, if he ever bench pressed a weight his max would probably be 50% less than what I can lift. I am taking care of everything technical and practical, he is cooking and washing our clothes. I make a lot more money than him. I am 6 years older than him and our kids always come to me when they want help to lift something heavy. And we don't care that much about it. Or that is not really true, we wouldn't like it to be any different. There are a lot of funny things you can do in the bedroom withi a weaker, smaller man ha!

AnonymousNov 02 2010 9:02am
What CAN you do to a smaller weaker man Anonoymous? Just curious!

AnotherNov 24 2010 6:04am
Well another, some of it I'll leave to your imagination. I can tell you that it involves me lifting him in different ways, wrestling him and make him pleasure me, not against his will but I am the boss in the bedroom and there is nothing he can do about it. And I pleasure him. I am really getting off having him totally under my control and then jerking him off, and he can't stop me he he.

AnonymousDec 01 2010 11:15pm
When I found out that I was stronger than my boyfriend it was a big turn on. Having him at my mercy is great. I think that the world would be a better place if women could control their men physically, stop them from doing stupid things that they often do. I have stoppe my boyfriend from drinking too much, from staying up too late, from being out with his mates all the time, from buying too expensive things and also had him going to museums, art galleries, concerts etc. I have used my strength to stop him doing all these stupid things. It has taken me a couple of years to change him and make him realize that there are other things in life than drinking with his buddies and go to football matches. I have stopped him physically when he was on his way out (nothing like a good leg scissors to stop a man). I have actually put him over my lap and spanked him when he has been out drinking too much. I can promise this is a very efficient way. Now I only have to threaten him to make him do what I tell him. I have also wrestled him down in public when he hasn't done what I wanted, this is probably even worse than the spanking so once again just threatening him is enough. I have beaten several of his male friends at armwrestling, something that actually has helped my boyfriend accepting that I am stronger than him. I don't have a slave as a boyfriend but he sure does what I tell him to do when he is out of line (and in our bedroom). This is the way it should be!

Amazon EveDec 08 2010 1:09am
My best friend, a very small but funny guy surprised me when he told me he found the woman in his life. She turned out to be a head taller and a rather fat, big woman. But she had the same type of humor and I soon understood that they despite the size difference were the perfect match. My friend was happier than ever before. The strange thing is that their role reversal type of relationship felt totally natural. He often sat in her lap, she often lifted him up in her arms like a child, she always took the heavy loads from him to be sure he wouldn't get hurt and he just loved it. They are still a happy couple. Although I am much bigger than my friend I have never been able to beat his wife in an armwrestling match and I consider myself stronger than the average guy. I have found myself very envious of their relationship, I can see my friend snuggle up in his big wife's arms, sit in her lap and being carried in her arms. I know, not very macho to feel but sometimes even a big strong man need to feel small and weak I think. This will for me be a fantasy I think but I am happy for my buddy.

best friendFeb 01 2011 7:00am
I just love it. My girlfriend is into bodybuilding. She works out very hard everyday. I really admire her, after 8 hours of work she goes to the gym to workout for two hours, sometimes even more. She comes at home and she has still a lot of energy, she likes to cook a dinner, make love or also other phisical activities. She has so much power and energy that she sometimes suggests that we do some pushups, situps, pullups or to go jogging. Her power is practically endless. After 8 hours of hard work in a store (there is a lot of phisical work, lifting heavy objects and such)and 2 hours of hard workout in a gym, she is still capable of doing 50 pushups with almost no effort or running for 10 kilometres. I simply do not understand how she can do this and I really her strength, stamina and determination. No need to say, that she is very muscular and strong. When we armwrestle I cannot move her arm by an inch even if I use both hands (and you must take into account that she had a 2 hours workout before). Her muscles are stunning. Her 16 inch biceps are hard as a rock and when they are flexed I cannot budge them. They are simply to hard and to powerful. All of her body is crazy ripped, washboard 6-pack abs, enormous pecs, steel hard thighs and calves. Years of extreme hard workout and determination have paid off. I believe that men are not capable of having such self control and determination. This is why women are getting stronger everyday and I think they will soon be the stronger sex. But I think I will not have a problem with this, I love my girlfriends superior phisique.

MattJun 16 2011 4:50am
I find it very attractive to be married to a muscular wife. My wife is now 49 years old. She started to work out 4 years ago when our only son went out on his own. At first it was a little bit of shock for her, she had too much of free time since she does not work, I am successful and we have plenty of money without her working. One day she joined the gym, she told me she wants to be fit again. She was overweight by then so I encouraged her to go. Since she first grabbed the iron, she loved it. She started to work out everyday, long hours at the gym. She did not lose any weight, she started to gain weight as she was gaining muscles. Her body is really a treat for my eyes. She walks around the house in her underwear or naked as she wants to show her muscular body to me all the time, she knows the impact she has on me. She flexes for me and I worship her muscles. She is so muscular, her biceps are impressive 16 inches now, washboard abs and massive thighs. She loves to engage test of strength with me and other men. She is still unbeaten in armwrestling, for her birthsday party she wanted an armwrestling tournament. She won against all of my friends and she let them use both arms so it will be more interesting. I expected the outcome, but the surprise for me was, that she was in the final with another woman, a wife of my best friend. She is kind of small (160 cm, 55 kg) and she does not look muscular, but when she was armwrestling her biceps expanded and it was big, bigger then ours. Anyway in the finals my wife won, but this woman used only one arm against her and the match went on for more than half a minute. We were really impressed by this small but very powerful lady who was a lot stronger then all of the guys and she could make my amazon wife sweat in an armwrestling contest. Even my wife was shocked and complimented her strength. I guess women are becoming stronger and stronger and most of the guys kind of love it.

AnonymousJun 21 2011 2:07am
I must say I envy you for your wife.

marfamJul 01 2011 1:00am
My last bf did not believe that I was stronger then him, so I had to show it. I challenged into wrestling and pinned him to floor again and again, he was embaressed, after wrestling him down I lifted and carried him a so many different positions until he had admit he was the weaker sex. Great feeling to overpower him, he was no match, our relation changed, I was the boss. I ended my show of strenght with a wild ride on his dick.

RissieJul 10 2011 1:42am
My girlfriend works out regularly (3-4 per week) in the local gym. She is really athletic and fit, with a nice 6-pack and hard body. One day we watched a video on the internet when a muscular woman destroyed a wimp in armwrestling. She joked about it and said if I wanna try her strength, she seemed very confident. I found it amusing. I thought is gonna be fun to let her win. I am a big guy (186 cm, 91 kg), a lot bigger than her (164 cm, 59 kg). We started armwrestling on the kitchen table. I didnt put all the pressure from the start, and she knew it so she didnt want to win. She said to put it all and I started to exert all my power, her arm moved almost to the table and then is stopped. I was shocked and she started teasing me. I tried as hard as I could, I was all red, but I couldnt move her arm. She smiled and held my arm with no effort! Then she started to move my arm backwards and then slammed it on the table. I was amazed by her incredible strength, she never showed it before. We talked for a while and she said she didnt show her strength to me, because she was afraid she would embarass me. She said it was pretty easy for her, she become really really strong from her hard work out routine. She challenged me to use both of my hands, but the outcome was the same. She is so much stronger than me and she put both my arms down like it was nothing for her. I was aroused and embarassed at the same time. I asked her to flex and she did it. A big bicep rise from her slim arm. Her bicep was really ripped and I touched it. It was stone hard with a big peak. She then went to the gym for 2 hours and came back. She got naked and started to flex her pumped body for me. I was really impressed, her biceps were big, hard 6-pack abs, muscular thighs and calves. Her hard hours in the gym really paid off.

Strong girlfriendAug 08 2011 3:53am
my wife had been going to the gym for about 14 months when she came home one weekend from gym and flexed a really big muscle in front of me. I had of course felt her getting firmer but now seeing her flexed arm I was almost shocked. I felt a rock, lemon sized bicep. She told me she had lifted 80 kgs in the bench machine that day, a new record. 80 kgs? I remembered the last time I had been to the same gym, about three years earlier and I had to fight to lift 40 kgs in the same machine. I said that that was very good...for a woman. She got a bit irritated and told me she was stronger than several men at the gym and they all looked stronger than me. The truth is that I am a skinny, sinewy guy and I also knew that my biceps were smaller than my wife's. She wanted to armwrestle me and we sat down at the kitchen table. I didn't stand a chance against her strong, muscular arms. We were both shocked how easy she could beat me. She patted me on my head and said that I better started to work out...About 3 weeks later I was sitting watching soccer on tv. I suddenly felt my wife behind me, she sat down behind me in the sofa and wrapped her legs around me, she had shiny black pantyhose on, something she knows I like. But this time things were different. She started to squeeze me with her muscular thighs. She whispered in my ear that it wasn't only her arms that had become stronger, her legs were very strong. She urged me to get loose, she said she would only use her legs and I could use my whole body. I started to fight like hell, I really wanted to win this one since I had been so embarrassed loosing the armwrestling matches. She laughed at my attempts to get loose. I used my legs, arms and the rest of my body to try to get loose from her scissors grip but I soon started to loos steam. She then changed her grip and scissored my head and squeezed a bit before I screamed out my submission. I actually got scared from the strength of her legs. She then wrestled me down on the sofa dn pinned me, undressed me and made love to me. She obviously got excited from being physically dominant. I was very embarrassed and didn't say a word. The sex was great but I got all confused. My wife has since then often just showed me her strength in different ways, sometimes lifting me, sometimes just wrestling me down and very often pushes me down on our bed where she "takes" me. We have sex a lot more often after and she is totally dominant in the bedroom. And I need to be honest here, I am very excited by her new behaviour and firm body. Yesterday she wanted me to lay down on her back while she was doing pushups. I had my hands on her muscular shoulders and her rock hard buttocks massaging my member, she did 15 pushups with me on her back! She then wanted me to try but I couldn't do one singel pushup with my wife on my back. So life with a stronger wife is not too bad after all :-)

LarsOct 23 2011 4:29am
Hi Lars, love your story. What are your respective heights and weights and bicep sizes?

somethingaboutastrongwoman@yahoo.comOct 25 2011 10:59am
Me, 177 cm and 63 kgs, wife, 176 cm and 81 kgs.

LarsOct 31 2011 2:47am
one day my gf was squatting down looking for something in her bag when i came up behind her and gave her a hug. this startled her and she quickly shot up straight practically squat lifting me up. she did it with so much ease that she wasnt actually aware that i was still hanging on like a piggyback and just proceeded to walk to the kitchen. this wasnt a surprise considering the size of her legs which are all muscle - about 27 inches round. she weighs about 75kg compared to my 65kg so she is almost 2 stone heavier! no wonder i felt so light to her. she is 5'7 and i am 5'9 but she loves to wear 5-6 inch heels all the time! so that puts her at a towering 4 inches above me most of the time she's not just taller but actually bigger too and stronger. when we spoon my hips only cover about one buttock of hers and not to mention her calves are about the size of my thighs. another time we were standing face to face when she began to massage my member, looking down at me from her 6'1 viewpoint. as i held on round her neck she lifted and held my legs with one arm in a front cradle which she continues to toss me off

JRNov 30 2011 1:26am
one day my gf was squatting down looking for something in her bag when i came up behind her and gave her a hug. this startled her and she quickly shot up straight practically squat lifting me up. she did it with so much ease that she wasnt actually aware that i was still hanging on like a piggyback and just proceeded to walk to the kitchen. this wasnt a surprise considering the size of her legs which are all muscle - about 27 inches round. she weighs about 75kg compared to my 65kg so she is almost 2 stone heavier! no wonder i felt so light to her. she is 5'7 and i am 5'9 but she loves to wear 5-6 inch heels all the time! so that puts her at a towering 4 inches above me most of the time she's not just taller but actually bigger too and stronger. when we spoon my hips only cover about one buttock of hers and not to mention her calves are about the size of my thighs. another time we were standing face to face when she began to massage my member, looking down at me from her 6'1 viewpoint. as i held on round her neck she lifted and held my legs with one arm in a front cradle which she continues to toss me off

JRNov 30 2011 1:28am
Been reading these polls for awhile about strong muscular bigger women etc. Think most are very bogus myself. Am a professional white male, 50 years old 5'10" 190, athletic not a bodybuilder tho. Am here by challenging any big strong muscular woman, bodybuilder, powerlifter, whatever, bigger the better, stronger the better. Challenge is to any female who will come meet me here in oklahoma, and literally use her full size, strength, muscle and power to lift me, crush me with full strength, lift, carry, throw me around the room like a rag doll, bodyslam etc, without regard to injury to me. Seriously using ALL her full size, power and muscle on me for 2 hours. No mercy asked, will sign injury waiver as well or release of liabilities to you etc. Any women takers, all you have to do is contact me at and put likelike challenge in your subject line. Cash prize if you come to do this and claim it is 2500 dollars. Will make a nice Christmas if any really tough or muscular women exist in real life besides these stupid polls. I am extemely serious. Lets see if any really huge big strong or muscular powerful women exist, or if they just talk talk talk.

sjsh99Dec 01 2011 8:01am
DATE 2011-12-31

DATE 2011-12-31Dec 31 2011 4:59pm
I think many men don't realize that a woman can be strong and sometimes stronger then men their size or even bigger. Of course the WWF matches are not wrestling for real but the women wrestling look damned strong to me. I have been working out most of my life, I have been into sports actively and after that I have kept on working out 2-3 times a week at a gym. I got pregnant and grew bigger with the baby, bigger and also stronger. The father of my child left me after a couple of weeks so I have raised the kid alone. I met this new man, a lovely man but rather small, shorter than me and quite a bit lighter, kind of new to me even if I am not a small woman. After a couple of dates we ended up in my bed after being out. I am rather ticklish and he noticed, I warned him to keep on tickling me but he kept on so I took hold of his arms and held him still. To his (and my) surprise he couldn't get loose. He tried more and more but I just held him without too much trouble. I started to realize that I was not only stronger than him, I was a lot stronger. I started to use my power to pin him and soon had him under me. He obviously got embarrassed being so easily overpowered so he stammered something like that he wanted to have a new chance since he was taken by suprise. So we started from our knees and for the first time wrestled "for real". Once again we were hand to hand and I dragged him close to me and then took him in a bear hug and started to squeeze, I could feel his thin rib cage getting squashed and he soon told me to stop since I hurt him. I felt big and powerful and liked it. I felt a bit bad for him since he got so embarrassed. I once again pinned him and while he was under me he admitted that he was scared that I should loose interest in him because he was so much weaker. I told him that I wasn't interested in him because he was a big strong man rather his charm and warm personality. He felt better after that. Since that evening we quite often playwrestle, I can pin him with perhaps 50% of my musclepower but we are totally fine with that both of us.

SandraJan 04 2012 12:55am
the other i was going out with my girlfriend who had on a pair of sky high heels. i couldn't believe how big she looked! i had to look up just to see her neck! she absoloutely dwarfed me especially with her very muscular legs and that i am very thin (about two stone lighter). every now and then she'd like to stand behind me and position her leg next to mine and flex to show how much smaller i was...even though she was about 6'2 and 12 and half stone. once on a clubbing night out, she was messing around with one of my friends who was just a bit shorter than me and pinned him to the wall with her butt. then she squatted down to his crotch area pressed against him hard and stood up raising him off his feet and against the wall. Jokingly she startyed to dance and grind against him while holding him there in the air. i couldnt vbelievbe it

anonFeb 21 2012 7:56am
As a physically weak man, I have no problem with a woman being more muscular than I am. I only weigh 120 pounds and have always had extremely small and unmuscular biceps. When I was 16 years old in gym class, I was the weakest boy out of a class of 30 boys! Many (maybe most) women have bigger biceps than I have. I experience this routinely... I was standing in a store check out line... The woman ahead of me in a tank top had much bigger, stronger looking biceps than I have... So did the woman behind the register in a sleeveless blouse... My biceps were like sticks compare to these ladies. Imagine what a lady shot putter or weightlifter is compared to me! Yet I'm perfectly comfortable being weaker than these women. Muscles don't define masculinity (or femininity). Men are built to father children and women to give birth to them and nurse them at their breast. It doesn't matter how small the man's biceps are or how large the woman's. Nature gave them their basic roles. As time goes on, I think we will see a greater acceptance of muscular women, and a greater acceptance of men with smaller physiques dating (or even married to) bigger, broad shouldered, muscular women.

KevinMay 02 2012 7:52am
I'd love to meet an ultra-short, ultra-stocky woman with bulging muscles who overpowers me in the bedroom. That would be very hot! I have only ever met one girl in my life who was like that, and it was the best sex I ever had. I'm sure there are more out there who could do the same...

AnnonnymmozMay 12 2012 8:19am
I like the role reversal think to be honest. I am sometinmes getting very tired of the normal, standard relationships where men is supposed to be stronger, a bit older, taller and even make more money. I am a rather tall woman at 5'10 and was married to this big burly man, 6'4. We were the perfect couple, or so everybody thought. He was handsome I can give him that but I more and more realized he was full of himself. I also felt uncomfortable being smaller and weaker than him. I started to work out and take self defense classes, not because he beat me or threatened me but it felt better being stronger and able to defend myself. After taking these self defense classes I got rather good at it and started to work out harder, started to box. My husband one day wanted me to stop all these work outs since he didn't like my muscles that much. I told him that I liked the work outs very much and that I should keep on. He didn't help out much at all, I took care of the kids and the house and was working as well. After 10 years of marriage I had it and left him. I took care of the kids and he wasn't really interested in his own kids. After being alone for a year I met this lovely man. I straight away fell for him, his homour and smile. He loved films and books, just as I do. We had a lot in common. The thing is that he is 5'6, 4 inches shorter than me. And many lbs lighter. I am twice as strong as him, I can beat him at anything physical. And I love it. I love being physically stronger and I love him to snuggle up in my arms. I love being the protector, I have actually defende him once when this drunk 20 year old something kid wanted to fight him on our way home late at night. He took a swing at my husband and I stopped him, gave him a good beating and that guy will think twice before attacking someone again. And my new husband is totally at eaese with our role reversal. I agree with Kevin, society will slowly accept new roles. Kevin, yhou are even lighter than my husband and 10 lbs lighter than my 12 year old daughter. You need a strong woman to take care of you :-)

LizMay 28 2012 7:12am
my wife was a powerlifter when I met her 25 years ago and I was and still am a teacher that never lifted weights or doing any more sports than gold and jogging. So it was never any question about who was stronger. My wife had never liked big, burly men, always wanted slim guys like me. Our relationship works out fanastic, it is good to have a strong partner, she can carry loads, she can defend me and the kids, ones she carried me 1,5 km when I had hurt my knee and couldn't walk. Not many wife's can do that. She sometimes is in a playful mood and when we playwrestle she can actuallay hurt me since she is so strong that she still doesn't understand that even half her strength is enough to hurt me but she never has hurt me on purpose. Kids are totally cool in having a strong mother. Our son has said on more than one occasion when he was smaller that my mother is a lot stronger than your father. Our relatives are also fine with my strong wife. They call her whenever something heavy needs to be moved. Of course I have to admit that being with a bigger stronger woman excites me, that was something that got my attention straight away when I saw her lift heavy in a powerlift competition. I had the nerve to contact her and ask her out and to my surprise she said yes. It was love at first sight.

M M LJul 13 2012 5:25am
Being a teacher that can't write, any more sports than golf of course. Not many wives can do that, wife's, as you can understand I am not an English teacher. I am not English and teaches maths.

M M LJul 13 2012 5:26am
Comment by "Bud" made me Laugh Out Loud for a good 5 minutes! Thanks.

Still LaughingSep 01 2012 1:51pm
liz your boy freind is a pussy

AnonymousJan 20 2013 1:43pm
I kind of agree with anonymous the first post. They are both protectors to each other, albeit in different ways.

an intelligent life form Feb 15 2013 3:42pm
If a female would lift me over her head, I would be in heaven.

gethewil82May 14 2013 3:21am
To ''best friend'', There is no "role reversal" with respect to your buddy's relationship. Very Simply: Everyone of he and his wife is doing what he/she is capable of doing mentally or physically. Can you give the stats of them both.

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Im a "man", now 40 years old. Im 6'1" 180lbs. Back in the days I lived with a very attractive girlfriend, she was 5'7" and 145lbs, long legs, blonde hair and big brown eyes, I loved her so much. After a couple of months we discovered she had larger shoesize, and then one day she suggested we should go out for a run. That was the first proof of how much better physics she had. I could not keep up with her and she was about 5 minute faster than me on a 3kilometer run. After that she challenged me doing pushups and situps, and it was so embarrassing, she just laughed. Over the next weeks she challenged me more and more. She realized I was very much weaker than her. I must say that she didnt work out at all and she didnt have more muscles than an average girl. One day at her parents place we where watching TV with her mom, older sister and father. Then she suggested we all should armwrestle... I knew this was just for teasing me and all the others liked the idea a lot so I couldnt back off. I lost easy to her older sister who worked out, then I lost big to her father who slammed my arm to the table sooo hard. I then was up against my gf and earlier it always took a while for her to get my arm down, this time it took like 2 seconds and everyone laughed and screamed. Then I was up against her old mom... Both of us had lost all our matches. I really thought this would be easy. We started and I was surprised, I just managed to move her a little bit then she stopped me, her arm was like 1/3 down, I did all I could but couldnt move her for some minute then my arm started to shake and she slowly pushed me down while all applauded and yelled... I was so humilated that I walked into another room where my gf came in and we talked about it. After this her father never respected me, he really didnt want her daughter to date a weak guy like me that also had smaller shoesize than her daugher... We then moved toghether and she got more and more dominating. She could wrestle me down and pin me for ever until I admitted my weakness and told her anything she wanted, or promised to do things she wanted me to. Amazon Eve wrote that she could control her man with her power and this was how I was dominated by my gf for some years. Someon also wrote that if you have had a stronger gf who had beaten you up, you dont want to be the weaker. Now and then she even beated me up and I tell you that can be scary. I fully understand girls that are being beaten up by their boyfriends and at the same time they love them and would do anything to pleased the guy. I was in the same situation. After my experience I fully understand that girls dont do "one night stands" - knowing theyre the weaker and if the guy they join is an *sshole they are not able to defend themself. What I try to say is that yes Its wonderful to date a stronger girl - if she´s the right girl - so to all weak men - be careful out there.

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I'm a 24 y.o. guy and recently I was lifted and carried piggyback by my 13 y.o girl cousin. I declined at first but she insisted upon trying to see if she could carry me up on her back piggyback for a long distance. Shes pretty athletic, has very strong well-toned legs and is into gymnastics and school sports, so I just kind of like hopped up on her back and she grabbed a hold of my thighs and carried me a pretty awesome long distance along the jogging path like about over a half hour. As I was lifted and carried very very high up on her back as though I were totally weightless, I seemed to get a hardon which felt profoundly more and more pleasureable the longer she carried me. She said that I feel as light a babe. Mind you, as I found out soon to my profound surprise she actually weighs 8 more pounds than me even though I'm a half foot taller than her.I'm at 5'11" tall while she is 5'5". When we got to my apartment, we both took off our running shoes and our sweatpants off and compared our weights on my bathroom scale. I weighed in at 134 1/2 lb and she actually weighed more than me at 146 lb. It really surprised me and made me kinda rather envious that my younger 13 year old girl cousin actually weighs more than I do. It surprised me all the more because she looks about 110 lb or so due to her slender and athletic appearance but yet has exceptionally very thick, well-toned solid muscular thighs and legs when her sweatpants are off. I joked to her that her weight advantage over me was solely due to her rather long thick ponytail which goes all the way down to just below her knees level! She then wrapped her sweatpants in a knot around her waist and then hopped up on my back and told me to piggyback her from my apartment and then back down along the jogging path for an hour. She actually felt surprisingly quite heavy on my back and it was hard to get a secure enough hold on her well-toned solidly thick thighs but I wanted to prove to her that I was just as strong and could carry her for as long as she was able to carry me. After about a half hour of carrying her, she then carried me piggyback along the jogging path for almost an hour. My cousin and I agreed that me carrying her and her carrying me piggyback together feels quite enjoyable for the both of us.

JoelApr 12 2014 10:36pm
joel, what is with her biceps? has she bigger arms?

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GcENPsrsudyAug 05 2014 7:32pm
My husband has been going to the gym twice a week with his best friend for many years, he has a slim, fit body but without big muscles. I have always liked his almost boyish build. I have been attending different kinds of work outs, aerobics, taebo, power yoga and have for some years now been doing pushups and situps every morning before going to work. When I turned 50 two years ago my best friend gave me a gym membership for a year with a personal trainer. So I started three times a week together with my friend. The PT asked me if I wanted to go for max strength or endurance and I wanted to get stronger and harder. My body responded very well to the workouts, and so did my friend's. After one year of work outs we both renewed our memberships. My husband was impressed how fast I had gained muscles, he had been working out for years and now his muscles were actually smaller than mine. Something I think was good since I have never liked big, burly, massively built men. One night my husband was standing in front of the mirror at home and flexed his nice, slim muscles and I just realized how much bigger I was than him now. My shoulders more sturdy, biceps a good deal bigger and harder, and the same for the rest of our bodies. He was proud of me, that I had been able to get such a strong body in one year. He asked me if I thought I was stronger than him, and I said that it certainly looked like I was. We then arm wrestled for the first time in our marriage. I had never arm wrestled before but soon realized that my husband couldn't force my arm one single bit and I just held him without using much power. Then I put my shoulder behind and just moved his arm down, very easy and smoothly. We arm wrestled perhaps 5 times with each arm and it was obvious that I was much stronger. I felt so strong but strangely also very much inloved with my husband, that was so cute using all his strength but still was so much weaker than me. We then wrestled and I totally dominated this, pinning him, lifting him, squeezing him and making him give up several times. And then fantastic love making. I think I have always been stronger than my husband and now that we know, it is the way we both want it.

BrendaSep 01 2014 7:06am
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IxPuERDsApr 06 2015 10:25pm
Well, my wife isn't bigger but she is stronger. As a kid she did gymnastics, and in College took Jui Jitsu classes. I met her after college, and although I powerlift, she can edge me out in armwrestling, and can pin me in regular wrestling. But like any mature relationship, we discuss everything and agree on plans, there isn;t one person barking out orders.

Let's Face It Guys, Women Rule The WorldApr 11 2015 10:41am

LehmanJul 06 2015 6:18am
My girlfriend is much stronger, far more muscular, completely towers over me height wise.... Try by feet!... And is extremely smarter and wealthier than me. We have a completely dominant female led relationship and we love it! She is the completely dominant one in our relationship and we have pretty much role reversed. And even in the bed room she likes to play both roles. Yes, she has more and more took on the male role by using a giant strap on with me and )$&@" the day lights out of me! She basically now has her way with me and the first time she used it she didn't tell me and pretty much r$&d me!!! It was beyond out of control! It was huge and she told me afterwards I better get used to her f$&@@!? My brains out! She was always taller than me and stronger than me, but it wasn't until she got way ahead of me school wise and she grew so tall that the top of my head fell way below her chest and cleavage and I was becoming eye level with her carved abs and slowly her belly button and waistline was coming into view. She loved how little I was becoming to her. She started to take over once she realized how much stronger she was now and when she skipped several grades ahead of me when we were in school together.

My goddessJul 06 2015 11:43am
She was a grade ahead of me due to she went to a private school and skipped kindergarten and my folks held me back a year due to my size. She was always super smart. When we got older she was so far ahead of everyone by miles in her grade besides being so much taller. The school and her parents decided to skip her not one but two grades due to how smart she was and she would fit in better with kids that age and height. She immediately rose to the top fast and still was growing rapidly. She now was 3 grades ahead of me! She was very good about it with me, but she was becoming much more assertive and mature for her age and I know she still saw me as her best friend but at the same time she knew the gap between us was growing wider both is size and control. I was doing poorly in school because I had been in the hospital back and forth all year due to kidney issues. She helped me with my work, but I failed the state assessment tests. She came to me in a weird mood. I could tell something was on her mind. God she looked so hot too. Ripped with muscle and I swear she was even taller. She asked me did I realize that I would probably have to repeat my grade? I told her I was scared of the reality of it but yes. I told her that I know that would put her 4 grades ahead of me. She asked me could I handle it? I told her that I already look up to her as my superior anyways now that 4 grades ahead of me would just widen that view point of her even more.

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uafzkvEbJNov 08 2015 11:53am
In meiner Schulklasse hatte ich ein Mädchen, die viel stärker war als ich und teilweise auch die anderen Jungs. In der Sportstunde hat sie meistens die Jungs geärgert. Sie hatte ja viel mehr Kraft. Sie hat mit uns gekämft und uns in allen möglichen Varianten hochgehoben und Griffe angewendet. Im nächsten Schuljahr, als wir in die 8. Klasse kamen, haben wir wieder neue Schüler auf die Schule bekommen. Das eine Mädchen, die dann in die 7. kam, war bestimmt einen halben Kopf größer als das aus meiner Klasse. Die beiden konnten sich von Anfang an nicht leider. Einmal trafen sie dann aufeinander und das Mädchen aus meiner Klasse wollte ihr dann zeigen wer das Sagen hat. Als ich die beiden dann sah, konnte ich es nicht fassen. Das andere Mädchen hatte so große Muskeln, ich sah daneben aus, wie ein kleiner Junge. Das Mädchen aus meiner Klasse sah auch aus, als hätte sie Geister gesehen. Sie hatte auch keine Chance gegen sie. Für mich war es unfassbar, wie leicht das jüngere Mädchen mit ihr fertig wurde. Und noch beeindruckener war es, wie sie das Mädchen hochgehoben hat, über ihre Schultern gelegt hat und mit ihr Runden gedreht hat. Sie hatte sie bestimmt 5 Minuten auf ihren Schultern, bis sie sie runter gelassen hat. Sie hat sie danach noch ein paar Mal hochgehoben. Das Mädchen aus meiner Klasse hat sich danach nach Möglichkeit sehr weit weg von ihr gehalten. Das war echt ein unglaubliches Erlebnis.

ArnoNov 11 2015 9:53am
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Als ich etwa 12 Jahre alt war hatte ich meiner Klasse ein Mädchen, dass zu Hause viel mit Gewichten trainiert hat. Sie hat öfter mal Jungs und Mädchen hochgehoben und durch die Gegend getragen. Sie war total stolz auf ihre Muskeln und hat sie auch immer präsentiert. Sie war zu der Zeit bedeutend stärker als ich.

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Ein Mädchen aus der Nachbarschaft war damals auch sehr, sehr stark. Ich war 15, fast 16, und sie war 14, als wir uns kennengelernt haben. Sie ist mit Ihren Eltern und ihrer kleinen Schwester in unsere Siedlung gezogen. Wir haben uns, mit den anderen Kindern aus der Siedlung, immer am Spielplatz getroffen. Mir ist als erstes ihre Größe aufgefallen. Ich war etwa 1,75m und sie war bestimmt 1,80m groß. Zu ihrer Figur konnte ich da noch nichts sagen, weil es Winter war als sie eingezogen sind, und wie wir alle sehr dick angezogen war. Wir haben aber immer viel rumgealbert und etwas rumgerangelt. Da viel mir schon auf, dass sie für ein Mädchen, dass auch noch jünger war als ich, sehr viel Kraft hatte. Als es dann wärmer wurde und wir endlich wieder Sommerkleidung tragen konnten, habe ich erst ihre Figur gesehen. Wir waren diesmal alleine am Spielplatz, weil die anderen da unterwegs waren oder andere Sachen zu tun hatten. Sie hatte ein ärmelloses Oberteil an und eine kurze Hose. Sie hatte extrem breite Schultern und dicke Arme, an denen ich die Adern am Bizeps und Unterarm sehen konnte. Ihre Beine waren auch sehr durchtrainiert. Sie hatte auf jeden Fall viel mehr Muskeln als ich. Zu der Zeit wog ich gerade mal 62kg, war also eher schmächtig, aber ich hatte auch einen recht guten Bizeps. Ihr ist aber auch mein Blick auf ihren Körper aufgefallen, sie hat dazu aber nichts gesagt. Wir haben dann wir immer etwas gequatscht und waren wie immer. Dann fragte sie mich, wie viele Klimmzüge ich schaffe. Da hatte sie mich, ich konnte gerade mal einen. Ich sagte ihr, ich kann 5, und versuchte dann das Thema zu wechseln. Darauf ließ sie sich aber nicht ein und wollte dass wir das hier ausprobieren. Also musste ich ja doch ran. Ich stellte mich an die Stange am Spielplatz und habe versucht alles zu geben. Mit Mühe habe ich gerade mal einen Klimmzug geschafft. Sie lachte mich aus und sagte, ich zeige dir mal wie das geht. Sie ist an die Stange gegangen und hat 10 Klimmzüge gemacht. Ihr Bizeps war so aufgepumpt, das habe ich noch nicht mal bei den sportlichen Jungs aus meiner Klasse gesehen. So wie das aussah, hätte sie locker noch weitere 10 geschafft. Dann kam sie zu mir und sagte, wusste ich doch, dass ich viel stärke bin als du kleiner. Ich konnte darauf gar nichts sagen, so schockiert war ich. Dann wollte sie mit mir wrestlen und zeigen wie viel stärker sie ist. Ich habe versucht von ihr weg zu gehen und gesagt ich muss nach Hause, aber sie hat mich aufgehalten. Ich hatte nun doch etwas Angst vor ihr. Als ich gehen wollte, kam sie von hinten bei mir an und griff um meinen Bauch. Dann hob sie mich hoch und trug mich zum Sandkasten. Auf dem Weg sagte sie noch, du bist ja noch leichter als ich dachte und wollte wissen wie viel ich wiege. Als ich ihr dann mein Gewicht sagte, lachte sie nur und sagt, das sind ja über 10kg weniger als ich wiege und schmiss mich in den Sand. Dann stand Sie mit den Händen in den Hüften über mir und sagte, dass ich aufstehen soll. Nun standen wir uns gegenüber, sie größer, schwerer und bedeutend muskulöser. Sie meinte, darauf habe ich schon seit unserer ersten Begegnung drauf gewartet. Ich hatte zwar schon im Fernsehen Wrestling gesehen, aber ich wusste nicht was ich machen soll und vor allem bei dem Gegner. Sie kam auf mich zu und wir packten uns an den Händen. Ich war sofort auf meinen Knien und hatte den Kräftevergleich verloren. Sie ließ mich wieder hoch und nahm mich in einen bearhug. Ich konnte meine Arme nicht befreien und meine Beine baumelten in der Luft. Ich habe kaum noch Luft bekommen und mir tat alles weh. Wie konnte sie nur so stark sein? Sie ließ mich wieder in den Sand fallen und ich konnte mich kurz erholen. Ich versuchte wieder aufzustehen, aber da griff sie mir schon am Bauch und hob mich kopfüber hoch und trug mich durch die Gegend. Sie ließ sogar einen Arm los und trug mich dann so weiter. Sie hob mich mit einem Arm noch höher und fasste mit dem anderen Arm an meine Schulter und schmiss mich so in den Sandhaufen. Ich war jetzt schon k.o., aber sie hatte gerade erst angefangen. Ich sag zu ihr hoch und sie spannte ihren Bizeps an. Oh mein Gott, ist der groß, dachte ich nur. Ich hatte ja auch einen Bizeps, aber im Vergleich zu ihr war der mickrig. Ich hatte 31cm Oberarmumfang, aber sie musste mindestens 36 oder 37cm haben. Sie hat mir wieder hochgeholfen und dann mit einem Arm zwischen meine Beine gegriffen und mit dem anderen an meine Schulter und mich hochgehoben und ist mit wieder eine runde gelaufen, als wenn wir Zuschauer haben, und hat mich wieder zu Boden geworfen. Das macht solchen Spaß, sagte sie dann zu mir. Ich wollte eigentlich nur noch weg und hatte Angst, was sie mit mir anstellen will. Ich hatte gegen ihre Kraft null Chance. So was habe ich noch nie erlebt, noch nicht mal die starken Jungs aus meiner Schule haben so viel Kraft wie dieses Mädchen. Sie hat mich wieder hochgezogen und mich dann mit dem Rücken nach unten auf ihre Schultern gelegt. Das tat so weh, aber ich konnte mich nicht wehren. Zum Glück hat sie mich dann wieder in den Sand geschmissen. Ich habe die ganze Zeit gebettelt, dass sie aufhört und ihr gesagt, dass sie gewonnen hat und viel stärker ist als ich. Sie lachte nur und zog mich wieder hoch. Sie packte mich mit beiden Armen unter den Achseln und hob mich mit ausgestreckten Armen hoch und hielt mich da. Dann sagte sie zu mir, das machen wir jetzt öfter mein kleiner und ließ mich wieder ein Stück runter, um mich dann wieder hoch zu heben. Sie machte das ein paar Mal, um ihre Kraft zu beweisen. Dann setzte sie mich wieder ab und hob mich wieder auf ihre Schultern. Sie sagte, jetzt will ich mal was ausprobieren und fasste zwischen meine Beine und an meinen Brustkorb. Dann hob sie mich noch höher, bis sie ihre Arme durchgestreckt hatte und ich nun über ihrem Kopf hing. Panisch griff ich nach ihrem Arm, der sich unglaublich muskulös anfühlte. Sie lachte und ließ mich wieder zu Boden. Dann sagte sie, spann deinen Bizeps an und ich tat was sie wollte. Sie lachte über meine Muskeln und sagte, so sehen Muskeln aus und spannte ihren Arm an. Ein dicker Bizeps füllte ihren Armen und dicke Adern kamen zum Vorschein. Wir verglichen unsere Arme und ich kam mir wie ein kleiner Junge vor. Ihr Arm war so viel muskulöser und größer als meiner. Ich konnte es nicht glauben, ich wurde so gedemütigt von einem Mädchen, einem so starken Mädchen. Zum Schluss zog sie mich noch einmal hoch und fasste mit einer Hand an meine Kehle und mit der anderen unter meine Achsel. Und dann hing ich schon wieder in der Luft, sie hielt mich nur mit einem Arm am Hals fest und lachte. Dann schmiss sie mich in den Sand und sagte, ich freue mich schon auf das nächste Mal. Dann spannte sie zuletzt ihren Bizeps an und ging dann los.

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She looked way down at me and asked me did I see her as an adult compared to me and me much younger? I told her yes even though I was conflicted about it as I knew I was older. She asked me would I be upset to know that everyone sees her as the much older college age or older adult and me as a young child compared to her? I told her no that I understand why people see us that way. I told her that I look up to her as my complete superior in every way and I know she is much, much smarter than me and she is the natural dominant one between us. I paused a moment and then said.... and I know you're only going to grow even more, get stronger and for some reason I don't think that's the last grade you skip. She bent way down to me like a parent talking to their child and asked me with a sexy look in her eye... do you like it that I keep growing taller and how small you're becoming to me and would you be ok if I don't hold back and advance even more grades ahead if I so desire? She then said would I go along with it if people saw her as the adult or even my parent and me as a small child and treated me as such? I told her that her body is already outrageous and off the charts and I hope she grows as tall as she wants and I will always support her and I'm completely in awe of her and I love how every month she just keeps reaching higher and higher. I told her that I had a vision of her growing so tall and getting so ripped both tone and muscle wise that I stood down by the lower part of her thighs and she completely towered over everyone at the school and was the strongest on campus by far. She then grabbed my hand and put it on her musclular massive cut calf and said in a sexy voice.... do you mean tall enough to where you stood down by these instead?! I just looked at her in complete awe. I said in a shaky voice. Do you mean below your knees and down by your calves?? She then interrupted me and said ... my lower calves. She pressed my hand harder against her muscles on her calves. She told me she would love it that I stood so small to her that I would be looking way up to the underside of her knees and her ripped abs and massive chest would be so far above me that I'd be looking at her as a giant goddess practically. I looked at her with my mouth open and said you realize if you grew that much do you realize how close I'd be to your ankles and how your feet would be practically the length of my body possibly? : Smiled and told me do you realize if you get that small how I could use your entire body to become my pleasure toy? She then said,,, yes.,,, your entire body will be my toy! Omg I couldn't imagine herself getting that big but seeing the look in her eyes I knew she was determined!

My goddessOct 30 2016 5:17am
She saw the look on my face. She saw it was a look of shock and in somewhat awe of her. She just smiled and said if she gets that size .... just think... all of you... your entire body... inside of me. She saw me gulp and gasp somewhat... and then she said... completely. You're whole body will pleasure me. I told her I'd be like doll size to her. She said exactly and I would be your goddess to worship and please. She saw I was just completely floored. She said for now though I'm going to work on my body to make it as tone and as tight as I can and ripped with strength and muscle and steadily grow and get even better looking. She told me that she was going to get so hot that I would be in a constant trance of her beauty and body. I told her I already am. I told her Jesus I'm already down by your abs and belly button and waistline and your going to grow even more! You already make me in awe of you. She smiled and said calves my baby boy.... start getting acquainted with my calves! She flexed her calves and the pure muscles popped big time and she hadn't even worked out! She asked me would it bother me if when we go out she wears high heels? She said it's going to add some extra height and she wants to see how much of a difference it will make. She then said. Very high heels. I told her she is already so damn tall that it doesn't bother me or matter. I then said omg will that put me below your waist? She then said she figures It's going to put me down by her legs and possibly below or right at her crotch!

My goddess Oct 31 2016 11:36am
She said she hopes that she can grow tall enough soon to where I would be well below her waist barefoot and when she wears heels it will easily put me between her legs and further down on her thighs. I told her if the top of my head only reaches mid way of her thighs that my hands will barely reach her abs. She said she'd love it to where I'd have to be on my tip toes to reach her belly button! I imagined having a direct view of her muscular thighs and having to look up to see her crotch and pleasure her from below! I told her I'm not scared how big she gets as long as she still loves me becoming smaller to her. She said she does want to explore what it's like with taller and stronger men, but she only loves me and only wants to be with me as long as I can handle her having both roles and her having eventually complete control of me and the relationship..: and if people see you as my child that you accept it and see me as the adult and go along with it. She also said she wants to keep using the stra@&$"# with me as she wants both roles completely and to F$&@ my brains out at her whim. I just looked way up at her and asked her so if we go out together in public and I'm pretty much below your waist are we going to be a couple in public or more of you my adult and me as the kid or you my big sister or babysitter? She then said..... or your hot mom!

My goddessNov 01 2016 10:23am
I asked her if everyone saw her as my adult or babysitter or sister would it change our relationship completely? She said yes completely, but then shocked me and said there is only one scenario it's going to be. I asked her what does she mean? She said she wouldn't be my baby sitter or sister. I looked way up at her through her massive cleavage I could see her gorgeous face. I said as my mom? She nodded yes. I would convince your parents by controlling them to let me adopt you. I would take over as your parent completely. I was stunned and in awe at the same time. She looked way down at me and said you would be like an 8 year old to me. Maybe in 3rd grade and I would be in my 20's and beyond smoking hot and muscular and gigantic in height. You would have to obey me as your parent and eventually you'd become my child. I asked her is she what she wants. She told me that it's not a matter of what I want but what can or will happen. Regardless the taller I get you'll become smaller to me and I'll see you as younger and younger. She worked out before we went out and she got totally pumped. I mean ripped. Her biceps were massive and cut! And of course her super long legs were so damn tone and deep cut with muscle. She has very short shorts on and a sleeveless tight shirt on showing off her arms and shoulders. She then was sitting down and put on these super tall high heels. She was sitting and gave me a pair of super thin flip flops. She wanted me to wear clothes that look like kids clothes.she told me to stand up so I did. She then slowly stood up and we were in front of a mirror and she kept rising and rising and rising and rising! Omg she was wearing a super tight midriff and showed off her rock hard abs. Little by little her waist kept rising and slowly her midriff kept riising above my head more and more. I completely stood below her waist by a lot! Her entire upper body was above me by a lot! We both were in awe of her size to me. She then told me to look at her legs. I turned around and almost fell over! She wasn't standing up all the way! Her legs were still bent and bent a lot! She slowly kept straightening out her muscular long legs and he waist kept rising way aboive me this time. Omg her crotch rose higher than me and suddenly I could see light above my head..Omg her legs were taller then me and I now could fit easily between her legs and below her crotch! She looked way down at me in the mirror and said omg you are so tiny and look how tall I am in these shoes! I love it how yore down by my thighs now!

My goddess Nov 01 2016 11:17pm
I could easily fit between her legs now. I was way below her $&@%! Her thighs were massive but muscular. The view was intoxicating. All I could think about was her growing this tall naturally. The top of my head was mid way on her thigh. She then decided to mess with me and she started standing on her tip toes in the super high heels. Looking in the 8 foot mirror I watched her rise and rise and her knees were now by my nose! Omg her legs were going to engulf me and were dominating my view. Her waistline and abs were super high above me. I mean way way high. Omg the muscles in her legs alone was a turn on completely. I knew right then and there that I would be down by her calves before I knew it. She made me stand between her legs and she flexed her legs as we both stared into the mirror. She was an absolute amazon goddess and more powerful than we both predicted. She asked me what's it like to know that I'll never be above her waist ever again and that her legs now were bigger than my entire body and one of her legs was beyond 10 times stronger than me. I told her that my sense of awe keeps growing about her. I told her I know she sees me now as a child? She nodded her head yes. She said I am. But she wanted to let me know that I'm still her boyfriend. She told me if we marry though that I would take on her name as she would want both roles completely.

My goddess Nov 02 2016 6:38am
I told her it's crazy to think that I once was ahead of you in school and I stood to your shoulders. Now your more than 4 grades ahead of me, and I'm getting closer to your knees than your waist and your power over me is intoxicating.

My goddess Nov 02 2016 10:22am
I told her at first I was terrorffied of just how big she would be and how she could physically crush me and how child like she saw me. But I told her that I now love how her legs are way bigger than me and how I see her as like almost a higher being to me. I told her it's scary how god like she is becoming in my mind and for real. Not that much time had passed and between the growth hormones and test she kept growing and growing and now she was just as tall or taller than when she wore the heels.

My goddessNov 03 2016 9:25am
Her v shape upper body kept getting more defined but longer with her torso and she had such a thin waist but amazing ass. It was so muscular it could crush diamonds in between her glutes. She told me the strength she has is unreal and didn't want to scare me but she is way stronger than before and she feels her body is just beginning to grow and respond.

My goddess Nov 03 2016 3:37pm
She told me she loved getting stronger and loved growing more than anything. She said the feeling she has when her clothes don't fit and she remembers me standing by her chest and shoulders and now I'm standing down by her thighs is so out of control and makes her feel even more dominant and powerful than ever before. She told me she loves me so much because I accept her as she is and that I was in love with her before her body changed and she got way better looking. She said she knows it's totally odd how small I am and how much bigger she will get but she loves me and for me to never leave her no matter how big she gets or if she is with other men to satisfy her growing body and desires. She said she is onlu in love with me and if I can handle it that I'm going to be with a real live giant goddess soon and that due to my size I'll be able to pleasure her in ways that other men will never be able to do. I told her that I'd be crazy to ever leave her and I hope she grows as big and as strong as she and that I'm practically her slave already. I told her that I'm ready to be down by her calves and it would be out of control if she grew past that. She looked way down at me and asked me could I accept being her pleasure toy as well as she said earlier? She said she wants to grow so much that I would fit completely inside her $&@#!

My goddessNov 06 2016 7:53am
I looked way up at her and told her I would be whatever she wants me to be and I will obey her completely. I told her it frightens me sort of that she wants me that small and she would be that gigantic as our relationship would become even more of a dominant / submissive role and that if I was completely inside her pleasuring her she could lose control and completely crush me inside if she is that strong on the inside as she is on he outside. She told me she won't lie that the thought of having me fit inside of her is mind blowing and intoxicating and she desires it even more so. She said she promises she wouldn't crush me if she did get that big. She did say though she would love to have the feeling of growing while I was inside her. She said she knows it would be hard for her to see me as her boyfriend that small but more of her pleasure toy. I told her I can handle whatever things evolve to. As time passed more she decided to skip another grade. More and more she saw me as so inferior to her in every dimension but she loved me. Her workouts kept increasing as her stamina grew and so did her muscles. She kept rising upwards and now barefooted I stood directly at her knees. Yes her knees. She had anticipated her growth rate and had a pair of ultra high heels made for her. They were massive and close to a 14 inch heel! When she stood up with them she called me over to stand by her as she rose she just kept climbing and climbing up. Omg once done I stood at the bottom side of her glorious calves! I was almost at the very bottom and in between the lower end and her ankles and with that she stood on her tip toes and her ankles rose more and more into my perspective!!! She looked down at me and smiled and told me that it's beyond a huge rush and did I realize she could easily step on me with her feet now and completely cover me! I told her she could crush me like a bug!!

My goddessNov 07 2016 11:44am
Despite our sizes differences and roles ever changing we got a long so well. I got used to being down by her knees and knowing soon I would be much lower and she told me if it were possible would I allow her to make me smaller? I asked her like shrink me? She said yes. I asked her how much? She looked down at me and said a lot. And then she said with a smirk, as much as I want to. Like small enough to fit in your hand? She said eventually. She said she wants to be my giant now but not be giantess in height just yet.

My goddess Nov 07 2016 1:53pm
I told her if that's what she wants it's fine with me because I know the rest of my life is going to be controlled or dictated by what she wants and does with me. I told her I'd do whatever she wants. I told her it sounds like it's much more then lower calves!? She smiled and nodded yes. I then asked her was she thinking more at her ankles or below them? She quietly responded.... way below my ankles. Way below. As in youd be able to walk under my arches like they were a caverness massive underground cave. My ankles would sky rocket above you. You'd be like an ant or smaller to me.

My goddessNov 08 2016 9:33am
Omg. God think how big you'll be when you do grow to giant proportions and I'm that small! She said her body would be longer than a massive city or possibly way bigger compared to me. She said she would want me to live on her body.

My goddessNov 08 2016 3:17pm
I would be like a flea or smaller to her. I kidded that her breasts would be like Everest to me! She then scared the crap out of me and told me they would be even bigger! 5-10 times bigger! Are you serious? 10 times bigger???!! Omg your body will be like an entire country for me to live on. She smiled and said .... more like an entire continent! I would be much bigger than North America and that's not with me growing yet. Omg! What do you mean I asked her? She said remember that I would grow into a real giantess eventually when I was ready. First you would be so micro small to me that I wouldn't be able to see you. I asked her how much bigger than a continent? I asked her the size of the earth or bigger? She said she would be so huge that she would encapsulate the earth in her hands!! She would be shy of the size of Jupiter!

My giant goddess Nov 08 2016 7:53pm
I begged her not to crush me. She said no. /$3 wouldn't but she would wind up absorbing me into her body eventually as I would get so small I would be like a microorganism. But for now she said she'd enjoy watching me get smaller to her legs and down by her calves soon. I told her I feel it coming on soon that I'll be down there in no time and her towering body will growing even bigger to me. She asked me what is it like to be standing down by her knees and having to look way up to her and to see the underside of her giant massive firm breasts and barely see her face through her cleavage? I told her more and more that I can't think of her as my girlfriend but I'm looking way up and in the presence of a living giant goddess and as she gets taller I feel her power grows exponentially even more and more that you won't see me as your boyfriend or as human but as your slave and toy or almost doll that you completely control and own.

My goddessNov 16 2016 12:34pm
She looked way down at me through her massive cleavage of epic proportions and said, " would that be a bad thing if you became doll size or even smaller to me and my power and control grew even more over you and you saw me as a powerful and gigantic god?" She said it so sternly that I was sort of taken back.... and I quickly answered back.... no, no my love! I just want to make you so very happy and please you with whatever way I can with my small body and mind. She told me that I should be happy she is growing more and soon I will be the first man to experience pleasure on a grand scale than ever before

My goddess Nov 26 2016 2:20pm
She said my worship of her will soon come in different forms than any man has ever been able to do before. The next few weeks we had so much fun together. She would pour on the workouts more and more and she let me feel her muscles during the workout and afterward. I was in beyond awe. She was becoming a living God.i I figured that if she kept going and growing that her biceps would wind up being way bigger than my entire body! As she got taller and bigger her v shape upper body really started to take off and with the exception of her massive breasts.... she had the upper body of a powerful male body builder.

My goddessNov 26 2016 8:54pm
She was getting more and more ripped and cut and chisseled and powerful. Her body was to the point in which she looked ripped from head to toe without being pumped. But she still had amazing looks and femininity. Her boobs kept growing bigger and her cleavage and firmness grew as well. She finally bragged that she completely defied gravity and her boobs were so strong, firm and huge that she didn't need to wear a bra anymore as they stood straight out and the depth of the cleavage was off the charts and how perfect in shape and size and roundness made her a complete goddess. You couldn't see her face anymore when looking up at her from my view. I had to stand way back from her to see it. She went through a quick growth spurt and during that time she started comparing our bodies more and she started picking me up more and handling me like her own doll. Her hand and fingers could practically wrap around my body and waist. She once decided to see how her grip could affect me and she squeezed so tight that I passed out. 8 could feel my bones crunch practically. We both knew right then and there that she could in one hand crush me to death easily. I finally stood down by her calves. And then in one massive spurt I went from the top of her calves to her mid muscular calves to slowly to the lower side of them! Yes... if she kept this up her calves would completely tower over me soon and I would be down by her ankles. She could now place me practically entirely in her hand. She was a god to me and I would worship her like no other. As she grew and grew we compared bodies more and more and her calves she worked out triple the amount to increase the density, strength and muscle mass. She loved comparing not only her body to mine but now I was so small to her she compared just body parts. When she grew a lot we both knew her foot would be bigger than my entire body. She knew I was in fear of stepping on me but then I finally got over it and she loved seeing me become smaller and smaller to her feet. I finally pushed it and I lied down and told her to put her foot over me and start to slowly press iher foot onto my body. But don't crush me. She told me she knew her feet now were much bigger than my body but she didn't want to scare me or think of her as just this giant but more of her girlfriend who's now big enough to be my own giant for me. I told her I'm not afraid and it's ok if she wants to compare for now on i want her to. She told me she's scared of how badly she wants to grow more. A lot more. I told her I was ready if she wanted to go $&@"#% her completely. She told me she wants to feel the experience of her growing while I'm inside her! Omg! You'll be gigantic!

My goddessNov 28 2016 10:57am
I told her I'm not afraid. She then got excited and then she started to grow even more!! Her calves slowly rose higher and higher above me and her ankles were rising higher and higher. All of a sudden her ankles were by my shoulders . She bent down and picked me up. I was about the size of an action figure. She picked me up with her two fingers and she started to place me by her huge sexy underwear. Omg I was so small. She opened up her underwear and then looked down at me and said it's time. I want you to go inside of me completely and pleasure me until I pull you out. She told me to climb up inside and don't be afraid. She told me I'll still be able to breathe. She said eventually when I'm even smaller she thought about me being in there a lot more

My goddess Nov 29 2016 6:22am
Omg. It was so hard for me to comprehend just how small I was now and how gigantic she was becoming and she was still growing and wanted to get bigger!! I found my self down by her gigantic hot amazing p$&@%! Omg. It was bigger than me!! It was so hot and I could tell very wet. I could feel her fingers on the outside trying to press into me to force me. She pressed me right into the opening of it and before I knew it I was slowly entering her massics tight slit! Omg. My legs were completely in and then my waist and then stomach tiny chest and then all of a sudden my entire body was inside her!!!! I was completely inside my girlfriend!!!! She then put her fingers inside her and pressed me inside even deeper!

My goddess Dec 04 2016 8:02pm
ZTim81 Thanks so much for the post.Thanks Again. Much obliged.

EcrNmvqvAhekBzwFeb 01 2017 1:39am
Is this blog open?

who is checking the blogFeb 02 2017 6:06am
Seems to be the case so I start writing: Since I was a young boy I admired the my cousin which was one and a half years younger than me. I think, when we were around 6 or 8 years old I think she had a normal height for her age. But having heavy bones and a solid shape and working on the farm of her parents every day made her much stronger than an average girl of her age. Unfortunately I was a very short and narrow boy in my childhood with weak arms and thin legs. Compared with my younger cousin I looked liked a baby. After an unsuccessful attempt to beat the young lady in wrestling I had learned my lesson. From then on I felt a great admiration for my cousin s strenght and a big desire to feel her power. Today I don't know how I did manage her to demonstrate her physical strenght by lifting my slim body up on the top of sth. like a poller made of stone being around 120 or 150 cm s high. Which seems to be an enourmos height from my frog-perspective. Lifting me up meant nothing for her and because of her muscularity she never get tired. But many more impressed I was, when standing on the poller and feeling larger than her for the first time in my life, wondered how I should come down back to the ground. "There is no other choice for you but to jump down" , she told me and then I recognized, that she was right. But the next second I became afraid because, as I told, was a very small boy and had no courage at all. "In this case you have to jump into my arms and I will catch you" , she proposed. But now my fear increased once again. "You can totally trust me, as you are light as a feather and my arms are very strong" , she started her next attempt and as to prove me she switched out her jacket, to show me her strong biceps. I sat down on the edge of the poller and after a while took my heart in both hands and very carefully let my thin body glide down in her strong arms. I thanked her but obviously she was a bit dissapointed as she had intended to catch me out of a free fall. Because of this she didn't let me down to the floor but carried me around for some time to prove me, that I can trust her strong arms. At last she lifted me up very high with her strong arms and again placed me on the top of the poller. But this time I was glad to be there because being carried around by my cousin made me feel very comfortable in her strong arms and now my intention was, to feel that again. "But this time I'd like to really catch you", she said and opened her arms into my direction. I let me fall down from a standing position this time and she had no effort to catch me above her head only with her two strong arms, let me "fly" a complete round above of her head and placing me on top of the poller for a third time. "Your arms are pretty strong", I said with admiration. This time I made a real jump towards the arms of my cousin as now I completely trusted in the strenght of my cousins arms. We continued our play for a long while but all the time I never was touching the ground. My young cousin had proved me, that she is able to use me as her toy as long as she likes and decision, when I'm allowed to return to the ground, is made by her. During our game I felt my small dick in my trousers becoming harder and harder. I had no explanation for this but it felt quite good and assumed it must have to do with my powerful cousin. Today I ask myself, how my cousin felt, when she lifted me up and catched me again and again. She was well developed for her age. Did she enjoy the feeling of having her older cousin completely under control but on the other hand is responsible for him?

xFeb 02 2017 7:28am
Mel.c is strong and a judo expert

AnonymousFeb 19 2017 6:02am
Mel a good arm wrestler

AnonymousFeb 19 2017 6:04am
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