What do you think of a relationship where the girl is much stronger and more muscular with bigger and more powerful muscles tha

Question: I have a girlfriend who is seriously into bodybuilding and has built up her body so that she has extremely large and powerful muscles. She is also very attractive with an awesome face and hair and I really like her a lot. I am very small and thin and was never able to build any muscle. When we used to work out together, she would lift much more that I would and her muscles grew at an incredible rate while mine didn?t grow at all. She now outweighs me by nearly 40 pounds even though she is around 2 inches shorter than me. She is getting bigger every month. In addition, she watches her diet and is ripped with a lot of veins on her biceps, calves, etc. while I have no veins at all (she gets a lot of looks when we go out). In the past, I have posted some discussions about us on this site but they seem to be gone. As she became bigger, stronger, and more muscular than me, our gender roles started to change in a major way. She basically has taken on the male role and I have taken on the female role. She does all of the things when we are together that require strength and muscle (lifting heavy things, opening jars that I can?t open, and doing things that are usually done by guys for girls). In other words, our gender roles have really changed and she is in control. I thought that I wouldn?t like this but I actually love it and think that it is totally fun. I?m not shy about it and I even like it when we both go out wearing outfits that show our arms and legs (for instance, sleeveless muscle shirts and capris which show our calves) so that people can see how much bigger her muscles are than mine. One of my favorite things is to wear these kinds of clothes and compare our muscles (biceps, calves, tris, quads, etc.) for people in order to see their reactions. Anyway, I would like to know what you guys think of this kind of relationship and whether you would like it. If you would like it, what would you think of doing things that show off the differences in muscle development, like, for example doing muscle comparisons for people (which I love to do). One last thing - before you guys make fun of me, I have to say that there is absolutely nothing as exciting and breathtaking as having a big, muscular girlfriend and, until you guys have experienced it, you don?t know what you are missing. If you want to E-mail me, you can at: and I can give you more information or answer any questions.
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