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A question exclusively for ladies: Have you ever met a guy who has clitoris envy?

Question: We all have heard of penis envy. However, there is also CLITORIS ENVY!!! I should know. I am a guy who has CLITORIS ENVY!!! I am extremely jealous of a lady who is fortunate enough to possess the clitoris. Although I myself would never have a sex change operation, I feel as though I have been shortchanged having been born with a penis instead of with a clitoris. The clitoris is said to be far superior to the penis, with far more nerve endings than the penis, allowing for much more powerful (and more sustainable) orgasms, including multiple orgasms (Ladies: YOU LUCKY STIFFS!!!). This could explain why the clitoris (which only the female is lucky enough to possess) is the only organ of the entire human body whose sole function is sexual pleasure. That is yet another reason why I have CLITORIS ENVY!!! I think to myself: 'I should also be fortunate enough to have a clitoris. Why her and not me? THAT'S NOT FAIR!!!' However, the one thing I truly enjoy about being a man is driving a woman completely and utterly out of her mind through her clitoris. It is understadable that I should be jealous and envious of a lady who possesses such a highly advanced organ (perhaps THEEEEE most advanced organ) of the entire human body. Ladies, have you ever met a guy who has clitoris envy?
Created by: CLIT ENVIER at 09:47:07 AM, Monday, June 28, 2010 PDT


female orgasm lasts anywhere from 10 seconds to aobut one minute with an avarage of 20 to 25 seconds. In contrast, male orgasm lasts from 5 to 20 seconds with an average of 11 to 12 seconds. Also, a woman can have five or six orgasms inside of 15 minutes. Most males can have one and must wait several hours to have another orgasm, which will be much weaker than his first one.

JackJul 05 2010 6:48pm

Several HOURS, Jack? You must be talking about older men. I'm in my early thirties. Give me 15 or 20 minutes rest and I'm good to go. You're right though, the less time you wait, the less spectacular the next orgasm will be.

PatJul 11 2010 10:58am
Just look at the sex changes. For every woman who wants to become a male, there are a thoudsand males who want to get rid of their c0cks and balls to become women. I would say that proves far more males envy women.

KimberlyJul 11 2010 3:48pm
The younger guy is right. I turn 60 next year and even I am GOOD TO GO again in under a half hour. He is also right about the time factor between episodes. The longer he waits for his next episode, the greater his chances for A HUGE EXPLOSION!!!

Turning SixtyJul 11 2010 4:29pm
In response to Kimberly's comment: For a man who would like to be a woman, I don't believe doctors (or anyone else) will ever be able to equip him with A CLITORIS!!!

AnonymousJul 11 2010 4:33pm
erm, guys have the prostate gland - the male g - spot or clitoris and the clitoris isn't the same for all women, some are hyper sensitive, whilst some women are basically clitoris-numb.

An informed LadyJul 11 2010 4:45pm
I did not mean to indicate in any way that a male could become a good as a woman simply by a sex change. His DNA will still be male and as a male, he will still be inferior to most women even if he has the parts to be a woman. Just because he was born a male, the damage will have already been done.

KimberlyJul 12 2010 6:34am
I am perfectly satisfied being a male (regardless of inferiority) simply because my greatest sexual passion and pleasure, as a man, is (and has always been) to go to work on a woman's clitoris. I believe I enjoy much more -- as a man -- sucking a woman's clitoris than if I were a woman sucking another woman's clitoris but because I am a man and not a woman, I really would not know that for sure. All I know is that I am definitely what one of my female casual sex partners (whose clitoris I sucked and caressed many times and whose vagina I entered many times with my penis) once happily called me (immediately after I finished sucking her clitoris all the way through to her powerful -- EXPLOSIVE!!! -- clitoral orgasm): A CLITORIS MAN!!!

a Clitoris manJul 12 2010 1:52pm
Of course men are envious of our clitoris! We have a far greater capacity for peasure than men. By the way, I have always been an atrractive and sexy woman, with dozens of sexual partners, and i've never met a man who could regain an erection after orgasm for at least two hours. It is usually considerably longer than this, during which time I can experience many powerful orgasms. I did come across one man once (literally!)who managed to maintain his erection, but it turned out he had taken viagra, so it doesn't count.

UK girlJun 04 2011 6:52pm
Well, some clitoris' are pretty much non functional. What I envy is the sexually responsive woman who orgasms easily and repeatedly. These woman are truly blessed with a special gift of pleasure. She can have a non stop orgasm for 10 minutes and when I look into her eyes afterwards all it can say is "wow"!

GJan 15 2012 5:50am
I must say your English men are unusual in a not so nice way. I am a trained athlete and can cum several times without losing my erection and making my married lover crazy!! I am taking about a flood of cum like you have never seen.. I Sometmes when I am alone I explode so hard there are tears in my eyes.

BammyJan 29 2012 6:56pm
Let's see, many men claim to get more out of sex pleasuring a woman seeing her have mind bending orgasms. Funny how I never see a woman say she gets more pleasure giving to a man than receiving. The clirtois and it's capacity for pleasure greatly dwarfs the penis. Woman rule sexually....Case closed.

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