A question exclusively for ladies: Have you ever met a guy who has clitoris envy?

Question: We all have heard of penis envy. However, there is also CLITORIS ENVY!!! I should know. I am a guy who has CLITORIS ENVY!!! I am extremely jealous of a lady who is fortunate enough to possess the clitoris. Although I myself would never have a sex change operation, I feel as though I have been shortchanged having been born with a penis instead of with a clitoris. The clitoris is said to be far superior to the penis, with far more nerve endings than the penis, allowing for much more powerful (and more sustainable) orgasms, including multiple orgasms (Ladies: YOU LUCKY STIFFS!!!). This could explain why the clitoris (which only the female is lucky enough to possess) is the only organ of the entire human body whose sole function is sexual pleasure. That is yet another reason why I have CLITORIS ENVY!!! I think to myself: 'I should also be fortunate enough to have a clitoris. Why her and not me? THAT'S NOT FAIR!!!' However, the one thing I truly enjoy about being a man is driving a woman completely and utterly out of her mind through her clitoris. It is understadable that I should be jealous and envious of a lady who possesses such a highly advanced organ (perhaps THEEEEE most advanced organ) of the entire human body. Ladies, have you ever met a guy who has clitoris envy?
Created by: CLIT ENVIER at 09:47:07 AM, Monday, June 28, 2010 PDT


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Yes, he is now my husband
No, I think it is strange for a guy to have clitoris envy
No, but I wish I met such a guy
Yes, he is now my boyfriend

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