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After even more bodybuilding, is my bicep muscle now bigger than this female's muscle (see pic)?

Question: I'm the male bodybuilder that has been comparing his muscles with females in order to see who has the bigger and better-developed muscles! I am still trying to prove that my male body is able to build bigger and more powerful muscles than the females and I know that I can! I have competed in a few local male bodybuilding contests and have done really well but have not yet been able to win my competitions with the females yet (even though most of the females that I have competed with have less muscle training than me). However, I think that I have finally grown my muscles big enough to win! Many of you have told me that you don't think my male muscles will ever be able to develop the size and power to win these comparisons and that my muscles don't have the shape, size, and length of the female muscles. Some of you have even said that I should give up. But, I KNOW that I can win these competitions if you all will just give me a chance. I'm bodybuilding 6 ? 7 days per week and my body is growing bigger and more muscular each week. I am continuing to add pound after pound of big, powerful male muscle and I want you all to see how big my muscles have now grown. ALSO, I REALLY REALLY WANT TO START WINNING THESE CONTESTS ? I'M TRYING SO HARD! I was asked to do another poll since many of you want to watch me compete as my muscles grow bigger and stronger. This is a first for the internet (no male bodybuilder has dared to step 'on stage' and compare with females before like I have and many of you said that you love to see these comparisons). So, I decided to post a muscle comparison picture showing a female that I compared with a number of months ago to prove that my male body is able to produce big increases in muscle size just like the females can! Check out this photo which shows: 1) the female flexing her bicep muscle (I was told by the person who sent me the picture of her that I have about 8 months more muscle training time than her); 2) an \
Created by: Muscle++Compare! at 03:52:21 PM, Thursday, June 21, 2012 PDT


You have made progress and gains but the female muscle is much larger. First her bicep has separated into the two muscle bellies, the lower or front muscle belly alone is bigger than your whole bicep! The upper or rear muscle can be seen on the female as if it is another muscle and adds much more muscle mass to her bicep! Also her muscle has filled out much more in her armpit like the other female biceps you've compared with. Even her deltoid is bigger! While you do show progress, it isn't enough to match or beat the woman. I wouldn't feel discouraged though because your bicep is bigger than most men and many male bodybuilders! Her muscles are bigger than most male bodybuilders! Try again? GOOD LUCK! True most men will not want to compare their muscles with women bodybuilers and now even younger girls who workout for sports are now more muscular than most men.

KimJun 22 2012 5:13pm

Looks like you're really working hard to get your muscle as big and hard as you can. Your veins are more visible in the 'after' picture, but your actual muscle isn't a whole lot bigger than before. I think you've reached your limit. Meanwhile, the female's muscle is clearly bigger than yours. She also has a split peak and her deltoid puts yours to shame. Her muscle looks smoother because women's muscles are more refined than males. Your male muscle is probably full of scar tissue while hers is packed with active muscle tissue, so she's probably much stronger than you.

AnonymousJun 22 2012 5:18pm
Estrogen protects female muscle from damage so the female muscle fibers look smoother because they are in perfect shape and not suffering from torn fibers resulting in the female muscle having a different nicer appearance. Her muscles and fibers have grown differently with little to no damage from exercise. The female muscle doesn't experience nearly as much "micro tears" of the fibers during exercise. The female muscle is actually stronger because it resists damage so it actually has more fibers at work while the male muscle loses fibers that have broken and weakens the muscle until it has healed. This is why women usually have greater muscular endurance. Like rope with strands snapping under a lode. The rope with more strands intact as the lode increases is the stronger rope.

AnonymousJun 22 2012 5:45pm
This is one of the most remarkable pictures that I have seen!! Just look at the size of your male muscle (bigger probably that 98% of all males) and look at how much better it looks then before. You should be proud of your muscle. HOWEVER, your muscle actually looks weak and small compared with the female's muscle (sorry to say this!) She actually has 2 muscles and your muscle is only as big as the lower section of her muscle. Amazing! (and she's been lifting for less time than you). Please please please don't give up, though. We want to see you keep trying (maybe you should try comparing with some much smaller females which are more of your size). Anyway, please keep flexing for us and maybe someone can find another female competitor for him that is more his size. What do you all think - should he keep flexing and comparing for us?

SandiJun 22 2012 6:39pm
You're right WTF! Can you imagine how big and powerful her muscles are? Probably much bigger and stronger than Musclecompare and many other male bodybuilders. I'd love to see him flex and compare his muscles with hers!

AnonymousJun 22 2012 7:19pm
There are so many examples of girls bigger muscles on the internet it's endless! Now girls are working out at a younger age starting at 10-12 years old and by the time they reach their teens they have greater muscle development than most men! Even male bodybuilders! Sometimes the girl isn't quite as large but her muscle like the bicep is bigger compared to many a male bodybuilder! I've looked at these and other examples and it leaves no doubt, a side by side proves it! Even the girl in the video on the school steps poves this. Her body may not be huge like a professional male bodybuilder but look at her bicep! That muscle of her's is bigger than most male bodybuilder! The other girl can't even get her hand around the muscle! She can only lay her hand across the huge wide surface and her whole hand and fingers are straight flat across the girls bicep, it's like a grapefruit! Her muscle is bigger than boys biceps for sure! It is bigger than the bodybuilder on this poll too! It's embarrassing for me to admit this but my bicep is only about 1/4 that size! I'm 16 years old and I do workout but my development is so slow. I can't imagine my bicep increasing another 300%, I don't think it's possible.

RonJun 23 2012 10:55am
how big does your bicep measure mr musclecompare?? ever wrapped a tape measure round it? it looks impressive in the pic, just wondering if it's as big as it looks. if so these girls are really building some BIG guns!

jimJun 23 2012 9:36pm
THAT'S AMAZING! Her muscles just keep getting bigger and bigger as she exercises! After five minutes in, her muscles become MASSIVE! Look at the men in the background, most cover their arms and by the end of her workout she has the biggest muscles next to any of those men! Look at her bicep start to pump up and the peak! Musclecompare's bicep is so much smaller! It's easy to see she has the bigger size advantage compared to the men in the gym!

DonJun 24 2012 10:57am
That's right boys! Her biceps pump up to the size of her thighs at 4:00 you can compare because her thighs and biceps are next to each other! Look at 4:35-40 as she lifts, her upper arm is as big as her thigh! Musclecompare, you can never beat her. It's still worth trying, I want to see you try! I love seeing the difference in male vs female and how girls aren't so easy to outmuscle anymore! They can outmuscle men now!

TracyJun 24 2012 11:11am
Pound for pound female muscle is stronger espesially once the female muscle has been pumped up and expands in size, often much bigger than the male muscle doing the same workout. The female muscle increases more in size and strength during exercise while the male muscle actually weakens. This is because of superior blood flow in female muscle (size increase) or pump and stronger fibers because of estrogen. I've seen many vidios and personally where the female athlete is training with a male in the gym. During the workout, her muscles become bigger than his right next to the male! It is quite obvious! By the end of the workout his muscles are smaller than hers! I love seeing it! Just like the videos posted here! That's why everyone noticed the Chinese grls muscles were so big, they got themselves "pumped up" and became stronger! Doesn't work on men! I'd like to see musclecompare try some more!

CarlaJun 25 2012 1:56pm
Thanks for the messages - Carla and Tracy, I KNOW I can do much better and my muscles are getting bigger each week. On the day that I took the picture of my bicep muscle in the above-listed comparison, I was really tired and just didn't get the muscle pumped up enough. So, I will try again and I know that I can start winning!!! If you have a female that you would like me to flex and compare my male muscle with, post it here and I *PROMISE* you that that I will win this time (even if I have to do 2 hours of muscle-pumping to get my muscle as big as possible)!

MusclecompareJun 25 2012 2:48pm
These muscle-comparing pictures of the male bodybuilder "Musclecompare" and the women are some of the most exciting pictures that I have ever seen on the Internet! I spent a long time searching on the internet and could find nothing were an actual male bodybuilder compares his muscles with women. I am a female and I have been bodybuilding seriously for about 2 months now. These pictures make me want to get as big and muscular and huge as I can since the pictures prove clearly that females can grow bigger and stronger muscles than even a male bodybuilder in a really short time (and he is a pretty good bodybuilder, too!) I know that I'm just starting out but I hope that, in maybe a year or even less, my muscles will be bigger than Musclecompare's muscles!!! Anyway, PLEASE keep trying for us Musclecompare as it is great motivation for us females to see you lose! :)

CorinnaJun 25 2012 4:09pm
If Musclecompare "promises" us a win, we need to find him a really awesome female to compare with. Anyone have any suggestions?

AnonymousJun 25 2012 6:44pm
Is it true that male bodybuilders have no Balls? or they very small Balls?

A woman that wants to knowJun 27 2012 10:27am
Well I am a guy who loves women who are stronger, muscles a plus. I am older professional and seek to chat with, hopefully meet a stronger woman.

Chris PJul 01 2012 12:42pm
What happened to Musclecompare? Did he finally give up (I hope not!) More comparing!

AnonymousJul 01 2012 12:50pm
He hasn't got a chance of winning! His muscles are not that developed and powerful. But, it would still be cool to see how small and weak he looks next to her. LOL!

AnonymousJul 03 2012 3:56pm
Amazing! It's true, the women's muscles get as big or bigger than the male bodybuilders! The guys have a size advantage too! The female muscles get bigger than male in the gym! Wow! They're huge after pumping up!

ToddJul 15 2012 12:19pm
I'm just stunned looking at these videos!! In each case, the female is able to get her muscles to grow and pump up to be bigger than the male. I'd love to see Musclecompare compare his muscles with any of these females. His muscles would look small and weak next to theirs I think.

123Jul 15 2012 1:55pm
I meant "week" not "weak" (when you see how big my muscles are now, you will know that I am not weak!)

MusclecompareJul 15 2012 2:14pm
That's amazing! Really! The female bodybuilders workout with the male bodybuilder and at the end of the workout, the female has the bigger muscles! Sometimes just as big and sometimes the female muscles are way bigger! The girls are a little smaller before the workout starts! It's stunning to actually see girls biceps get bigger than the guys while they workout! I love this! I also like the bodybuilder comparison shots, it proves what we see in videos! Girls now have the advantage in muscles! Just look what happens in the gym! Often the male bodybuilder muscle looks small when the girl gets pumped! Awesome!

DebraJul 15 2012 9:46pm
Debra, if you have any pictures of any females that you would like me to compare my male bodybuilder muscles with, let me know and I'll flex and compare! I'm anxious to show you all how much bigger and more powerful my muscles are now compared with the females!

MusclecompareJul 15 2012 9:53pm
I want to see all of your forearm compared to her too! All of the muscles. Flex and compare!

DebraJul 16 2012 6:11pm
It's true Debra! He's bigger and taller but after her workout, her muscles look twice as big as his! No stretching the truth at all, it's right there on the screen! I stopped the video several times and stared in amazement! His legs look small next to hers! All of her muscles are bigger than his with a workout! If she put on his shorts, her muscles would stretch the shorts so tight! At least 40-50% bigger muscles than his! At 3:23 compare legs! At 3:28 her upper forearm is now biggr than his biceps! By 3:55 her calves are as big as his thigh and all of her muscles really are about 40% bigger than his! It reminds me of what the Chinese Olympic weight lifting team discovered! The girls could pump up their muscles and increase their strength up to 36%! Men can't do that! They tested both men and women and men got weaker doing a workout before the heavy lift while women got much stronger! Now you can see it with your own eyes! Are women becoming the stronger sex? It sure looks like it! The muscle comparing sure seems to support that! Let's see more direct comparing? I really can't srgue with what I see, I wanted to argue that this wasn't happening but it clearly is!

MarcJul 17 2012 9:37am
Thanks for the messages - Debra, I know that I am getting bigger and more muscular each week so I'm not ready to admit defeat yet. The reasons that I haven't won yet in my muscle comparisons with the females is that I just have not been able to get my muscles pumped up big enough for the photos so I am going to try and pump up much much more and get my muscles bigger so that I can win! You will see in the next picture - I plan on doing at least 20 minutes of muscle-pumping so that my muscles are HUGE! I am going to pump up my muscle so big that you will the skin stretch over my muscle (really!) Watch and wait for the next picture and you will see the skin stretching and pulling against my giant male muscle because I really want to win the next one and know that I can! I will post this picture a little later today after going to the gym and pumping up my muscles. Also, if any of you have any suggestions as to how I can get my muscles bigger for these muscle comparisons, let me know! I will do any comparisons that you want me to, so feel free to post pictures here of females that you want me to flex and compare with. I want to prove how big and powerful my male muscles can get and that I can surpass the females in muscle size and development. I KNOW THAT I CAN, if you will all give me a chance!

MusclecompareJul 17 2012 10:31am
Should be: "You will see the skin stretch over my muscle" (sorry for the typo).

MusclecompareJul 17 2012 10:34am
It is te truth! Her muscles in tat video get biggr and bigger and her thighs are nearly the size of his trunk! Yes her calves are the size of his tighs! Her musces would stretch his shirt sleeves tight! Even her forearms would! His muscles look like a boy next to hers! I did stop the video in several places, her calves are bigger than is thighs! Then look at her upper arm as it gets as big as his thigh at 3:57! His male muscles are just dwarfed by her muscles! It's just so obvious! See at the look on his face! He knows her muscles are biger than his! At 3:58 her muscles are huge and even her calf is bigger than his thigh! I'll admit the girls are more muscular!

MarcJul 17 2012 11:03am
I'm sorry but it's stunning to see the comparisons!

MarcJul 17 2012 11:04am
Marc, thanks fo admitting it... It is obvious but some men won't admit this when it's right in front of them and comparing is fair and proves who really is more muscular.

DebraJul 17 2012 11:08am
OMG!, you are right again, Marc! If you look at the video at 3:57, after flexing of her upper arm it IS as big as his thigh (actually, it looks bigger). REALLY! I would bet that, in a muscle pulling contest, her bicep muscle would probably be much stronger than his thigh muscle. What do you think? Just look at the size of her arm! The video tells it all. Marc, did you notice that, at 4:33 her calf muscle grows to at 4 - 5 times the size of her ankle? At the beginning, her calf muscle is only 2 - 3 times the size of her ankle! I really think that her calf muscle is actually bigger than his thigh muscle. Just look at how this girl can pump up her muscles HUGE! She would probably have to cut the sleeves off his shirt to fit into it after getting her muscles pumped up since her arms are clearly bigger than his. What do you think, Marc, do you think that she'd have to make his shirt sleeveless in order to fit into it - I do (seriously).

ThomJul 17 2012 11:34am
I have to say yes, I agree. Her thighs could not fit in his trunks, the are long and unless spandex, the nylon would rip or stitches break, there's no way her thighs wwould fit! Her calf gets bigger and bigger as she flezes and becomes bigger than most men's thighs even his! Even with men's average upper body size advanage, her arm muscles and shoulders expand so huge that his muscles look small and he is a very big bodybuilder! You can clearly see her forearm muscles flex so big that his upper arms are smaller, her forearms would be tight in his obviously loose sleeves! It's not just the pump she gets from her workout, it is the fact that her muscles when flexing expand so much! Her muscles get bigger and bigger as she flexes! Her calf swells bigger than his thigh right on camera! Her muscles get so huge! She would become stronger than him as her muscles get bigger and bigger! It would necessarily happen! How could his smaller muscles have the same strength when her muscles become so much bigger than his? The female bodybuilder could overpower the male bodybuilder. At 2:40 I measured her thigh, it's the same size as his loose trunkabove his knee and his legs are several inches smaller! Compare shoulders! Again at 2:58 calves, shoulders, and thighs, compare! At 3:00 her muscles start expanding more! At 3:18 her biceps would stretch his lose sleeves! At 3:22 her muscles get even bigger, compare with male bodybuilder again! 3:23-25 her thighs are bigger and her calf is bigger than his thigh and at 3:27 compare all muscles and shoulders, her forearm is bigger than his upper arm and would stretch his sleeve! At 3:36 watch her thighs and calves get bigger and bigger and by 3;50 her calves are bigger than his thigh and her quad muscle alone is as big as his whole thigh! Then the shock & awe comes at 3:54 with her arms exxpanding bigger than ever! By 4:00 her muscles are so huge, the male bodybuilder looks small! With out a shadow of doubt you can see her muscles are so much bigger than the male bodybuilder! Her bigger muscles could overpower his without question! Look at her next to him at 5:00! All of her muscles are bigger! Her muscles would stretch both his shirt and trunks very tight, she would have to cut both in order to fit! The trunks wouldn't fit her thighs! Amazing muscle expanding pump and flexing! I just can't get over how she gets bigger and bigger as she flexes and makes him look smaller and smaller and the look on his face! He looks a bit afraid! He can see it happen! Do you feel a sence of fear when you watch this? I do.

MarcJul 17 2012 1:00pm
Yes it's hard to believe when the video starts out that she's going to outmuscle the man! But when she starts to flexing... she gets massive muscles and makes him looks small! He does look shocked or even afraid! At that point, it looks like she could squash his smaller muscles! She even expands her shoulders wider than his and the look on his face!

DebraJul 17 2012 1:24pm
I really believe we men are in trouble. I realize girls are getting bigger and stronger, I see it in my own gym now. I got a feeling like a pump in the groin seeing this, I want those that posted to slow down a bit and let us look at this! The girl in the video grows bigger and bigger right before your eyes until the male looks small. I don't know why but It strikes fear in me to see her muscles are just as you discribe 30-50% bigger than his! Her thigh is nearly the same as his trunk! When she starts flexing her tricep it's so big that the man looks small near her muscles! Her upper arm muscles swell up as big as his thigh! He stares in the mirror at her muscles just like me, he keeps his cool but you can tell he is stunned! The "little girl" gets bigger and bigger until her muscles are insanely massive as she flexes! I'm just shocked! Can females become the stronger sex? When I see this I think that is exactly what we are seeing. I'm facinated but I admit some fears, I can't argue with this and for some defensive reason I wanted to argue. It's just the truth though, her muscles make his look small as she flexes and gets bigger and bigger! I feel they could beat male bodybuilders now and for what ever reason it's uncomfortable to say the least. Still I want to look at this.

MarcJul 17 2012 3:54pm
Thanks for the cool and accurate description, Marc. Honestly, I started shaking a little when I saw her body grow bigger and bigger and bigger and when her arm and calf muscle grew bigger than his thigh muscle, I had to stop watching since it (since it along with the other pictures here) really kind of frightened me. I know that sounds kind of "weak" on my part, but I just don't how to handle it. BUT, as you said, Marc, for some reason, I just can't stop watching the video and want to see more and more females grow bigger and more muscular than even male bodybuilders. On one hand it frightens me and on the other hand, I am so fascinated with this and love to see it so much that I want to see more and more and more. I've been waiting all day to see how our bodybuidler Musclecompare's muscle size and development compares with the teenage girl that he is going to compare with. I can't wait to see it! Imagine what it means if he loses: a male bodybuilder with muscles that most males can only dream of having having smaller and weaker muscles than a 19 year old female. Just think of it!

ThomJul 17 2012 4:44pm
The female bicep is filled out more and much bigger! She has a big thick peak! Nice try but she has the bigger muscle for sure! I do love the comparing though and you have a nice muscle just not as big as female! It makes me smile!

DebraJul 17 2012 11:24pm
I meant "muscle pulling contest". I'm so frightened by this picture that I cant type!

ThomJul 18 2012 12:09pm
I feel kind of sorry for Musclecompare - he really has some awesome muscles but just can't win. We should encourage him to keep trying though since he seems to be getting bigger and it is so much fun to see his comparisons - nowhere else on the web are there pictures like this. Let's encourage him to try again and again (maybe triceps, calves, shoulders and also biceps too!)

keep trying!Jul 21 2012 10:58am
Yes you can see the women have broader shoulders and their muscles are a little bigger! Any more? The comparing is proof for sure.

DanAug 05 2012 7:19pm
It's easy to see the women have bigger muscles! In that last line up, the women would take 1-4 then the men trailing! Look at the legs! Just better muscles and bigger upper body! Thicker chest and just stronger looking muscles on the women! Look at the small male bodybuilder! The girls muscles would be twice as big! Look at his biceps and compare to those women!

DanAug 05 2012 9:17pm
It looks like the male bodybuilder "musclecompare" has given up. Can't blame him though, as big as his muscles are, he hasn't beat the girls!

AnonymousAug 18 2012 2:20pm
Male bicep.

AnonymousAug 26 2012 2:34pm
The average man can't compete with women who workout and now we see young girls can outmuscle most men and even some male bodybuilders! It's one hing to say this and another to see it. In a direct comparison side by side you se the truth. You can't argue with the results or deny what can be seen in the side by side comparisons.

AnonymousOct 02 2012 2:59pm
It's true! In many videos the girls muscles get bigger than the male bodybuilders during workouts! Watch this, after a workout and flexing out on the gym floor, look at how her muscles get bigger than the male bodybuilder!

WowOct 02 2012 3:24pm
I spent several years bodybuilding, not a pro but competitive. I just stay in shape now but I to have noticed the increasing number of women and even girls that have outmuscled me. I think I've seen most of the images of "musclecompare" and females. Since I'm no longer bodybuilding with the hard work required to continue development, my biceps are not as large as the male bodybuilder (musclecompare). I also have become curious sh to comparing my muscles with females and realize more and more have bigger muscles tan me and bigger than my full developed muscles. Now the age of girls pumping iron and doing other workouts is dropping. I would say that about 20% are stronger and more musculr than me now. I have never had biceps this size! The number of girls with bigger muscles is growing fast! Watch, how do you compare?

Old School BodybuilderOct 03 2012 12:41pm
Again GIRL shows off bigger muscles than most men and even many male bodybuilders! Look!

OSB Oct 03 2012 1:00pm
Thicker muscles...

OSBOct 03 2012 1:03pm
Another girl builds her muscles bigger than this male bodybuilder.

Old School BodybuilderOct 03 2012 1:40pm
I never thought I would see the day that girls would have bigger muscles than men! Stop the video of the male flexing at 22 sec. Now stop the video of the girl flexing at 46 sec. Her muscles are twice as thick as the guy!

Her muscles are 2X thicker!Oct 03 2012 8:02pm
This cheerleader added fifty pounds of muscle and four inches to her biceps in ten months!

AnonymousOct 23 2012 3:50pm
Look at the size increase in this girl's bicep! First stop the first video @ 0.12 sec. Now stop the next video @ 1:10 Her bicep grows twice as big in a few months of exercise growing twice as thick! Her bicep is now bigger than the average male bicep! Her muscle when flexed is already bigger than most men!

faster female progressOct 23 2012 11:05pm
Yes, you're right about the size increase! In the first video, her muscle is only as thick as her two fingers but in the second video her bicep is bigger than her whole fist! Has "musclecompare" ever DOUBLED the thickness of his muscle in a few months? This is what the cheerleader did, her muscle grew faster than male muscle!

DonOct 23 2012 11:20pm
Despite the fact that the male bodybuilder (musclecompare) has developed bigger biceps than the average man and even most male bodybuilders, he still has not beat out female muscle for size. You can see here that the woman has the largest muscles in the gym by far! Look at how small the male bodybuilders really are next to the woman and how much bigger her muscles get by the end of her workout. Her shoulders are several inches wider than the males. Compare her to the men in the gym!

AnonymousOct 24 2012 10:48am
Look at how much bigger the girls are in the gym!

AnonymousOct 26 2012 5:12pm
Compare champion bodybuilder Lou Ferrigno "The Hulk" with 18 year old girl. The Hulk! GIRL!

ComparingOct 29 2012 1:36pm
The side by side comparisons do not lie. It's become clear that girls could compete with men at bodybuilding and win!

AnonymousNov 09 2012 4:59pm
It's true, there are so many examples on the internet now as women showcase the fact they have bigger muscles! I agree, the comparing just proves it! Lots of these girls have bigger muscles than most male bodybuilders. You can sure see the male bodybuilder has huge biceps but the female muscle is getting even bigger!

AnonymousNov 09 2012 5:15pm
This is the average male now... The average young girl can quickly outmuscle the male...

Female building better musclesNov 09 2012 9:08pm
Look, once again the female in the gym has te biggest muscles! She's not the biggest person in the gym but has the biggest muscles!

AnonymousNov 10 2012 3:42pm
As a male bodybuilder myself, I just feel defeated when I see this! I don't feel that way when I see men but women that have outmuscled me and most men, yes I think it makes most men feel defeated.

RonNov 10 2012 3:58pm
Look this should drive home what is happening! Cheerleader builds muscles as big as Hulk Hogan in less than a year! Hulk Hogan biceps: Cheerleader!

AnonymousNov 13 2012 10:30am
Yes it's getting to the point the cheerleader has better muscles than the male athlete!

AnonymousNov 13 2012 10:38am
The girl's bicep is a little biger than Hogan's! Hulk Hogan! Young girl BICEP!

Girl bicep bigger! Nov 13 2012 10:46am
What ever happened to our male bodybuilder "musclecompare" as he has quit! Look at what is happening! He couldn't win! Women can beat men at bodybuilding after less than one human generation, just think about the future. It wasn't his fault, the comparing shows the larger better developed muscle is female now.

AnonymousNov 16 2012 9:15pm
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