After even more bodybuilding, is my bicep muscle now bigger than this female's muscle (see pic)?

Question: I'm the male bodybuilder that has been comparing his muscles with females in order to see who has the bigger and better-developed muscles! I am still trying to prove that my male body is able to build bigger and more powerful muscles than the females and I know that I can! I have competed in a few local male bodybuilding contests and have done really well but have not yet been able to win my competitions with the females yet (even though most of the females that I have competed with have less muscle training than me). However, I think that I have finally grown my muscles big enough to win! Many of you have told me that you don't think my male muscles will ever be able to develop the size and power to win these comparisons and that my muscles don't have the shape, size, and length of the female muscles. Some of you have even said that I should give up. But, I KNOW that I can win these competitions if you all will just give me a chance. I'm bodybuilding 6 ? 7 days per week and my body is growing bigger and more muscular each week. I am continuing to add pound after pound of big, powerful male muscle and I want you all to see how big my muscles have now grown. ALSO, I REALLY REALLY WANT TO START WINNING THESE CONTESTS ? I'M TRYING SO HARD! I was asked to do another poll since many of you want to watch me compete as my muscles grow bigger and stronger. This is a first for the internet (no male bodybuilder has dared to step 'on stage' and compare with females before like I have and many of you said that you love to see these comparisons). So, I decided to post a muscle comparison picture showing a female that I compared with a number of months ago to prove that my male body is able to produce big increases in muscle size just like the females can! Check out this photo which shows: 1) the female flexing her bicep muscle (I was told by the person who sent me the picture of her that I have about 8 months more muscle training time than her); 2) an \
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No, her muscle is bigger!
Yes, his muscle is bigger!
Their muscles are the same size!

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